Five Questions

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Five Questions Contest

Theme: Answers

So, now that the New Years Contest is done, and Troy has taken leave to his Library Contest, your lives are empty, drab things filled with sorrow. But enough of your Friday. I'm here with good news. There's a new contest in town. This one involves no fancy team-building, no organization, just writer against writer. Sadly, my dream to have you all flown in by black helicopters and forced to fight to the death have been pushed back due to budget cuts (though there's always next year).

This contest will be about answering questions.

There are always questions. Little mentions of this or that, thrown in to add an aura of mystery and a hint of a larger story. No article ever addresses everything. And five authors have chosen questions that even they don't have answers for. Five questions from five articles.

Your job is to write a tale that attempts to answer one of these questions.

So how do we win?

As is so often the case, this will come down to the cold democracy of the rating module. If it does well, it will win. If it doesn't, it will not. It's really that simple.

Well, almost that simple. You see, there are going to be five winners, the highest rated for each question.

Can I write more than one entry?

Sure! But only one per question.

Wait, if my tale wins, does that mean it's the official answer?

Nope. Your purpose is to give an answer, not the answer. That's why all tales (assuming they remain in the positives) will remain after the contest.

Will there be prizes?

The thrill of victory plus something I will hopefully announce soon.

What's the deadline?

You must have your story written by 2359 PST March 15th. We'll go by Pacific time, because I'm nice like that. We'll give it another week to give people time to vote, and the scores at 2359 PST on March 22nd will decide the winner.

Okay, okay, so give us the questions already.

Here they are. Post your stories in under the questions.

What is the purpose of the factory in the Observable Time Loop?

What ever happened to Aaron Siegal?

What happened to the rest of SCP-884?

What happens when the green slime touches a dead body?

What was the sequence of events that created the 084 phenomenon?

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