First Locke Donation

Of Interest: trans-reality, trans-reality transference, non-entropic, device, donation.

Graciously donated by Ms. Priscilla Locke.

Of Interest: trans-reality, trans-reality transference, non-entropic, device, donation. Cornucopian?

Asset Summary: A report written by Junior Assistant Secretary Rhiannon Locke, of the Committee for African Operations follows:

Some of you may not have known that I had a sister, Priscilla Locke. In fact, she had tragically passed away over a decade ago. Now, she's returned, or rather, another version of her has.

Ms. Priscilla Locke, as you all know her now, is living witness to the power and potential of the device she's been carrying around with her, known as the "Anabasis." Long story short, she is a trans-reality refugee; her world started to come apart, and she used the "Anabasis" to come to us. With nothing but the clothes on her back and the "Anabasis", she tracked me down and graciously offered to help us utilizing the "Anabasis", entered here as the "First Locke Donation".

We don't know how the device works, but we've figured out how to put it to effective use. What it does, in layman's terms, is "merge" two or more selected "dimensions" (or alternate universes) together in a pre-defined volume of space, with a preference shown based on the dimension the device is actually inhabiting. The device shines a light from its front "spout" and begins tracing out a three-dimensional shape in the air in front of it. Everything within this space is then "merged" with the accompanying space from another dimension.

It should go without saying that uses for this technology are potentially limitless. Imagine you're standing in a desert on an Earth that has been racked by natural calamity and runaway greenhouse effect. You know that, if certain events in the past hadn't happened, you'd be standing in a lush grassland. Imagine you discover exactly where that alternate universe is, mathematically. You could use the "Anabasis" to select a portion of the desert and "merge" it with that grassland. It's like carefully cutting a square out of a piece of paper, and replacing it with an equal-sized square from another piece of paper, then sealing it all back together. You now have a patch of lush, fertile grassland in the middle of a barren desert.

(Additionally, the device's settings can change selected time and place, meaning you could theoretically target an empty space in your backyard 3 meters in the air and "merge" it with a slab of rock 3,000 meters below the surface, from 3,000 years in the past, and have it drop harmlessly onto your yard)

Of course, that's an extreme example. Practically, merging grassland onto a desert wouldn't do much good, but with the different settings and the right supplementary resources (such as the Third Vesta Donation or the First CETres Donation), it could be a potentially world-changing device.

Safety concerns would obviously be paramount, as we could certainly run the risk of "merging" a dangerous microbe or foreign strain of virus or bacteria never experienced in our universe which may accidentally infect personnel and cause a pandemic. Given the small amounts of space that the device can be adjusted to deal with, this can be mitigated and overall prevented by careful quarantine procedures and frequent testing of the "source" dimensions being drawn from. Keep in mind Priscilla Locke herself came from a completely different universe. She got a medical checkup and is perfectly healthy here in ours.

There is the potential moral dilemma— after all, how would you feel about a group of people in another dimension snatching up water and resources from our dimension to help their own? Hopefully if there are other dimensions out there with 'Anabasises' of their own, they're not willfully targeting inhabited universes and stealing resources from them. As such, we will take care only to target universes which are known to have either not have human life develop as fully as ours has, or where human life has gone extinct for one reason or another.

Priscilla Locke has full working knowledge of how to best analyze the input data and properly "target" a universe whose Earth has more than enough extra resources to spare and no bustling populations to mind. We should set the proper example, even if we are the only ones who can.

Let's use this to show the world (and show ourselves) that compassion isn't an anomaly in this world. That there will always be people who care about you, and are capable of loving you, unconditionally, no matter who or what you are. No matter what you do or say, you are our family, and you will always have a place you belong right here with us.

Rhiannon Locke is a thirty year old member of the Mission Branch Committee for African Operations and the General Assets Administration of the Manna Charitable Foundation, to which she has belonged for six years. She graduated cum laude in Political Sciences in the National University of California (USA), thanks to a grant offered by a Manna Charitable Foundation Programme for Excellent Alumni.

Maintenance and Operation: ONGOING RESEARCH. The free Agent and Benefactor Priscilla Locke is currently the only person with an approximate understanding of the item's operation. Notes and reports will be taken, when available, and relayed regularly to Mission Branch for safekeeping. While no maintenance concerns have been noted, both the free Agent Locke and the Security Executive member Frank Westinghouse have been charged with test operations in controlled environments.

Security Restrictions: NO PERSON OR GROUP ASIDE FROM THE EXECUTIVE MEMBERS CHARGED WITH ITS HANDLING CAN RECEIVE ANY INFORMATION ON THE FIRST LOCKE DONATION. 1987 GOC-MCF Regulations clearly establish that any trans-reality effects fall well beyond our allowed areas of operation; therefore, this item must remain a matter completely internal to those MCF members included in current Safety Concerns limitations.

Safety Concerns: Restricted to previously selected members (at this time, Priscilla Locke — free Agent —, Rhiannon Locke — Mission Branch Committee for African Operations, Assets Administration —, Frank Westinghouse — ecSec). Document information restricted to Mission Branch, Cornucopia personnel.

Assigned To: ONGOING RESEARCH. Programme-Anabasis on hold. Compound Programme Cornucopia may absorb Programme Anabasis.

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