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Welcome to my little humble abode.
I'm not very popular.
So if you're here, you must be my friend.
The journey must have been tough, this wooden home isn't very easy to find after all.
It's snowing heavily too.
Quick! Come in, I'll warm you right up.
I set up a little table for us near the fireplace.
I'll go make some hot chocolate.
How is it?
I like mine with marshmallows.
I didn't know what you like exactly, so I just put honey in yours, I hope you enjoy it.
You can make yourself comfortable on the sofa.
Wait here, I've got a little surprise for you, I swear it'll be quick.
I'm back, I got the fluffy blanket!
There's only one, but it's pretty big, I think we can both fit in it.
Here, I had some cake left over from last week's party.
It's mango-flavoured.
It's delicious, right? I baked it!
Well, since we're all tucked in, I can tell you a few stories, if you want.
I wrote them myself! Wait, lemme switch on my laptop first.
Notepad, notepad… there you are. Here.
Which one do you want me to read first?

*Untitled - Notepad Just spacing stuff out… The things love can do and stuff I do to space……..ah.SPASPAX

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Independent tales:

1. L'appel Du Vide
2. Passion

kviksjá canon:

1. You will come back to me, once this is done

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Well, I hope you enjoyed your stay.
It was good to have you with me, even if it was just for the day.
But there was something in me that thought, "Maybe it'll last this time".
Anywho, I'll miss you!
So… come again another day, okay?

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