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Accessing File…

Please Wait, Do Not Disconnect Monitor…

Greetings, Site Director Weathers. I am Indomitable.aic, a general-use Artificially Intelligent Conscript used by Foundation Archival Director O5-9. How can I help you today?

Access AMEC filename:DRO-0001

Warning: The file you are attempting to access can only be retrieved by members of Overwatch Command and/or a unanimous decision by the Ethics Committee Tribunal.

Input clearance voucher

A clearance voucher? I will access O5-9's clearance log. Note that if no voucher exists, I'll have to deploy MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"). Do you wish to continue?


Understood. Give me a moment to access the external RAISA network…

Oh my, an O5 Orientation? That certainly changes things. My apologies, Overseer-to-be.

Access filename:DRO-0001

Accessing AMEC database…

Item#: DRO-0001
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Site of primary DRO-0001 manifestations, taken prior to AL-908 developing antimemtic properties.

Special Containment Procedures: The area of land subject to DRO-0001's manifestation attempts has been declared AL-908; although the antimemetic properties of AL-908 render it essentially self-containing, personnel stationed at Site-17 ought to be made aware that unauthorized entrance to AL-908 will result in the trespasser being terminated upon recovery.

Due to the substantial risk discovery of DRO-0001 poses to Foundation personnel at Site-17, a site-wide system of behavioral control has been implemented to discourage the discovery of DRO-0001 or documentation of its anomalous properties. This system, labeled the Automated Passive Amnestization System (APAS), has been summarized in Primary Document 0001.DRO: ("What is APAS?").

During a given essophysical manifestation event, MTF Zeta-5 ("Lazarus Abominables") will engage with the entity until its eventual return to its subterranean origin point and subsequent demanifestation. If any staff members become aware of this engagement or any structural damage inflicted upon Site-17, the Automated Passive Amnestization System will enter Omega-09 Operating Procedures.

Note: The following procedures have been archived and are no longer considered applicable or effective to the referenced anomaly.


Name: Dr. Tonya Skyler

Age: 27

Assigned Object: DRO-0001

Priority Status: Extreme

Description: Sole surviving member of MTF Upsilon-1 ("Born from Flesh and Metal"), remaining team killed in initial exploration of Site-17 during DRO-0001's first documented manifestation. Asset forcibly terminated the event by unknown means and was amnesticized upon recovery. Asset reassigned to Site-17 as junior researcher Dr. Tonya Skyler, non-essential records of MTF Upsilon-1 expunged.

Function: Asset.0001.DRO possesses a partial resistance to DRO-0001's antimemetic properties and has demonstrated the ability to forcibly initiate a demanifestation event. If MTF Zeta-5 is incapable of subduing DRO-0001, Asset.0001.DRO's implanted Class-R ("Remote Repression") amnestic will be deactivated.

Description: DRO-0001 is a large-scale, antimemetic entity which continually attempts to manifest within baseline reality. Manifestation events thus far have always occurred within a location roughly 1.5 kilometers from Foundation Site-17, denoted AL-908, and result in significant geological disturbance as DRO-0001 manifests in an unknown subterranean location and attempts to breach the surface. All attempts have been forcibly aborted by constant aerial bombardment by MTF Zeta-5.

DRO-0001 has demonstrated antimemetic characteristics which can only be offset by the specialized memetic inoculation standard for the Foundation's internal AntiMemetic Entity Catalog (AMEC). These antimemetic characteristics have included, but are not limited to the following:

  • Rendering any human or humanoid within the vicinity of its manifestation event incapable of perceiving both it and the geological damage sustained by its manifestation.
  • Rendering all personnel located at Site-17 incapable of perceiving it or the structural damage inflicted upon Site-17.1
  • Rendering any documentation of it or its anomalous effects both antimemetic and cognitohazardous.

Bypassing DRO-0001's antimemetic effects through either mnestic use or subconscious inoculation have resulted in the following:

Condition Result
Viewing Documentation of DRO-0001 Initiation of a manifestation event; viewer becomes a DRO-0355 instance2.
Becoming Cognizant of a Manifestation Event DRO-0001 becomes aware of Site-17, resistance to injury elevated substantially.
Viewing DRO-0001 Unknown.

In addition to its status as a large-scale aggressor, DRO-0001 also possesses essophysical3 characteristics which remain poorly understood. A summary of DRO-0001's passive effect is included below Addendum.0001.DRO.3.

Addendum.0001.DRO.1: Attached Correspondence: Initial Manifestation Event

TO: Senior Researcher Dr. Allan Weathers
FROM: Foundation Administrative and Logistical Director O5-8
SUBJECT: Transfer to Site-17

Dr. Weathers,

It has been determined by the Overseer Council that an informational briefing regarding the circumstances of your transfer would better facilitate your role as Provisional Site Director. Be aware that the following information is confidential and any unauthorized reproduction of it is an offense punishable by immediate expulsion from the Foundation and application of a Class-C Amnestic.

