Former MTFL MacLean's Personnel File

Name: Malcolm F. MacLean

Codename: Pegasus

Security Clearance Level: Null

Duties: Leader of Mobile Taskforce Epsilon-2

Location: Unknown

History: Recruited from the U.S. Marine Corps' Force Recon division in ████, MacLean served in various roles with the Foundation's Mobile Taskforce units for █ years before being promoted to MTFL on ██/██/████. During his time with the Foundation, MacLean became known for  surviving missions that killed most or all of his team members, and for his tendency to shoot to kill when startled.  

On ██/██/████, MacLean left to go on a scheduled vacation. He did not report or return on schedule, and his whereabouts are still undetermined. A handwritten note was found taped to the underside of his desk in his quarters on site 43, which read as follows:

When I first joined the Foundation, I believed in it. I really believed that humankind was threatened by monsters and cursed artifacts and indescribable shit, and that only the Foundation could stop it. Now, I know better. The Foundation isn't doing the world any favors by gathering up all these physics-defying horrors and sticking them all in the same basement. In the best-case scenario, this just means that eventually the Foundation will be the only group in the world with access to supernatural power, which I can't make myself believe is a good thing. In the worst and far more likely scenario, the Foundation itself will destroy the world, doing something crazy with some object that would be better off destroyed. I've realized something in my time here; the entire doctrine of "containment" is based on the assumption that we can just somehow shut away all the reality-benders and monsters and horrors and that'll be it. The world will be safe then.
That is a fucking lie.
Even if we could contain each and every last paranormal thing on the planet (and I'm pretty damn sure we can't), humanity won't really be safe until everything that threatens it is gone. Each and every last SCP, dead, destroyed, or banished. So now I'm leaving, because I can't keep fighting to the death for something as antithetical to my beliefs as the Foundation has become. To whoever reads this, I advise you to follow me; no good will come of trying to preserve things that threaten reality.

MacLean is believed to have gone rogue. If he is located, Foundation personnel are advised to urge him to return. If he refuses, he is to be killed on sight.

Addendum: MacLean is associated with the following SCP reports:

MacLean's Service Record

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