Fernand's Memoir
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Notes from Dr. Bernstein's personal audio journal:

10.27.2016: SCP-082 made an unusual request this afternoon. Instead of asking for clothes like it usually does, it asked for a set of books. Specifically, it asked for books of poetry, as well as an issue of Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus. SCP-082 has also asked for a stack of paper, along with a quill. All requests have been approved, and the materials should arrive by tomorrow morning. Since its request, SCP-082 has refused all food and water, and sits quietly in its chamber. Quite peculiar behavior for a skip so amiable…Well, as amiable as an 8 foot cannibal can be.

10.28.2016: Ever since SCP-082 has gotten those books, it's been reading and writing nonstop. I've been surveying it for five hours and it hasn't taken a single break. It has used up three full stacks of paper already, most of which is crumpled on the floor. What the hell is it up to?

10.31.2016: I have never seen 082 this happy before. When I came into my shift this morning, it was still writing. It's been listening to more upbeat music and I saw it dancing to some of the tunes. If someone told me that I would spend my day watching a 700 pound cannibal dance like a ballerina, while writing poetry, and humming to Chopin, I'd laugh in their face.

11.3.2016: Still writing. It's still writing. Over the past few days, it's gone through ten stacks of paper. Well, I guess this is better than eating off the heads of the D-class.

082 spoke to me today. It said that it wished to read me a piece of poetry that it wrote. Oddly, it seemed quite genuine with its emotion. I told it that it could read it to me tomorrow, as it was 11 at night, and I needed to go to bed. 082 seemed alright with it, and I headed home. What the hell did I get myself into?

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