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We should go back to your place.


Huh? Why so fast? I honestly don't think things were going that well.


Oh, well. You know.

Epon looks at you expectantly.

You gesture aimlessly. This is bad. You're losing your cool.

I want to get to know you better.


Why so pushy? I think we should call things here.


I don't.


Ugh. I hate pushy guys.

Epon begins to walk away.

You need to put your tracker on him, since you're not going with him. You can't let him get away.

Wait! You can’t go yet.

Epon turns around to face you.



I really do want to get to know you better.

Epon stares at you.


I mean, what do you want to know?

It was stupid to try and rush things. You should tell me about your old job.


Erg, why?

Maybe you could get him to slip up. How much can one lie on the spot without giving a tell?

I mean, an exotic animal rescue? That sounds pretty cool.

Epon gives a smile.


Epon: It was cool. What do you want to know?

It seems that he’s calmed a little. That’s good.

What was your position? Like, what did you do?


I worked at the front desk. I answered calls and stuff, and discussed with people who came up to the place with animals. Plus data entry.

Data entry is the only truth there. He can really think on his feet. Though, you had a strange feeling about something. That same feeling from earlier.

Interesting. What shelter was it?


Rochdale Animal Kingdom.

Did Rochdale have an exotic pet rescue? You wanted to look that up, but needed an excuse to look at your phone. It’s not like you’d know, you’ve never been.

Hold up, I got a text message. Let me check.


Is your phone on silent? I didn’t hear it.


You Google the shelter he named. Well, you’ll be damned. There it is, right on Google Maps. He seems to making all this up on the spot, you doubted that he’s had to lie to anyone about his past job before. It was weird he just had knowledge of animal shelters in small UK towns.


Hello? Still there?

You must have been silent for a noticeable amount of time.

Yeah. Sorry about that.


Well, this has been fun, but I must get going. I enjoyed talking about my old job, but I still don't think we really mix. I'll see you.

You can't let him leave without getting the tracker on him.

Wait- I still have more questions.

Epon makes a puzzled face.


Like what?

You hadn’t thought this through.

What administrative decisions at an exotic pet rescue turned you away? Were they like, hurting the animals or something?


That’s not really your business. You’re being pushy again. I tried to give you another chance. But, I knew something was off about you.

What? Just because I’m interested in your past job?


Why I quit isn’t any of your business. Why did you want to know what my role at my past job was, anyway?

I just wanted to know if you had one of the cool jobs.


Ugh! Cool jobs? Any of the jobs at a shelter like that are cool!

You have a feeling this is growing beyond the shelter lie.

You’re right, you’re right.


I have a weird feeling about you. I’m leaving, and that’s final.

You need to put your tracker on him, since you're not going with him. You can't let him get away.

Wait, Epon. Can we at least hug before we part ways?



He turns to walk away. You panic. You can just call the agents to the park and amnesticize any onlookers. You can’t let him get away.

You can’t leave!


Leave me alone! Why are you so desperate to keep me here?

Because you’re really cool.


I’m not that stupid.

He remains silent for a moment. He makes a face that makes you shiver. Not in fear, but in frustration. He knows.


At my old job, we'd do anything to help a hurt animal, even if they angrily fought back, and even if it meant tricking them. But I know you're not here to help me. Care you explain yourself?

There is no explanation you can give that will calm him down.


FUCK YOU! Fuck you for tricking me! I can’t believe you would do something so cruel!

You suddenly feel yourself go limp, your vision going black.

You should've chosen to explain yourself.


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