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Character sheet: Adam Wheeler

Adam Bellamy Wheeler is the protagonist of Five Five Five Five Five.

Wheeler first appears in person in Where Have You Been All My Life, where he is described as follows:

The man is fifty, and lanky. He wears an expensive dark suit, tailored to his build. He has angular features, thick, greying hair and rimless spectacles, now quite possibly bent out of shape by their sudden impact with the floor. He wears discreet platinum jewellery: a wristwatch, cufflinks and a ring.

To elaborate:

  • Mid-fifties (but it depends on the timeframe, naturally)
  • About 1.80 metres (5'11") tall
  • Gangly build, naturally skinny. Not very physically imposing, despite his height
  • Short, thick hair, kind of a dirty grey-blond
  • Gaunt, angular features. Gathering wrinkles but slowly; not jowly
  • No facial hair
  • Generally a fairly stony, faintly unimpressed facial expression. He has a bright smile which is seldom seen, which he generally reserves for his wife
  • As long as he's in familiar surroundings (at home, performing, …) he presents a confident, casual, almost arrogant attitude. Anomalous things take him way out of his comfort zone and he becomes withdrawn, uncommunicative and anxious. All of this shows in his body language
  • Grey-blue eyes
  • Actually, let's just come clean, he looks a whole lot like Bill Irwin does in Legion

Style and attire: Wheeler is fastidious about his appearance, both for personal reasons and because it is important for his public-facing career.

  • Takes care of his hair and his skin
  • Wheeler is extremely comfortable performing on stage in full evening wear (black dress tailcoat, white shirt, white bow tie). Away from the stage he favours expensive tailored suits and casual wear. He pays attention to fashion trends to stay current and presentable, and he has better dress sense than he'd admit
  • Wheeler is somewhat short-sighted and normally wears stylish rimless spectacles, but these are not his only pair. On stage he often opts for contact lenses, but it depends on the rest of his look, which in turn depends on how formal the occasion is
  • Discreet platinum jewellery: a wristwatch and (when appropriate) cufflinks. He takes the wristwatch off while performing
  • Prior to the events of Where Have You Been All My Life he wears a simple platinum wedding ring. After the events of this chapter he no longer wears the ring and likely no longer has it

Wheeler owns several violins. The instrument he most commonly performs with was built in the 1910s and handed down to him from a wealthy elderly relative when, at a young age, he began to show promising musical ability. Though not a Stradivarius or any other famous make, this violin is built and maintained to a very high level of quality. It is worth a great deal of money, and while he's touring he rarely allows it to leave his sight.

Overall, Wheeler… isn't a whole lot to look at. In the story, more important than how he looks is what he does. But can he do it?

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