Foundation Tales - Audio Edition

Showcase for the best audio adaptations of articles on this wiki.

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Tales #, A-B Audio Links
01110101 01101110 01100010 01110010 01101111 01101011 01100101 01101110 Cimmerian
10:30 A.M. TheVolgun; SCP Archives; READ-ACTED
10. Mr. Mission Foundation Files; MR SCP
11. Mr. Feather Foundation Files; MR SCP
12. Mr. Laugh Foundation Files; MR SCP
1346-1 Cimmerian
13. Mr. Purple MR SCP
14. Mr. Brass MR SCP
15. Ms. Sweetie MR SCP
16. Mr. Fish MR SCP
1914 Yurtworks
1. Mr. Headless Foundation Files; MR SCP; TheVolgun
2. Mr. Clank Foundation Files; MR SCP; TheVolgun
3. Mr. Money Foundation Files; MR SCP; TheVolgun
4. Mr. Lie Foundation Files; MR SCP; TheVolgun
5. Mr. Mad Foundation Files; MR SCP
6 1/2 Site-42
6 2/2 Site-42
6. Mr. Stripes MR SCP
7. Mr. ███████████ Foundation Files; MR SCP
8. Mr. Moon Foundation Files; MR SCP; Randomini
9. Mr. Clumsy Foundation Files; MR SCP
A Bold Choice Site-42
Abwesenheit Site-42
A Circus Milked Dry Randomini
A Clean, Fast End Tales Vault; ILLUSTRATED
A Cooler Manifesto Hedgehog
A Dark Green Kiss Site-42
A Day Of Infamy - A short story of SCP-705 HauntedReader
A Diminished Thing Mr. 17; Site-42
Adventuring Interlude Hedgehog
A Fancy Dinosaur Randomini
A Fishbowl, Shattered Site-42
A Fond Farewell Site-42
A Frame Of Mind Site-42
A Funeral On Mars Hedgehog
A Holiday Appeal TheVolgun
all i ever wanted; all i ever deserved ILLUSTRATED
All They Want is the Blood TheBatesee
Alma Mater Site-42
Alone SCPReadings
A Long Time Past Hedgehog
Also This All Happened On The Same Day, So I Don't Know Why He Said It Like That. Cimmerian
A Lullaby for Anderson Robotics Site-42
A Most Unfortunate Reunion HauntedReader
...And I'm the Star! Site-42
And I Think To Myself... Site-42
now-the-we-expunged DrewOsito
And so the Crows Laughed Tales Vault; Randomini
And the answer you have to give, no matter how dark and cold the world around you is: Maybe I’m a king. Site-42
And Then What Happened? Hedgehog
An Excerpt from Goodbye Ghost Site-42
A Poem for Nobody Site-42
A Reason To Die Randomini
Are We Christmas Yet? Site-42
A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal Take Walker
asmr by dado LordStonefish
Assistance for the Boss Lady Hedgehog
As the Last Monster on Earth Goes to Hell AUDITORY DEPT
A Strange Orientation Cimmerian
A Transcribed Collection of Haiku Graffiti from Site-42 Site-42
Audio Logs: Last Man Standing TheVolgun
Audio of War Synthetic Alien
A Wandsman in the Court of the Hanged King Randomini; Hedgehog
A Witch's Tale - Mistakes Were Made Randomini
A World's Legacy Randomini
"Baby's First Guide to Keter-Class Anomalies" & Other Questionable Documents Recovered from the Hard Drive of Dr. ████ ███████ Hedgehog
Back in Habit Site-42
Back To Your Irregularly Scheduled Programming Fullham
Barns from Nowhere Site-42
Beasts of the Old Letters TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED
Bees TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien
Behind the Scenes TheVolgun; TeejTalks
Beneath Two Trees SCP Archives
Be Strange or Be Forgotten Site-42
Big Fish In The Sky Site-42
Big Lads on Scene. No Wait. Not That Cimmerian
Birth of the Cool Hedgehog; NomadicArchives
black white black white black white black white black white gray Pumpkin Queen; AUDITORY DEPT; Hedgehog
Break On Through READ-ACTED
Brökkën Güd Site-42
Budget Cuts Randomini

Tales C-L Audio Links
Capone SCPDataPodcast
CASE COLOURLESS GREEN Declassifying the Paranormal
Casting His Shadow, Weaving His Spell Cimmerian
Challenge Accepted! Site-42
Chowderclef TheVolgun; Eastside
Christmas Site-42
