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Dear Dr. |_/\/\,

The patient is unresponsive. None of the therapies we tried are being successful, neither the anomalous ones. Whatever is the cerebral damage, it will not be cured anytime soon. I'm sorry.

Yours truly,

Dr. |||\\\, Site-██'s neurologist.

Dear Dr. |||\\\,

I'll talk with the Overseer Command about the memetic treatment. I know that it can cause the development of neurodegenerative diseases, but any fate is better than living in such a horrible state. I know you're against this option, but it's our last one.


Dr. |_/\/
How many dead?

Three hundred.

Did anyone decide anything about the cover story yet?

I think the disinformation department came with something about a dam burst.

How could it happen?

No one knows. We tracked the origin.


Yeah, somewhere near here, it was a minor area for ITHURTS SOMUCH.

I heard things about it. Maybe they deserved that.

I can make a containment plan if you want me to.

No, no. uh, let's send an MTF to do that. There is any Task Force for DONTLETTHEMHUTME or anything like that?

Send MTF SAVEME. I'm sure those guys can control that.

Are you sure? I mean, MOMMYPLEASE just annihilated an entire city.

They'll need an SRA.

And heavy equipment.

So, let's do that?

I'll talk with the director.



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