Featured Tale Archive II - 101 through 200

This archive displays the second listing of 100 SCP articles that have been featured on the site's front page.

158: Before the Storm by Uncle Nicolini [Featured by scalykitty]

  • They brought with them a bouquet of flowers, a small tote bag, and a feeling of crushing hopelessness.

157: Taking The Reinz by LORDXVNV [Remixcon 2023 SCP category winner prize feature, requested by Long Arm Larry]

  • I'm an old man now. I forget things, fall back on instincts. And Goldbaker is as young and ageless as they ever were.

156: Everchase by Ralliston [Featured by PlaguePJP and Stealth000]

  • The elevator is fast. But Milo fears that the man is faster.

155: Content in the End by PeppersGhost [Featured by scalykitty and AwhRyan]

  • It’s been three months since the crosstest between SCP-106 and SCP-999.

154: When Day Broke the Unbreakable Reptile by TopHatBionicle

  • When you’re assigned to SCP-682, they tell you there are three laws of nature that you must believe…

153: Requiem For Ice Spider by LORDXVNV [Featured by Uncle Nicolini]

  • It's not much of a funeral, but it's more than most spiders get…

152: Rate My Director by bigslothonmyface, stephlynch, LORDXVNV, DodoDevil , Aftokrator, stormbreath, Its a Bad Idea, Limeyy, Trintavon, pr0m37h3um, Dysadron, Grigori Karpin, Snapdragon133, GremlinGroup, PlaguePJP, Pedagon, Ralliston, Trotskyeet, AnActualCrow, Fishish, HarryBlank, R4_EX, J Dune, EmotionalEntropy, OriTiefling, LightlessLantern, and MrBadFellow [Featured by ExiAsWell, Anky swallow, and JorgeMtzb]

  • RateMyDirector is the only website that allows Foundation personnel to anonymously rate your Site Director.

151: Yellow by fairydoctor [Featured by DrRevan and ExiAsWell]

  • Taking a deep breath in, he visualized breathing in gold threads.

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