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The window opens as the artist is greeted with a new world.
Great waters race alongside their mind, flowing until erupting from their finger tips.
It was no magic or miracle; through the simple act of creation, impossible was made reality.

The artist leaves the window open, and dives in.
The water keeps flowing.



  • Flow - Where things began.
  • Torrent - And then there was flood.

Anart Courses


Quick Guide

Anart is more wild than magic, reality bending or thaumaturgy. It has no rules that bind it, it has no demands - aside from taking that one deep dive during the process of creation.

What's Flow? It's when you sit down and just create. When things just go along nicely in your head and when you simply do art. Don't you have a feeling sometimes that it's not you that drives the piece but the piece that drives you? You're in the zone, you are fully immersed, you enjoy what you do.

In the universe where there are things that exist outside our perception, Flow is a bit more than that. It's something you reach out to, unconsciously, during act of creation to infuse your work with it - to make it abnormal, anomalous, suddenly eager to disobey all known rules.

Anyone can do it. Some find it easy, some can try and try again and never achieve it. Flow is capricious like that. Or maybe it has its own rules and patterns that artists can tap into? Nobody knows for sure. It just exists, and there are people out here that know how to use it for their own goals.


Martha Jenerous - A former anartist. Amnesticised after her little project got out of hand.
████████ Yang - Student of Legler, recently back from retirement. Has a very suspicious family background.
Anton Legler - Old and grumpy anart professor. Full of fond memories of how AWCY used to be.
███████ Taman - A beginner anartist with a hidden mean streak. Likes pastels. Taking first steps in anomalous world.

Agent Alex Cobalt - Undercover and with a degree in art. Prefers art history to dabbling in clay.
Agent Green - Back again to deal with this shit.
Doctor Samuel Samuels - Way too giddy about anart business for a guy with a name like that.
Agent ████████ Gofr - An UIU agent standing admist the local artistic mess. Glad with the fact he wasn't pulled to Three Portlands.

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