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Professor Gregory Cabenwald December 9th, 1915
The Skeptics' Club of Philadelphia


First, permit me to again express my gratitude for allowing me to take the anomaly to Boston. Although I value Mr. Hutchinson's opinion in matters of mathematics and fluid turbulence, his opinion on 'female science' (as he would call it) is to his detriment. You informed me once that you are not a man of God. Nevertheless, I know you shall take no insult when I say that your faith in me is quite Christian of you.
Mr. Scranton has been of extraordinary service. His laboratory would give the so-called 'Wizard of Menlo Park' pause. It is well-stocked with all the latest advances in electrodynamics and radiology. The use of his Geiger counter (a splendid machine that vastly simplifies the detection of alpha particles) has led to a most remarkable discovery: The anomaly produces not only warmth, but radiation.
This is not all. After modifying his Geiger counter to record pulses of radiation, I came upon an even more startling discovery: A pattern which repeats approximately every sixteen hours. Six 'clusters' of pulses, each separated by an equally spaced interval. Each cluster contains more pulses than its predecessor. I have observed this first-hand on twelve occasions, now. Each time, I have counted the number of pulses in each cluster:
The first cluster always contains two pulses. The second, three. The third, five. The fourth, seven. The fifth, eleven. And the sixth, thirteen.
Two, three, five, seven, eleven, and thirteen. The first six primes.
There is one more discovery I wish to relate to you, but in doing so, I must confess an error committed during our prior conversation in September. I stated that the anomaly was impermeable to radiation. I came to this conclusion based on radiation failing to pass through it. However, Mr. Scranton correctly pointed out that this is not the same as being impermeable. I therefore have tested to see if radiation is being deflected.
It is not.
It absorbs radiation, Professor. Perhaps it even transmits it.
I suspect the pattern we have observed is a message. One that originated from whence this object came. And I suspect that, with some work, we can send a message back.

Always with fondness,
Miss Annette Lang


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