Flower Girl
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Blossom was a flower girl
who was in fact a flower

she worked a shop on Third and Pearl
which was in fact her bower

A boy walked by and pointed out
her status with some laughter

and though she smiled and offered doubt
she lost her mind right after

Site ██ Long-Term Non-Anomalous Item Storage Facility

Item Record

Locker #: 6709-033

Ref: Item 1 of 10

Archived By: Dr. ██████ █████████

Hand-written document, black permanent marker on 10.5 inch by 8 inch (26.67 cm by 20.32 cm) paper roughly torn from a spiral-bound notebook.

Document and 9 additional items of interest were confiscated and transferred to Site ██ on ██/██/██ by undercover agents embedded in local law enforcement after they were recovered from a downtown flower store in [REDACTED] owned by [REDACTED], a young woman approximately 23 years of age. A concerned neighbor had reported that the storefront had been closed for three days in a row despite the immediate proximity of Mother's Day, which is one of the best sales periods for such businesses. Neighbor reported that upon investigation, they could hear muffled sobbing or crying from within the store, which prompted the police call and was corroborated by the initial responding law officers.

Upon forcing their way into the store, all sound from within the store immediately ceased. Approximately 12% of the store's stock was disturbed or destroyed in a manner consistent with having been displaced as a result of an individual searching for something among the shelves, and all flowers within the store had had their petals removed in a manner consistent with careful detachment rather than violent tearing. A single neat pile of mixed flower petals totaling approximately 58.6 kg by weight was discovered behind the main counter, which was inconsistent with the amount of flower stems located within the store; this discrepancy in mass remains unexplained.

None of the items recovered from the scene exhibited any anomalous properties or effects. No traces of [REDACTED] or the notebook that this document was torn from were ever found.

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