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About Me: Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the wiki! I go by many usernames, but you can just call me Fluffy. It has always been a dream to write for this beautiful and dark universe. I'm thankful that people have enjoyed my work, and that I'm even able to take the honor of having an author page in the first place.

In terms of my writing style, I usually like to write shorter pieces. I try to think of weird concepts and scenarios that would fit well into a cohesive narrative. While the articles I have made so far are on the shorter end of things, I do plan on making more ambitious articles down the line as my writing skills improve.

One thing I've learned from writing for this site is that if I don't have fun writing something, it probably won't survive on the site.

SCP Articles:

SCP-5801 - Snowman Heaven

SCP-5809 - GG EZ GET CARRIED (Jamcon 2021 Day 1 Entry)

SCP-5378 - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotted Beetles

SCP-6240 - An Absence of Light (Deptcon Collab with CrystalMonarchCrystalMonarch and NyeloNyelo)

SCP-7060 - A Place of No Fortune (7k Contest Entry)

Tales/GOI Formats:

The Death of an Arcadian

A Culinary Broadcast

A Bad Miracle (Deptcon Entry)

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