FP-120 Incident Footage 10/31

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DATE: 10/31/20██

LOCATION: FP-120 ("Esterberg"), the Living District

SUBJECTS: Six SCP-5572-1 instances, five unidentified humanoids

CONTEXT: The following footage was captured by an anonymous bystander present during the events shown.


2241: A group of six SCP-5572-1 instances converse with each other while loitering outside of a residential building. It is dark outside, impairing visibility. The front of the building is lit by a porchlight, and all six skeletons are clearly visible.

2244: A couple of unidentified individuals pass by the group. The pair do not acknowledge the skeletons, and continue walking down the street.

2249: A single Fae1 individual approaches the building. They wave to a member of the group as they approach, and the skeleton waves back. The individual joins the group and begins conversing with various members.

2250: After a brief conversation, the Fae bids farewell to the group and enters the building.

2258: A group of five unidentified humanoids become visible on the video feed. Because of their distance from any light source, details of their appearance cannot be determined. However, their movement and behavior suggest that the group is heavily intoxicated.

2259: The group of skeletons notices the other group.

2301: A member of the newly arrived group notices the skeletons, and loudly calls out to them. This alerts the rest of their group to the presence of the six SCP-5572-1 instances, one of whom waves to the other group.

2302: The new arrivals attempt to converse with the skeletons, but after a heated exchange the skeletons begin to ignore the other group.

2304: A visibly-drunk member of the second group makes an obscene gesture in the direction of the skeletons. The rest of their group laughs. The skeletons notice this, but continue to ignore the other group.

2305: Another member of the second group makes an obscene gesture, causing more laughter. An SCP-5572-1 instance moves towards the other group and attempts to communicate. The intoxicated group jeers at them, and begins to taunt the other SCP-5572-1 instances.

2306: Though it is not clear who, someone in the second group is audible saying the words "Spooky Scary Skeletons send shiv-" before being interrupted when the nearest skeleton attacks them. This altercation quickly escalates into a street brawl between the two groups.

2311: The melee continues for several minutes. However, due to differences in physiology and a slight numbers advantage the skeletons begin to route the other side. After one individual flees, the rest of the opposing group scatters, running in separate directions.

2312: The skeletons congratulate each other and mock the fleeing opponents. One of the skeletons climbs on top of an overturned garbage can before shouting "STUPID SCAREDY HUMAN-MEN!" The rest of the group laughs.

The footage briefly continues past this point, however audio is not available, only video; the rest of the footage has been altered using a video-editing mobile app to include the opening theme song of the 90s cartoon series Skeleton Warriors.


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