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T-minus 00:06:16 | Site-15 Exterior, East Camera

The time is nigh, my dearest friends


(Dr. Nadir Shahid approaches Designer Sonia Crowsworth, who is lying in the flower field by the lake.)

Dr. Shahid: Crowsworth.

Desigr. Crowsworth: Oh! Hello there Nadir. Care to join me?

(Crowsworth pats the spot besides her. Three seconds of silence passes.)

Dr. Shahid: …Alright.

(Dr. Shahid sits down slowly.)

Desigr. Crowsworth: So how's your son? Still planning to go to his dream college?

Dr. Shahid: Planning no more, he got his letter of acceptance just last week. Been negotiating with me for a new car, the little rascal.

Desigr. Crowsworth: I'd say he deserves it, ya dingus! And give him my congratulations.

(Sounds of hundreds of wings flapping echo above head.)

Dr. Shahid: What about you Crowsworth? Anything exciting recently?

Desigr. Crowsworth: Jackie wanted to go for a walk this morning! It's like my baby got new springs in her steps again. I'll let you play with her sometimes!

Dr. Shahid: I'm afraid your Bullmastiff might crush me, but thanks for the offer.

(The flowers briefly become violet.)

T-minus 00:04:38 | Site-19, Breakroom Camera

One day, I hope to see you again

(Various Foundation researchers and D-Classes engages in social interactions, consuming an assortment of foods and drinks.)

(A researcher fumbles a large bottle, accidentally spraying surrounding personnel with soda.)

(Everyone laughs.)

(A vase of orchids is set on the counter.)

T-minus 00:03:52 | Site-15 Exterior, East Camera

For those who sleep in graves of the dark

Crowsworth: -nce, I'm glad I finished all my work ahead of time.

Shahid: You, being productive? Am I hearing this right? What's the world coming to?

Crowsworth: Shut up, Nadir.

(Crowsworth punches Shahid in the arm.)

Crowsworth: I just… thought it felt right - completing them, ya know?

(A brief moment of silence lapses.)

Shahid: …I know.

(The weight of a million things left unsaid dissipates.)

(The sky turns lavender, then darkens.)

T-minus 00:02:00 | Overwatch Command

Promises of reprieve shall let you be

O5-1: One last drink for the night, gentlemen?

(O5-1 raises his champagne glass. The rest follows.)

(The light grows strong. The shadow grows long.)

(Strong scents of hyacinth registered.)

T-minus 00:01:00 | Site-15 Exterior, East Camera

To those who can accept the light

Sonia: …What's left for us, Nadir?

(Nadir ponders. He picks a purple lily and gives it to Sonia.)

Nadir: All the time in the world.

(Sonia accepts it, and nods.)

(The stars' brightness increases sharply for 45 seconds.)

(Then they go out.)

T-minus 00:00:10

Smile, you're going to be free

(In unity, we speak.)

T-minus 00:00:08 | Site-19, Breakroom Camera

Site-19 Personnel: We secured.

T-minus 00:00:05 | Overwatch Command

O5 Council: We contained.

T-minus 00:00:02 | Site-15 Exterior, East Camera

Sonia & Nadir: We protected.

T-minus 00:00:01

O death, may you be the key

(And now, we rest.)

(For the world has its eye on us.)

T-minus 00:00:00

To our victory

Our sanctuary


(And it is beautiful.)

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