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48. SPC-179: GLORIOUS BEACON [Shark Punching Center] by LORDXVNV [Featured by Pedagon, MomBun, Celare, and LORDXVNV]

  • SPC-179 is an early-warning system used to identify extraterrestrial and extrasolar Selachian targets.

47. Ambrose Transylvania [Ambrose Restaurants] by stormbreath

  • The venue wants to feed us, and we want to eat! But how to make food that we are actually capable of consuming?

46. Adoption Poster: Pearl! [Wilson's Wildlife Solutions] by Rounderhouse [Featured by Naveil and CoolestShark]

  • I can eat anything!

45. LaRue Post - Willie's shine [La Rue Macabre] by Vivarium [Featured by DianaBerry and Fireknight]

  • Come and get it y'all, its the best shine in La Rue!

44. Critter Profile: Chuck. [Wilson's Wildlife Solutions] by Uncle Nicolini [Featured by CelesteKara and fabledtiefling]

  • Chuck is the name of this fucking hippo we found ourselves saddled with.

43. Away From This Place [The Fifth Church/Fifthist Church] by GerrymanderBassist [Featured by Zyn and Tracque_]

  • Hey, how’d we get here again?
  • Oh right.

42. SC-02/000-22/000: Insurance [Chaos Insurgency] by Ethagon [JamCon prize feature, requested by Ethagon]

  • The thirteen-headed hydra will endlessly battle. Only stopping its rampage with our final defeat.

41. Project Proposal 2014-012: "Portraits of the Trees" [Are We Cool Yet?] by JakdragonX [JamCon prize feature, requested by JakdragonX]

  • Portraits of the Trees will be a performance piece in which visitors can gather a firsthand glimpse of the human mind and its response to elevated levels of stress.

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