Footage Recovered From a Private Server
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General George Bowe, circa 1986, prior to Incident ████-OMEGA.

General George Bowe (born 1930, presumed dead 1983) is best known to the public eye for numerous Cold War-era victories. To the Foundation, many personnel are aware that he was the liaison to the U.S. Military. However, an oft-overlooked detail is that he was responsible for securing the Foundation's initial funding, and that the "containment science" dogma was primarily an idea from Bowe. Indeed, Bowe was present in the Foundation's inner circle since near the beginning, and his influence is difficult to understate.

General Bowe vanished on December 17th, 1983, as the result of a highly classified incident involving a reality bender. This incident, alongside other incidents of similar magnitude, prompted the Foundation to move away from the "containment science" doctrine, into the "sole containment" idea. RAISA invested most of its time in the 1990's eliminating all traces of Boweism within the Foundation's database. Boweists continued to pose a persistent problem to the Foundation until the early 2000s.

The following document is the transcript of a video intercepted by Foundation webcrawlers on August 28th, 2020. The origin IP address of the email containing the video was identified to be a proxy server owned by GoI-102 ("Chaos Insurgency"). The target server was owned by a shell company associated with SCP-140-A.


<Begin Log>

<Camera feed opens facing an empty stage. The majority of the room is shrouded in darkness. In front of the camera, several people wearing Chaos Insurgency uniforms can be seen facing the stage. The crowd emits a low mutter in anticipation.>

<A man in a dark grey duster emerges from the darkness. He is wearing a helmet obscuring his face. From this, the man can be identified as a member of Delta command, the highest ranking members of the Chaos Insurgency. The crowd quiets to a whisper at the sight of the Delta command member.>

<After surveying the audience, the man approaches the microphone and begins to speak.>

Engineer: Good afternoon, gentlemen. I know all of you are very busy people, and I thank you for taking time out of your day. I promise that you will be compensated for this, as our top operatives have made a very important discovery. In fact, I dare say that it is the most important discovery in the history of the Chaos Insurgency.


Engineer: Let me introduce myself, for those who don't have the clearance to know. I am the Engineer. I am the person responsible for creating the procedures that we use to exploit the laws of the universe. When our founders first established the Insurgency, it was made with the express purpose of doing more with anomalies. Our parent organization, the Foundation, wanted to keep the wonders of the universe in titanium boxes. Out of the entirety of the upper administration, only one man disagreed.

Engineer: I assume you're all familiar with the ideology of Boweism? It is the ideology our organization is founded on, after all. It's the idea that the glitches in reality we call "anomalies" should be used to create a better world, rather than locked away forever. Please welcome to the platform, General George Bowe.

<Several members of the audience gasp. A bulky man in the background, presumed to be a bodyguard, removes his helmet and cloak. General Bowe is wearing a decorated military uniform. He appears as he did before his disappearance due to Incident ████-OMEGA, indicating that he has not aged in the past thirty-seven years. Bowe walks to the microphone, shakes the Engineer's hand, and begins to speak.>

Bowe: When I started my rebellion almost fourty years ago, I had no idea it would evolve into the organization we have today. I'd like to thank everyone here for ensuring my ideals would live on for decades until my return. I am proud of every single one of you.

Bowe: It has been thirty-seven years since I perished. The world has certainly advanced past my understanding of it. Computers are twenty times as fast, the ice caps are twenty percent melted, and our enemies have grown twenty times more powerful.

<Bowe grabs the microphone and paces across the stage.>

Bowe: When I originally began my movement to change the Foundation from the inside, they were carrying forward a very dangerous motif. To secure, and to contain. They pat themselves on the back for being more enlightened than the "destructive savages" at the Coalition, when their strategy of containment is far more dangerous. When you lock what's wrong with reality in a box, it festers and strengthens until it explodes. Just because I wanted to stop that from happening, I was cast out.

Bowe: In the year of 2020, the Foundation carries forward an even more dangerous motif. They've realized that the anomalies they have in containment can be put to good use, as I tried to tell them 40 years ago. However, they do not wish to use this awesome power for the good of humanity. They want to see this power used to enforce normality. This idea is more dangerous than any indestructible reptile or magic monster. It is far more insidious.

Bowe: Before I came here, I requested that I take a plane trip to New York City. Incognito, of course. Guess what I saw? I saw the streets packed like sardines. I breathed unclean air and witnessed propaganda. I read of endless wars and endless poverty, more deadly than any anomaly the Foundation has contained, yet somehow less deserving of its attention!

Bowe: This is the reality that the Foundation fights for. The Foundation has spent twenty years fighting for your children to be poor and our treasuries to be empty. Courtesy of our organization's greatest hackers, I was able to get a peek into their secret database. They've created MTF Alpha-9 and Thaumiel-class anomalies to act as their evil arms. They have weapons the likes of which no one in my time could have even imagined!

Bowe: Worst of all, the Foundation has used these weapons to amass more power than it ever should have had access to. What was originally a small, Americentric laboratory in the 80's has evolved into a multi-armed beast, with tentacles in every world government. I had to make myself practically invisible to avoid detection. From this point forwards, I declare: I will hide no longer. It's become clear to me that, for the welfare of the world, we must destroy the Foundation! From this point forwards, I declare war on the Foundation!

<This is responded to with cheers from the audience. Bowe stops pacing and stands up straight.>

Bowe: The only logical issue with a full-out war against the Foundation is resources. Although our organization is large, it is not large enough. Growing larger is not an option. As stated before, the Foundation is the most dangerous political force on the planet. Attempting to enlarge our sphere of influence would spell out death for our ideology forever.

Bowe: Thus, the only course of action we can take is to ally with the like-minded, who also reject the existence of the Foundation. I can see that we have avoided working with other groups in the past, despite having the same goals. During my tenure as the leader of the Chaos Insurgency, I will seek to rectify this. I'd like to introduce two new associates of mine. Please, come to the floor.

<From the darkness, two figures emerge wearing masks. Once they are standing side by side with Bowe, they remove their masks. One is Robert Bumaro, the Highest Priest of GoI-004 ("Church of the Broken God"). The other is unidentified.>

Bowe: To the left of me is Highest Priest Robert Bumaro, of the Church of MEKHANE. To the right of me is Master John Yttoric, of the Church of the Scarlet King. Both of their organizations were threats to the Foundation during my tenure; however, they have been forced into being peaceful due to the Foundation's global hegemony. Our goals might be different, but our objectives are identical: to use anomalies for the greater good of humanity. For that, we unite against the Foundation!

<Bowe turns and shakes hands with both of them.>

Bowe: This is a call for aid from all of the groups that the Foundation has put down. I plead to the groups who want nothing more than the cessation of the Foundation to join arms with us to take them down. From this point forwards, we will hide no longer! For the welfare of the world, I declare war on the Foundation!

<Overwhelming applause from the audience. As Bowe takes a bow, the video ends.>

<End Log>

Intelligence within the anomalous community indicates that this video was sent to several Groups of Interest. Operatives located within the Chaos Insurgency are to try to retrieve more information regarding the new state of PoI-1912 ("General Bowe"). Attempts to recreate division within other Groups of Interest are ongoing.

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