You are being transferred to Site-17 due to a catastrophic containment failure which occurred several months ago. The instigating force of this failure was the introduction of a potent antimemetic entity, which resulted in personnel being unaware of the damage to both Site-17 and the containment chambers within the lower floors of the facility until several Keter-class entities breached containment. Due to this, proper lockdown procedures were not executed, and the facility sustained immense structural damage. Personnel sealed several hazardous entities within the lower floors and subsequently evacuated, still not aware of the aforementioned antimemetic entity.

During the initial recovery effort by MTF Upsilon-1 ("Born from Flesh and Metal"), the entity terminated all members of the task force except Asset.0001.DRO, who remained partially aware of the entity throughout the exploration. After retreating from the compound, Asset.0001.DRO engaged with the entity and demonstrated an unknown and potentially anomalous ability which succeeded in demanifesting DRO-0001. Asset.0001.DRO was amnesticized upon recovery and has remained on-site as Dr. Tonya Skyler, and will be deployed if the entity reappears and threatens your facility.

Measures to ensure the future security of Site-17 are being discussed, and due to the large number of anomalous entities contained on-site, it is unlikely operations will cease indefinitely. As Provisional Site Director, you have been tasked with ensuring the facility remains secure until proper measures are enacted.

Any further communications and inquiries ought to be directed towards Minerva.aic, my personal Administrative and Logistical AIC. Overwatch wishes you well in your new position.

-O5-8, Foundation Administrative and Logistical Director

Addendum.0001.DRO.2: Excerpt - Intro to Essophysics: Intrinsics and How to Contain Them

Excerpt taken from page 38, detailing the author's initial impressions of the Department during her first week of employment.

More obvious than Preston's clear infatuation with me was that essophysics was really the study of nothing at all; it was a theory based on foggy historical accounts from cultures without the scientific literacy to understand the Earth's rotation. Unlike the Department of Extratemporal Studies or the Memetics Division, there were only a handful of anomalies officially considered "under our jurisdiction", as was put in a Department-wide meeting. It was no surprise to me that this meeting was attended by every essophysicist in the Foundation and amounted to only twenty people.

I had transferred here because I had been told it was a step upwards in the strict Foundation hierarchy, and my faith in that statement was very quickly waning. I approached the leader of the Department — one Dr. Genevieve — and asked how our department managed to stay afloat.

Her response eradicated my obvious reservations. I could see her eyes slowly glaze as she took herself back to a time and place I was not privy to.

"In a bygone land," she said, "I once saw a fissure torn through stone and ice, and between the two insurmountable cliffs I sensed a god. I knew that what I bore witness to, cloaked in a shadowy maelstrom of hate unfathomable, was the being which rides behind the heart of man, and one day soon may overtake us."

She turned to me, her eyes both cruel and understanding. "I contain things more powerful than gods, doctor. We are the first line of defense against the existential threats of time and death. That job is one that I will always cherish."

Her words always resonated with me, even when I was again reminded of our limited supply of anomalous subjects. I know now why we are here.

Because if there were no one willing to contain the threats under our care, we may all be lost.



On January 4, 2010, a manifestation event was detected by on-site Artificially Intelligent Conscript Galileo.aic. MTF Zeta-5 engaged with Class-XIII Vanguard fighter jets and thaumaturgically-enhanced Lucian-grade warheads. Engagement was ineffective; secondary engagement tactic "Hammer Down Protocol" initiated. Secondary engagement ineffective; Asset.0001.DRO's Class-R amnestic deactivated, asset briefed by Site Director Allan Weathers. Asset deployed to engage entity, engagement unsuccessful. Fate of asset undetermined, presumed neutralized.

Three hours since the initiation of the event, DRO-0001 vocalized. Because the speech was presumably heard by all personnel at Site-17, the Automated Passive Amnestization System entered Omega-09 Operating Procedures at this time.

The vocalization was recorded by an on-site monitoring device.

When the earth first felt the dread grip of death, you knew of me.

When your species first crawled from the mud and had the right sense to weep, you heard my voice.

When a towering monolith was constructed to contain the encroaching army which rides over endless fields of ash and waste, you knew my name.

I am Apollyon. I am a Titan of Chaos and Death. You have attempted to contain me, and you have failed. You have attempted to combat me, and you have failed. You will attempt to destroy me, and you will fail.

I am Apollyon, and I have no equal.

MTF Zeta-5 enacted "Dying Breath" protocol as DRO-0001 emerged completely onto the Earth's surface. AL-908 was irradiated in the process, surrounding land scorched, Site-17 experienced critical structural damage and entered appropriate lockdown procedures.

DRO-0001 was unaffected by MTF Zeta-5's "Dying Breath" protocol and began to exit AL-908, demanifesting after leaving the area.

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