Christmas At Kiryu Labs Site-42
Clock Multiplier NomadicArchives
CODE NAME: ████ ███ - The Truth ILLUSTRATED
Coffee Date Site-42
Come Wayward Souls SCP Un[REDACTED]
Command Performance TheVolgun
Command-Query Separation NomadicArchives
Consequences and Collarbones ILLUSTRATED; Translator
Containment Psychiatry Orientation Site-42
Contain Yourself TheVolgun; READ-ACTED
Content Warning: This Is Still A Foundation Story, After All SCP Un[REDACTED]
Critter Profile: Cappi! SCP Un[REDACTED]
Critters TheVolgun
Date Night Toad King Studios; TheVolgun; Site-42
D-Class Orientation READ-ACTED; Maxwell; TheVolgun
Deceptive Cadence Site-42
Decommissioned Randomini
Decompression Randomini
Dichotomy Site-42
Different Kinds of Nihilism NomadicArchives
Director Rosie Overcomes His Sour Cream Addiction Site-42
Document #017-1 SCPDataPodcast; The Other Glass
Document recovered from a Parallel Universe Site-42
Document Recovered From The Marianas Trench SCP Archives; SCPReadings; TheVolgun
dr-bright-is-no-longer-allowed-to-use-temporal-anomalies Cimmerian
Dr. Robinson's Statement SCP Archives
Duke 'till Dawn Find Us Alive; Site-42
Eldritch Application Hedgehog; TheVolgun
Elliot & Edna Had a Son Named Tim Site-42
Empty Unmarked Grave Hedgehog
Epilogue MR SCP
Escape From Terminus Site-42
Ethical? Randomini; Site-42
Ethics Committee Orientation Hedgehog; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
et sanábitur ánima mea Site-42
Everyone Knows Randomini; SCP Un[REDACTED]
Everything Will Be Okay Site-42
Excerpts From "How To Survive When Reality Doesn't", by Alto Clef Site-42
fault Cimmerian
Fear Alone Tales Vault; Site-42; Randomini
Final Attack Orders Hedgehog
Fire TheVolgun
Flexibility Hedgehog
Foundation Missed Connections Toad King Studios
Four Stories Told in Order to Mislead a Sentient Severed Hand That Just Wanted to Ask a Goddamn Personal Question for Once Cimmerian
Fourth and Long Take Walker; Randomini
Fresh Hell SCP Un[REDACTED] Declassifying the Paranormal
Funerals Are Fun Synthetic Alien; Site-42; Hedgehog
Gamers Against Weed Dossier NomadicArchives
Going Home The Other Glass
GOIng My Way TheVolgun
Good As New Randomini
Grasp On Reality TheVolgun
Ground Control Site-42; Cimmerian
Hartliss Detective Agency Randomini
Have A Heart NomadicArchives
He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. TheVolgun
Hiccup Jacet TheVolgun
Histories Hedgehog
Holding an Umbrella but the Sun's Still Shining Site-42
How Dr. Clef Contained Christmas! Site-42; Cimmerian; SCPDataPodcast
How Dr. Clef Saved Christmas Site-42
Hurt Site-42
I Don't Get It, I Functioned Before Site-42
Ignorance Is Bliss Site-42
Implanting God NomadicArchives
Incident 682-1548 ILLUSTRATED
In His Own Image: Epilogue Site-42
In His Own Image: Interlude 1 Site-42
In His Own Image: Interlude 2 Site-42
In His Own Image: Interlude 3 Site-42
In His Own Image: Interlude 4 Site-42
In His Own Image: Interlude 5 Site-42
In His Own Image: Interlude 6 Site-42
In His Own Image: Part 1 Site-42
In His Own Image: Part 2 Site-42
In His Own Image: Part 3 Site-42
In His Own Image: Part 4 Site-42
In His Own Image: Part 5 Site-42
In His Own Image: Part 6 Site-42
In His Own Image: Part 7 Site-42
In my eyes, indisposed. In disguises no one knows. Hides the face, lies the snake. The sun in my disgrace Cimmerian
Insufficient Clearance Hedgehog
Interval 1 Foundation Files; MR SCP
Interval 2 Foundation Files; MR SCP
In The Dark Cimmerian
In The End, We All Went Out in a Blaze Cimmerian
Introductory Antimemetics Declassifying the Paranormal
Iteration F Site-42
It Just Shattered Hedgehog
It's All True Hedgehog
Kill 682 TheVolgun
