Edward Flawrence's Personnel File

NAME: Edward "Flawed" Flawrence


DIVISION: Advanced Robotics

HISTORY: Researcher Edward was discovered along with his prototype time travel device at the 20██ Science Competition at the █████-████████ High School in █████, ███████.

Foundation Agents embedded in the program interviewed Edward and discovered the device to be the result of a bootstrap paradox. While he did not invent the device per se, the engineering skills required to build the device warranted Edward a position at the Foundation. Edward accepted the offer and officially entered Foundation employment on ██/██/20██.

Rumor has it that Edward used his device to desperately persuade Foundation agents into accepting him about 14,000,605 times, but it is unconfirmed.

PROFILE: Researcher Edward Flawrence may appear outwardly introverted, but beware because he might be the next guy to torture you with generally unfunny comments on every-single-thing-happening or worse, unironically terrible wordplay. Edward might look like an obedient and dutiful one, always accepting new tasks, but most of them end up on the desk that he's too lazy to clean off. He can also overanalyze things at times, making an argument with him extremely irritating.

According to his former colleagues, Researcher Edward does not have a [REDACTED FOR PERSONAL REASONS]

ADDENDUM FWD-A: While this is unconfirmed, it is noted that those within immediate vicinity of Edward has a higher chance of failure when doing basic tasks. Such failures include liquid spills, falling items and in some cases, disorientation. Whether or not Edward contains a probablilistic anomaly has yet to be concluded.

ADDENDUM FWD-B: Recently, Researcher Edward Flawrence has filed several complaints and expressed disagreement towards the Foundation's Secrecy Policy.

I get it that the purpose is to keep the world sane, but can't we even tell close ones, ones that you really trust? All I wanted is to impress this girl, now I'm saving the world and she doesn't even know if I'm alive or not! - Researcher Edward

On ██/██/20██, Researcher Edward's requests were (reluctantly) approved by the Ethics Committee.

The next day, Researcher Edward submitted the aforementioned individual, who appeared to be in massive paranoia, to Foundation custody for amnesticization.

She didn't take it too well. - Researcher Edward

AUTOMATIC SERVER MESSAGE RECEIVED: The Foundation has no record of this ever happening, nor have Edward ever had a partner in the first place.

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