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Insisting Containment is Unethical Hurts Anomalies, Not the Foundation

Posted: Friday, October 25th, 2024 09:09 | Author: Jasper ███████
Category: Opinion/Discussion | Topic(s): North Carolina State Law, Human(oid) Containment

On Tuesday, House Representative Moria Lucas (I-NC) proposed a bill which, if made into law, would require the Foundation to release human anomalies from custody if a given anomaly had not experienced in the past six months a flareup of any effects which would violate NC law if taking place in public1. Understandably, this attracted the attention of several anomalous peoples' rights organizations and reporting agencies — including but not limited to the Serpent's Hand and anti-Foundation legal firm Leeward & Warner Legal Solutions, as well as Information Breach Publications — who were quick to voice their support for the Representative's bill.

I am a Type E Class II Scranton-Type Human Anomaly; put simply, that means reality doesn't function correctly around me, and the 'Type E' part indicates that I have no control over when or how the effects occur. With November just around the corner and every candidate for any party factoring their stance on the Foundation into their campaigns, I find it a pressing matter to explain why forcing the Foundation to follow an external government's delegations for containment is a dangerous idea.

89% of my effects can be countered with a specific type of technology — a Scranton Reality Anchor — and empirically tracked using a unit called a Hume. (The other 11% of my effects aren't understood by the Foundation nor I — and nor were they by my second cousin on my mom's side, who was the only other person in my family to ever experience said effects.)

It is only by result of this equipment that I am not in danger on any given day; I did not always have these effects, and if Foundation personnel had not been present the day they first manifested, I and several (more) other people would be dead. If the equipment in question were not fixed in an array that completely surrounds me when I am in my chamber (one device is connected to a grid which is inlaid in the walls, floor, and ceiling), there's a good chance I could fall straight through the solid material of the ground for a few hundred meters and rematerialize in the same physical space as the bedrock, or create a localized spatial anomaly "less real" than the surrounding room and get trapped inside of it long enough to starve because time progresses 400 times slower inside of it, or experience any number of other dangerous issues. (Both of those examples are true and happened to anomalous civilians in 2022 and 2023 respectively; Type E reality benders are the second-most-common type of human anomaly, so none of this should be news to the politicians that claim to be knowledgeable about such issues.)

Despite all this, I have not experienced a flareup of my effects in more than six months. Thus, Representative Moria Lucas would want me living on a residential street, because she does not comprehend what containment actually is or what purpose it serves for someone like me. I haven't had a flareup because Foundation personnel are doing their jobs — and they need to keep doing them in order to continue my safety. Containment is not a temporary procedure that fixes all of someone's problems. It is not a treatment, it is an ongoing scientific challenge; the personnel designing the procedures are not doctors, but something closer to engineers; Site-42 is not a hospital nor a prison, it is just a facility designed to accommodate me and people and things like me as safely as possible, because the world outside can't accommodate me. To the Foundation, I am someone affected by forces out of my control, and their goal is to help me live as normally as I can in the environment demanded by my circumstances.

If made into law, this legislature would override both the Foundation's wishes and mine; as the anomalous person, the government would not allow me to stay, even if that were what I wanted. According to Rep. Lucas, the reasoning behind this is the notion that a contained human anomaly's environment and heavily regulated lifestyle prevent them from being able to discern what is best for them. While even the Ethics Committee recognizes this line of reasoning and shares those concerns (albeit applied to different issues), I question how Lucas could encourage government intervention in good faith. What reason has American government given me to trust them over the Foundation? Who is objectively more knowledgeable about how to help me?

And lastly: I find disturbing the lack of attention given by media or politicians to nearly any anomalous intervention organizations other than the Foundation. If I were forced to live offsite, I would immediately be at risk of kidnapping, assassination, violence or assault, and all of the above or more at the hands of groups like the Chaos Insurgency, Global Occult Coalition, etc. The fact that the suits and cameras only want to focus on the people whose goal is to protect me from the former groups and from my own effects continues to baffle me. And before you call me delusional or whatever, the past five years have not been 100% smooth sailing; I remember myself falling for the "they're brainwashing you" shit only a couple years ago and putting up a fight with them about every single thing. Looking back, there wasn't one time they weren't willing to put up with my shit, and hindsight is 20/20.

—Jasper ███████ (SCP-████)
Initial Containment Date May ██ 2019

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10/25/24 09:19 Anonymous in Beaufort NC USA wrote:
oh honey

10/25/24 09:21 Anonymous in Wilmington NC USA wrote:
Can OP read our comments or…?

10/25/24 09:32 Anonymous in Columbia SC USA wrote:
*slaps a disclaimer on it* now it will sound real

10/25/24 09:40 Rogers404 in Site-81 IN USA wrote:
I can't say I understand the necessity of this…

10/25/24 09:42 KellyWess (Verified) in Washington DC USA wrote:
The viewpoint of people like OP is more important than ever in this day and age. While I disagree with a majority of the Foundation's actions, I appreciate them openly allowing flow of information like this. Containment should be optional.

10/25/24 09:50 Anon938912 in Seabreeze NC USA wrote:
so this person lives in 42, less than a mile from my house. Weird to think about

10/25/24 09:57 JamieCornings in Bloomington IN USA wrote:
The media doesn't pay attention to anyone other than the SCP Foundation because the SCP Foundation fucked up the most shit in the past ten years, that's why.

10/25/24 10:08 northwest2 in Wilmington NC USA wrote:
This is so fucking sad to me because this is one of the ones they treated well who is never even going to be aware of shit like 231, who is never even going to know about all the nasty shit they do to other skips and who is just going to get old and die in a concrete box and think they were given a good life (and this type of comment is why they're not letting OP look at said comments, I'd bet)

10/25/24 10:20 MorningGlories in Wilmington NC USA wrote:
How many human SCPs are in Site-42? This isn't the same one from that Information Breach story about the scandal, is it…?

10/25/24 10:40 Anonymous in Nashville TN USA wrote:
u pay rent bro ?

10/25/24 11:16 Anonymous in San Francisco CA USA wrote:
comments are becoming a trainwreck

10/25/24 11:20 Anonymous in Raleigh NC USA wrote:
bad post OP


10/25/24 11:38 Crowns433 (Moderator) in Site-42 NC USA wrote:
Okay, this is getting off-topic. While the driving influence behind the 2024 Open Communications Program is accessible information, personal identifying information was left out of that post for the anomaly's safety, and insistence that said details should be disclosed in order to prove the individual's legitimacy is not acceptable. Furthermore, the Foundation does not and cannot publicly endorse nor speak ill of election candidates; the opinions in this thread's opening post are the anomaly's alone. The anomaly's assigned personnel will log this and show them a relevant and appropriate selection of responses, as was intended; thank you for your engagement and interest, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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