Fear Not
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I had fear.
Fear had me.

I had no words.
There were no sounds.

I found words, in the darkness.
There were none to talk to.

I found ears, in the darkness.
The ears did naught but whistle.

Nothingness never visits.
I cannot visit nothing.

Not fears me.
I fear not.

We cannot whistle echoes in space.
Light music traverses vacuums.

Whistling began, zooming.
Vibrations of the soul.

Nothing there.
Thing here.

Light here.
Light there.

The chandelier spins.
All at once, photons dance.

Nothing is created or destroyed.
More nothing is created than destroyed.

Unobserved, events observe themselves.
Watching is the nature of things.

Unthings tend not to be.
Things tend to be.

Whence thing?
Whence unthing?

Whence nothing?
Whence we?

Nothing tends to be.
Everything tends not to be.

We have our blinders down, still.
Silent symmetries arise, if we know to look.

One, two, on.

The sun sets and we live.
We relish the nothing and thrive.

Unobserved, there is no supervision.
We lived so well, so deep, so glad, so soon.

The sun rises, and with it, our pact ends.
We turn to foam, not of sea, but space.

The bubbles of the world pop.
The wind carries them away.

They, we, I.

[there does not seem to be anything here]

does not mean

[there does seem to be nothing here]


[!nothing != something]


[nothing != !something]

What was that noise?
It's probably nothing.

What was that noise?
It's probably nothing.






the chandelier


and the west was lost

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