Foundation Under: The Adventures of Larry
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Larry ran to the break room door with the grace of a sack of potatoes. Sucking in air between coughs and sputters, he checked his watch; breaktime. Barging through, he saw his new acquaintance sitting at a table, eating a Vegemite sandwich. Finally, someone who's at the very least sane in this bloody complex!

"Carl! Carl! There's a breach!"

Carl looked up from his half finished sandwich with glazed eyes and a hung jaw.


"Breach Carl, there's been a breach! There's a crocodile wandering the building!"

That seemed to spark Carl's attention for a brief second. But to Larry's surprise, he only continued to eat his sandwich, savoring the flavor of leftover brewer's yeast and Vitamin B.

Please don't tell me you've gone insane.

"Carl, I don't think you heard me right. THERE'S A CROCODILE WANDERING THE HALLS!"

With an uninterested gaze, Larry stood up from the table and walked over to a terrified Larry. With his casual Australian accent, he looked Larry up and down.

"Can you describe to me this 'crocodile'?"

Larry was caught off guard. What else is there to know, it's a fucking crocodile!

"Well, what else is there? It's an 8 foot, scaly, green reptile roaming the halls with a suit on!"

As soon as Larry mentioned the suit, Carl's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Larry was getting more nervous by the second. He heard of the weird shit that went down in the land down under, especially at site B-RANG. Larry hoped that whatever this breach was, it would turn to be all just a practical joke.

"Oh! You mean Greg! I love that guy!"

Once again, the Australian made Larry question his own sanity.

"I'm sorry, what? Greg?"

"Yeah, Greg! He's the new kid here, just like you. I was gonna introduce you two after lunch, but sounds like you beat me to it."

The sounds of claws on tile scraped the outside hallway. In a state of pure panic, Larry grabbed his friend's shoulders, desperate to shake some sense out of this delusional man.

"Carl! This is a crocodile! It's not like the movies, they don't walk around doing human things! Come on, snap out it!"

The door creaked open. A long, black claw reached out to the floor and scratched it, pulling the hunk of pure muscle into the break room. Larry stiffened, now the croc was actively hunting him down! In minutes both of them would be nothing but paste, and all because Carl had the brains of a walnut!

The croc crawled its way onto a fold out chair and laid it flat like a table. Reaching into its shirt pocket, the reptilian pulled out a packet of meat patties, each no bigger than Larry's hand. With splendid accuracy and finesse, the crocodile threw one in the air and caught it with its mouth. Carl shook free of Larry's grasp and went over to 'Greg'.

"Hey Greg! How's it been? You coping with the new place now?"

The crocodile turned to Carl, its jaw wide open. Larry was going to faint, he was going to witness his first crocodile murder. In truth, he had never seen a crocodile kill a human before, but nonetheless he was scared shitless.

"I've managed to fit in quite well, thank you for asking. Though, I feel my presence here has decreased staff morale a bit. I hope I don't end up making anyone too uncomfortable."

It talks!? It fucking talks!?

"Hey, don't worry about it, mate. I'm sure once everyone gets to know you, they'll see who you are on the inside, not the outside."

Carl shot a glare at Larry, and then motioned him to come over. Larry stayed put. With a flair of frustration and a forced smile, Carl grabbed Larry's arm and dragged him over to Greg.

"Greg, you've heard of the new guy right?"

The croc shook his head.

"No, as a matter of fact. I've been a bit too busy to notice all the staff that work here. Are you going to introduce them?"

Carl chuckled. "As a matter of fact, I am. Greg, meet Larry, he's just transferred from one of the American sites."

Greg twisted his head to get a good look at Larry, who was trying his hardest to not piss himself.

"Pleasure to be your acquaintance, Larry. I hope we can get along very well, I look forward to our future interactions!"

He opened his claws to Larry. Not wanting to seem rude to the 1 ton sack of pure muscle and bone, Larry bent over and took his hand into Greg's. The scales made the scientist tremble; it was a feeling he wasn't used to, hard skin mixed with a subtle rise and fall whenever Greg breathed.

"I, uh, hope we get to work together more often."

You massive idiot, Larry!

"Splendid, I hope so too! You seem like a good person, Larry."

Greg beamed a smile, which Larry returned, albeit with an underlying fear of being mauled. Carl seemed to look much happier with this turn of events, and began to pack up his belongings for the next shift. Greg went back to eating his meat patties, throwing each one in the air with the precision of an apex predator.

Larry fished his phone out from his pants and went to his notes application. It was a handy way to keep track of the mundane things that happen day to day, whether it be big or small. This note, however, will be a special note, a note that will always appear at the top of his priorities list.

Note to self (remember to keep this at the top of the list).

A crocodile has just become a staff member at Site B-RANG. I'm not sure what to feel just yet, apart from pure fear. Who knows, I could just be hallucinating again, they did that to me when I tried to find the main entrance, pricks.

I need to know more about these Australians too, no matter how hard I try to make sense of it, I get another bloody curve ball thrown at me. Maybe it's just because I'm new, or American.

Nevertheless, I'll see what else comes up, hopefully I can make sense of all this by the end of the month.


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