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General Questions

Is SCP real?

No. We are a creative writing website. The Foundation, its anomalies, and everything else that's been written about is fictional.

Fair. In-character, what is the SCP Foundation?

We are the last bastion of security in a world where natural laws rapidly break down. We are here to protect humanity from the things that go bump in the night, from people who wield power beyond mortal understanding. We are here to make the world a safer place. We are the holders of wonders, and the caretakers of dreams. We are why the world continues.

See also About The SCP Foundation.

What does "SCP" stand for?

"Special Containment Procedures" and the motto "Secure. Contain. Protect."

How can I join the SCP Foundation?

Go to our Join page and follow the instructions from there.

Can the memetic hazards hurt me? Will I die if I ignore a security warning? Will anything happen to me in real life from reading these pages?

No. The "memetic hazards" are just random pictures. The security warnings are just to tell the reader how much the Foundation thinks these things are important and scary. They're not real.

I saw an SCP! / I think I am an SCP! What do I do?

Again, SCP isn't real. SCPs are fiction that we wrote, and we are not a roleplaying site.

Do you have a Discord server?

We do not. Communication within the wiki community is conducted primarily through the SkipIRC network on IRC due to the ease of moderation.

But what about [SCP-related Discord server]?

The SCP Wiki does not operate an official Discord server for the Wiki; however, certain staff teams do operate private Discord servers in order to facilitate staff work. Additionally, many international/translation branches operate their own Discord servers.

Do you all write this stuff, or did someone else?

We wrote all this stuff. We are a community of writers.

How long has this site been around?

Basically, the original SCP (SCP-173) was written back in 2007, the first incarnation of this wiki (on editthis.info) was made in early 2008, and we moved to Wikidot in the middle of that year.

Read forum post and the site history essay for more.

I want to create a project based on the SCP Foundation. Can I do that?

Yes! See our Licensing Guide for more information. The short version:

  • SCP is licensed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 License
  • Yes, you can make money off of anything — except the image of SCP-173. But you must follow the license.
  • The Creative Commons license means anyone else can copy and profit off of anything you make if they wish.
  • DRM is explicitly forbidden by the CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.
  • You do have to credit us and link our site.
  • No, we can't take off the Creative Commons license. Not 'won't' — 'can't'.
  • Yes, we will help you sort out licensing confusion if you ask. See the Licensing hub for more details.

I have a question about Containment Breach/Secret Lab/Blackout/some other video game.

We are not the official site for any of the SCP video games, and cannot take feedback or bug reports on them.

I have a question about an offsite content creator's SCP work.

We are not officially affiliated with any offsite SCP content creators. Their content can be found on their own channels.

Why do you have an age limit?

The SCP Wiki expects a certain standard of maturity. Presently, the SCP Wiki is in a three-year process of raising its age limit from fifteen to eighteen; as a result, anyone presently born after May 8, 2005 will not be old enough to join the site by the time the age requirement increases each year.

I'm mature enough, but I'm technically underage. Can you make an exception?

Apologies, but we can't make exceptions for "maturity". If you tell us you're underage, or if we figure it out, we'll be forced to ban you.

Bans for being underage expire when a user reaches the minimum required age. As with other temporary bans, attempting to evade bans for being underage may result in a permanent ban.

Can I draw or make artwork about an SCP? Can I show you?

Absolutely! Post away in our Fan Work forum and be sure to check out our official guide about How to Post Your Art to the SCP Wiki to learn about how to make an art page!

What is vandalism?
We define any unauthorized edits to pre-existing content on the site as vandalism. You are free to edit your own works as you see fit, but editing the work of other users without permission is against the rules. You are already authorized to make minor grammar edits (fixing unintentional typos, spelling errors, etc), but nothing more. You may request any additional edits to be made to existing work by asking the original author, the current curator of that work, or a member of the Rewrite Team. If you don’t get permission, don’t make the edit. If you don’t know if your edit requires permission, you may ask in our IRC chat.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License