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What do you do?


Oh. Me? I'm a freelance programmer.

Cool! Ya know, I'm not much of a tech guy.

There were no records of Epon having any ability to program. He was one of the guys that documented new anomalies. You felt that weird feeling again.

You notice Epon's expression. Did your facial expression give something away?

You were both silent for a moment.

You need to resurrect this conversation. You can't lose his interest.

So, what made you try out dating apps?


I got lonely.



I was hoping to find someone that would help cure the loneliness.

Fuck. You can still save this.

We should totally see each other again.




Maybe? This was bad. You are Ridar Montemayor. Everyone should want you, including this twerp.

What do you do?

Ask to go back to his place

Ask to meet again

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