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What do you do?


Oh. Me? I'm a freelance programmer.

There were no records of Epon having any ability to program. He was one of the guys that documented new anomalies. You felt that weird feeling again.

Cool! Ya know, I'm not much of a tech guy.

You were both silent for a moment.


Thanks for agreeing to take a walk with me.

Oh, you know. I'm always trying to be agreeable.

Why did you say that? You did not submit to what other people wanted, that is nothing like you.


I see. Ya know, sorry for being so pushy. We could've gotten a snack instead.

It's fine. I've enjoyed myself.


So, what type of thing do you like to do for fun?

Oh well, I like to shoot at the gun range. I ride a motorcycle. And I'm also quite into parties.

You decide to turn up the charm.

And I'm also quite interesting in the bedroom, if I had to say.


O-Oh, really? How so?


Oh, you know. I think it would be easier shown than said.


I think we're moving too fast for that sorta thing. But we should keep in touch. I'm not against…


Eventually finding out.

You wink at him.


The two of you talk about random shit for what felt like hours.

He expressed how his old job made him feel like his opinions weren’t important. In reality, Though, you know the truth. That he had a habit of thinking completely mundane and normal shit were anomalies. There were reports of some staff members who saw his breach on the database agreeing with these bogus theories. It was hypothesized to be a memetic effect.

There was no information on whether he had control of this ability or not. But your opinion hadn’t changed, so at the very least, you weren’t affected. He seemed so sad to be isolated, you couldn’t help but feel kinda bad.

You look at your watch. It's only been hardly half an hour. You two had made your way back to where you first met up.


Well, this has been fun so far. We should see each other again.

Score. You've got his interest. You hate to admit it, but this has actually been very fun.

Yeah, totally.


Well, I've gotta bounce. I'll see you.

Epon leans in for a hug, lingering for a few moments.

That would've been the perfect time to slip the tracker in his pocket.

But you didn't.

You watch as he gains more and more distance from you. You think of what you're going to tell your superiors.

You didn't catch his location. But you may have started something new.


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