Kingdom of Stone: The End of a Man Randomini
Last One to Die Randomini
Laughter Site-42
Learning Shit Synthetic Alien; TheVolgun
Leeway Randomini
Letter from the North SCPReadings
letter-of-the-day Take Walker
Letters to a Prophet Hedgehog
Let Them Eat Cake Site-42
Let The Right One Innily Randomini
Life's a Show Site-42
Local Legends Randomini
Log of Anomalous Ducks SCPReadings
Log Of Anomalous Items, Vol I Dr.REDACTED
Log of Extranormal Events, Vol I Maxwell
Log of Unexplained Locations Synthetic Alien
Lonely Randomini
Lord Blackwood in the Land of the Unclean Eastside

Tales M-S Audio Links
Magic Orientation NomadicArchives
maybe god will forgive you if we both beg ILLUSTRATED
Medical Seminar Synthetic Alien; TheVolgun; Averagemastermind
Mementos Hedgehog
Memetics and Infohazards Division Orientation Averagemastermind; Randomini
Memories TheVolgun
Memory Of Days Long Past Hedgehog
Mobile Task Force Basic School: Induction Remarks Obscure Domain
Mobile Task Furries Site-42
Monophobia Cimmerian
Mothers' Love SCPDataPodcast; The Other Glass
Mr. Parker SCPDataPodcast
MTF Sigma-5 "Pumpkin Punchers" TheVolgun; Cimmerian
Mugging the Monster Cimmerian
My Beloved Gecko Site-42
Naptime SCPReadings
Never Metafictional Character I Didn't Like Site-42
New Job Site-42
New Kid on the Block Randomini
Nobody Dies Hedgehog
Nobody Knows TheVolgun
No Cars Allowed Site-42
No Dating At Work Site-42
Not all Fiction is Told Cimmerian
Not Fade Away Cimmerian; Synthetic Alien; SCP Un[REDACTED]
Novel Cultivars Hedgehog
Null-terminating String NomadicArchives
October 15th, 2012 LivingKnightmare
October Is Tomorrow Randomini
Of Multiverses and Dandelion Wine Hedgehog
Once But Not Now SCP Archives
On the Slope of Olympus Cimmerian
Ooo ooo ooo ooo, ooo ooo ooo Site-42
Opening Moves Hedgehog
Orientation TheVolgun; Site-42
Orientation for the Pastaphysics Department Cimmerian
Origin of Clef Randomini
Outdated Site-42
Paper Pusher Randomini
Pepper's Lament Site-42
Phoenix Cimmerian
Play TheVolgun
Playing God TheVolgun
Plumbing SCPDataPodcast; The Other Glass
Posology Roget
Pounded in the Butt by the Screaming Gristle Beacon from Site-Everything Take Walker; Site-42
Present Tense Site-42
Property Values TheVolgun
Public Static Void Site-42
Queen of the Monsters SCP Un[REDACTED]
Quiet Days TheVolgun; Cimmerian; Site-42
Quintessence Of Dust Hedgehog
Reboot or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypses Randomini; Take Walker
Recording Stuff Or Whatever TheVolgun
Relationskips TheVolgun
Revised Entry Site-42; ILLUSTRATED; SCPDataPodcast
Reviviscence SCP Un[REDACTED]
Re: You Want Happy Endings? Site-42; Hedgehog
Routine Randomini
Saint Augustine Monster Site-42
Santa's New Home Randomini
Scooby Doo, I Wanna Be Like You Site-42
SCP-000 SCP Archives; SCPReadings; Dr. John Yoder
SCP-173-D Tales Vault; Randomini
scp-mlp-dnc Take Walker
SCP-S SCP Archives
Scratches TheVolgun
Second Date Site-42
Seven Children Site-42
Shady Meetings Hedgehog
Six Letters Addressed to the SCP Foundation (and One Letter Home) Hedgehog
Snakes And Ladders Hedgehog
Snap. Crackle. Pop. Site-42
Snip Snip Snip Hedgehog
So It Was Randomini
Sometimes It's Not Funny NomadicArchives
Sometimes the Best Intentions are in Need of Redemption Site-42
Sonnet For Unethical Practices SCPDataPodcast; Site-42
Souls & Somas Site-42
So You Can Live In the Light TheVolgun; Cimmerian
So, You've been trapped in a pocket dimension. What now? Site-42; Maxwell; Cimmerian
Sparks Of Creativity TheVolgun
Square your shoulders, lift your pack, and leave your friends and go. Cimmerian
Straight to VHS: Sunday Dinner Site-42
Superencipherment NomadicArchives
