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RuskiedRuskied 07 Jul 2022 04:34
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-1160

There seems to be a bug with the picture being to low. It is cutting into the footnotes.

by RuskiedRuskied, 07 Jul 2022 04:34

Looks fine to me, but you could use some more space between it and the image.

by KothardarastrixKothardarastrix, 07 Jul 2022 04:17

Thank you for the feedback! I hadn't considered that the description was sort of disconnected from the rest of the article with the reality-warping hive mind stuff. Also, do you have any suggestions for how I could improve the segue into the SCP-3008 stuff?

by SevenballSevenball, 07 Jul 2022 04:14

Thank you! that was one of the parts I was most proud of. Does it look okay on mobile?

by SevenballSevenball, 07 Jul 2022 04:12

I wish there was more. It's an interesting piece, and the ending behinds hinting at something more… Then it ends and like… Yeah, I guess that's it? It reeks of wasted potential, because you do have an interesting item, but do nothing particularly interesting with it.


by Maxyfran73Maxyfran73, 07 Jul 2022 04:02

I'd like to dedicate my first post on the SCP wiki to all the people in the IRC chats who helped me and my cat, Mina, who died recently.

by Carl_FinkertonCarl_Finkerton, 07 Jul 2022 03:59

Always the coldposts man.

by Dr Self InsertDr Self Insert, 07 Jul 2022 03:59

Howdy Doody!~

Thank you so much for the compliments, and especially thank you for the tags, I'm a pretty new beginner around here, so I very much appreciate your assistance.

It means a lot to me that you would go out of your way to do that so from one stranger on the internet to another, thank you very much!~

by Carl_FinkertonCarl_Finkerton, 07 Jul 2022 03:58

is there some sort of youtube video to show where this "slot №" button supposedly is? This website is archaic and far too complex than it needs to be.

Love the SPC ACS.

by KothardarastrixKothardarastrix, 07 Jul 2022 03:48

Seeking Greenlights: Yes

Page Type: SCP Article

Genre (Optional): Drama? (Not Sure)

Elevator Pitch: The Infinite Semi-Trailer is useful for storage to whoever posses it, however prior to the SCP, it has been explored.

Central Narrative: Found after several rumors from a local warehouse of a trailer with infinite depth being used for storage, the SCP is sent to investigate. The trailer itself, while appearing normal on the outside, has no apparent limit to how long the inside is. The local warehouse has no recollection how it came into possession of the trailer, as though its always been there. It has been currently used for pallet storage, being quite helpful for the warehouse. The SCP explores the trailer onsite, discovering graffiti (common on trailers, and odd in this one) and at least one skeletal remains of a previous explorer with notes.

Hook/Attention-Grabber (Optional): The Hook would be the notes that are found at some depth in the trailer and what they state. Also, the trailer ultimately would be safe for use, the SCP obviously taking it.

Additional Notes: Semi-Trailers, while they can come in a variety of sizes, the common American ones are 53', 48', and 28'. This would be a standard 53'.

This is an interesting idea, but needs work. The story is pretty basic, I feel like if the foundation had access to an anomaly like this they would utilize it, ya know. I wish there was more to it than just being able to log into any computer, maybe a secondary trait could be revealed? Or maybe the person behind it is anomalous themselves. Try getting criticism on the forums before posting next time, and good luck.

-1 by guiness11guiness11, 07 Jul 2022 03:45

Seeking Greenlights: Yes

Page Type: SCP Article

Elevator Pitch: A seemingly normal looking house on the outside, however the inside warps itself depending on the owner's needs, wants, interests, etc. The appliances in the house do their job perfectly in a fraction of time.

Central Narrative: One day a seemingly normal 911 call turned into a very unexpected scenario. David Roberts filed a missing person's report for his close friend Richard Grant who he said had recently purchased a house, however when he went to his house no one answered. Once police showed up to the house and entered, they immediately noticed something. The house seemed to defy all laws of reality, with the inside taking up more space than the outside deems it should. A secret SCP operative on the police force reported it to the SCP foundation and the case was then seized by the foundation. After a lengthy investigation the foundation deduced this house to be an anomalous reality warping SCP similar to the infinite IKEA. Except this SCP warps itself based on whoever is the owner of it.

This is all very intriguing stuff. My main concerns right now are:

(1) How do you plan on conveying this backstory within the confines of an SCP article? We do not want the entities to launch into a long speech about their history, nor would readers appreciate a long log that reads like a Wikipedia entry. The next steps for me would be to outline the flow of your article. You have you conprocs and description of the entity, and then what comes next? I'm guessing a Discovery log? Thereafter, how do you plan on revealing "the SCP's nature and capabilities"?

(2) The lack of a current storyline. As mentioned, this backstory you have created is excellent. But what's the story in our current timeline? It should not simply be about revealing the entity's backstory. How does the Foundation react? What does it try to do for containment? Is there a main character on the Foundation's side that we can follow along? What happens at the end of the article? Do we just get the entities' motives, and that'll be it?

How many times have you posted the same thing without any changes. Please, just get feedback and work on it more. -1

Just stop by guiness11guiness11, 07 Jul 2022 03:32

Mirroring Fable's Crit. There's a lot to work with here, and the interview with the plushee made me grin like an idiot, but it really needs a little more time in editing to really polish things up, especially in the pacing department. It's far from insalvageable, and looking forward to a second attempt!

by SynthPanda_SynthPanda_, 07 Jul 2022 03:27

Summoned by PM:

The outline of your Elevator Pitch is very vague. What "help" does the Foundation need? Why are they suddenly being targeted by the Greek gods? What is this "offer they can't refuse"? Why does the Foundation need to convince the gods to "become allies" with them?

I am also still not too clear on what the conflict / main driving force of the Tale will be. Be very clear about what the issue is that has sparked off this conflict, and what actions will be taken to try and solve it. It will also be a good idea to tell us how the Tale ends. Currently, you've chosen to end the pitch with a hook, but this is not what we asked for.

This entire section should be revised with more specific details, and then moved to the Central Narrative section.

If you decide to revise the concept / respond below, do drop me another PM and I'll try to take another look. Best of luck for now!

An absolutely vile read which focuses on real-life interpersonal horrors without trivializing them. Easy +1

by SynthPanda_SynthPanda_, 07 Jul 2022 03:21

but like blood is water so…

🐈 🐃🐎🐂🐄 🐥 🐕 🐑 🐐 🦙 🐏 🐑

by SheepHuggerSheepHugger, 07 Jul 2022 03:19
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