Flah Personnel File

Name: Agent Agent Flah

Security Clearance: Level 2

Known History: When first recruited to join the Foundation, Agent Flah was asked about the origins of his name. This was claimed to be a family tradition, as recounted to him by his father, Artist, his uncle, Electrician, and his grandfather, Soldier. Despite this seeming to be legitimate, it is still odd that every male member of his family ultimately entered the same career that was indicated by their name. Furthermore, there are no known etymological roots to his surname, Flah. All that is known by the Flah family is that it was "not a typo".


Agent Flah has so far been instrumental in the recovery and/or containment of the following SCP items:
SCP-401 - A Palm Tree
SCP-426 - I am a Toaster
SCP-451 - Mister Lonely
SCP-163 - An Old Castaway
SCP-357 - Hungry Clay
SCP-1859 - Life Over Geological Time

Personnel Note from Sgt. D████████ D████: Do not refer to Agent Flah as "Flash" when within earshot. Though Agent B██ ultimately recovered, [REDACTED] extraction of the porcelain doll.

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