Supplemental Report 239-B-192 TheVolgun
Supply and Demand Randomini
Surgery TheVolgun
Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground. Site-42

Tales T-Z Audio Links
Technical Orientation SCP Archives; Foundation Files
Termination_Order TheVolgun; LivingKnightmare
The Ballad of Region 352 Site-42
The Case of the Missing Hand Take Walker
The Clock at Saint Claude's Site-42
The Cool Kids Hedgehog
The Death Of AJ Fader Site-42
The Department of Humanoid Risk Assessment SCP Un[REDACTED]
The Dragon and the Pesterbot Site-42
The Ethics Committee's Guide to Human Anomalies Site-42
The Exalted Randomini
The Executions of Doctor Bright Obscure Domain
the-foundation-never-changes Randomini
The Friday Exhibition Hedgehog
The Heresy of Disassembly NomadicArchives
The Last Man SCPDataPodcast
The Lingering Lark of Leviathan Square Take Walker
The Little Buck-Toothed Boy: A Fairy Tale Randomini
The Lizard in the Mosaic Site-42
The Lost Treasure of the Stranglefruits Take Walker; Site-42
The Manager SCPReadings
The Meaning of Fear Site-42
The Night Before [REDACTED] TheVolgun; Site-42
The O5 Orientation TheVolgun; Maxwell; Obscure Domain
The only way left to go is forward Randomini
The Only Way To Travel Randomini
The Playful Beast Randomini
The Pruder Record SCP Un[REDACTED]
The Real Adventures in Capitalism Hedgehog
The Recording TeejTalks; TheVolgun
There in the starless dark, with vast wings across the canceled skies; the sudden blackness of nothing at all. Cimmerian
There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Wishing Well Cimmerian
The SCP-173 Christmas Eve Spectacular! Site-42
The Stars Do Not Wait For You TheVolgun; Randomini
The Super-Cool Road Trip Adventure Hedgehog
The Things Dr Bright Is Not Allowed To Do At The Foundation SCPReadings; ILLUSTRATED
The Three Bullets of Destiny Synthetic Alien
The Toyman And The Doctor Hedgehog
The Urge that Betrays Randomini
The Warrior And The Dragon ILLUSTRATED
The Wisdom To Know The Difference Cimmerian
The Woodvale Incident Obscure Domain
The Worm Tales Vault
The Young Man Site-42; SCP Archives; TheBatesee
Third Date Site-42
Time Crime in Greater Wisconsin - A Primer Site-42
Time Keeps On Slippin' SCP Un[REDACTED]
To Think I've Spent My Whole Life Waiting Site-42
Transcript of Dr. Clef's seminar, "Reality Benders and You: How to Survive When Existence Doesn't." TheVolgun; Foundation Files
Treats SCP Archives; SCPReadings; TheBatesee
Trick or Treat TheVolgun
Triumph Hedgehog
`Twas The Night Before Christmas Site-42
Typo Positive Cimmerian
UIU Orientation TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien; Foundation Files
Unbidden Site-42
Unforgettable, That's What You Are Declassifying the Paranormal
Until Death Site-42
Urban Legends TheVolgun
Variations on a Schema NomadicArchives
We Just Make Toys Site-42
Welcome to the Future SCPReadings; TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien
We Need To Talk About Fifty-Five SCP Archives; Declassifying the Paranormal
What Passes as Normal in the Digital Age NomadicArchives; SCPDataPodcast
Where Have You Been all My Life SCP Un[REDACTED]
Where the Garden Began Randomini
Where They All Go READ-ACTED
Whitetail Site-42
Who Am I? Randomini
Why Change? TheVolgun; READ-ACTED; Site-42
Without You Site-42
Work Journal 2 Hedgehog
Work Journal 2 Cont Hedgehog
Work Journal 3 Hedgehog
wowwee go kill ursefl Hedgehog
●●|●●●●●|●●|●-xxx Cimmerian
yes Hedgehog
You Ain't No Family NomadicArchives
You Can't Win Them All Site-42
Your Call Is Important To Us Site-42
Your Last First Day Declassifying the Paranormal
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