Prof. C. Tagliafierro's Personnel File

Name: Prof. C████████ Tagliafierro

Pronunciation:  /ˈtaʎʎafjɛrro/

Security Clearance Level: 3

Personnel Classification: B

Profession: Linguist / DEA Operative

Location: Variable, often Site-77

History: Born in N█████, Italy, the 30th of May 19██, Professor Tagliafierro had dreams of becoming a renowned Italian literature professor at the ████ University. However after obtaining his degree [DATA EXPUNGED] which led to the death of the 60% of his Internet friends, the disappointment of his favourite cousin and his employment in the Foundation.

After prolonged self-experimentation with SCP-769, Prof. Tagliafierro has obtained the full knowledge of over 1,827 different languages, such as Spanish, German, Turkish, Ancient and Modern Greek, Latin, Welsh, Gelatin and African American Vernacular English. However, Prof. Tagliafierro has forgotten basic understanding of English grammar. In fact, most of his authored articles contain numerous spelling, grammar and usage issues, and are to be proofreaded by a specialized orthographic analysis team before being uploaded in the Foundation's database.

Profile: Prof. Tagliafierro is a slightly overweight, balding, irascible middle aged Italian man. Outside his language-related abilities, Prof. Tagliafierro's possesses other numerous stereotypical properties, such as being able to cook dozen of different type of the oven-baked, flat, round bread typically topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella human beings refer to as "pizza".

Prof. Tagliafierro's roles at the Foundation simply consists of the eventual translation of non-anglophone anomalies, interviewing non-anglophone involved individuals and the recruitment of Class D personnel in Third World countries.  For some unknown motives, Prof. Tagliafierro always replaces the words "for you" with their Italian equivalent every time he corrects a minor error on newly pubblished documents.


Artist's depiction of SCP-2703-1 made by Agent Feast.


Artist's depiction of SCP-2703-1 made by Agent K. "Loiterer" P.


I swear, the next one who says Nah-tella is getting his limbs ripped off.

No, it's not "papa", it's "papà". Papa means "pope". Papà is "dad". Hell, why don't you guys get this?

Did you just say "Pasketti"?

Document 1827-15-OP-82:

SCP Reports Authored by Prof. Tagliafierro:

SCP Reports Rewritten by Prof. Tagliafierro:

  • SCP-2115-Originally authored by Agent "Smear_Gel".

SCP Reports Translated in the Italian Database:

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