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Fishish is an experimental house music duo that first started producing music in 1823. The anachronistic nature of their robust body of work encompasses the real struggle of humanity throughout the 19th century through the use of heavy synthetic beats and the clever introduction of post-processing techniques that would become commonplace by the 22nd century.1

EARLY CAREER (1823 – 1828)

The music ensemble has released a total of 5 albums throughout their existence, with their debut album This is Literally Music, Dumbass. (1825) serving as an inspiration for the subsequent rise in industrialization at the time. Their sophomore album, The Industrial Revolution and its Consequences (1826), saw the duo's take on their contemporaries' greatest hits, such as Scarlet Ska, The Cogs, and FiveFiveFiveFiveFive. This atmospheric blend of genres was received to critical acclaim, and the album's extended cut, which featured collaborations with the bands whose songs were referenced, sold over 500 million copies.

Following the infamous 1828 I Live In Your Walls tour, as well as years of rumours of internal strife between both artists, the duo split up in 1828 citing "creative differences", and announcing that their subsequent album, Skip This One (We're Getting Paid) (1828), would be their last.


For the better part of the 19th and 20th centuries, the duo remained out of the general spotlight, occasionally appearing separately in sporadic interviews in newspapers, radio shows, and television talk shows. The duo made only one joint appearance at the 100th anniversary of The Industrial Revolution and its Consequences, where they performed a set containing material from all of their previous albums, including the lesser-known Commercial Jingles for Depression (1827) and Iced Coffee in a Godzilla-Themed McDonald's Cup (1828).

In August of 2021, the duo announced their return as a single individual, vowing to perform new material that had secretly been in the works for the past couple of years. The announcement was met with moderate interest, mainly due to the fact that all fans of the duo's prior era were dead.


Fishish's newest collection, Those Sure Are Words! is currently composed of the following projects:

The Office Season 10: Office In SpacePLAY

Buy Things Be AngryPLAY

Chill Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats to Transcend to.PLAY

Wonderwall 2PLAY

If You Feed Ducks Bread, I Will Find You.PLAY

Numeraeoeology NUMBERS!! (ft. People)PLAY

Shit I Had To Record A Song Today UhhhhhhPLAY


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