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I agree. That would be lovely.


I'm glad you agree. I've never been to this park, I just thought it would be a nice meeting place.

The two of you begin to stroll through the park. Despite not being into nature, you have to admit that it's a pretty nice park.


I'm glad I chose this park. I like the duck pond. I've always loved animals.

Do you have any pets?


Ah, no. I don't really have time for pets. At my old job, I got to see some really cool animals, though. I've always wanted a really weird pet. Like a crab. This girl I knew at my old job had two pet crabs.

You found it interesting that that's what he decided to bring up about his old job.

What was your old job?


Ah, I worked at an exotic animal rescue.

That was quite a stretch. This answer gave you a strange feeling, but you didn't know what it was.

Oh, that's cool.


Yeah. Maybe I can go back someday.

His expression was complicated.

Why did you leave?


There were… some administrative choices I disagreed with.

You two were silent for a moment.

He seems to miss working at the Foundation.


So, what do you do for work?

Tell a half truth

Turn the question back on him

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