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FAM Radio is an infrequent Podcast.
Episodes available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify and most podcast portals.

Foundation After Midnight Radio originally aired episode 01 on Feb 6th, 2014. Though the release schedule has been pretty hit or miss over the years, it's never quite been finished. New episodes roll out from time to time, so stay tuned for more.

This page continues with "season 2" of the podcast that didn't quite fit on the main FAM Radio Hub Page. New episodes will be updated here as the series continues and both pages will be changed as needed to reflect the new layout.

Most Recent Broadcast

Season 2

Episode 07 "Better Late"

After a very long stretch of radio silence, DJ Scip is back! Sort of. Maybe? Definitely yes. I think. Listen in to Episode 07 of Foundation After Midnight Radio to find out!

Episode 08 "The Radio Show Must Go On"

The radio show must go on! DJ Scip has been kidnapped and Andrew has had to step up at the main host for the midnight radio broadcasts. But he’s not alone in that booth. Hopefully it doesn’t get too crowded in there for him..

Episode 09 "I've Missed You, Listeners"

An anomalous radio host hijacks the radio station, broadcasting announcements and references before being recontainted by a MTF team. Connor from Confinement is sent into the booth, without much success.

Episode 10 "Hand Over The DJ And No One Gets Hurt"

An operation is set into motion to save our beloved radio host. Will Andrew Survive this? Will DJ Scip actually come back? Will this “podcast” every have a normal release schedule? We’ll see…

Episode 11 "Stay Where You Are"

Please reset the ‘Days Since Last Containment Breach” counter. We’ll get to those double digits someday…

Episode 12 "Everyone Should Go To Therapy"

Andrew has to deal with a coffee crisis. DJ Scip talks to a therapist. The automated voice system might need therapy too.

Characters and Universe

Host of Foundation After Midnight Radio, he is the ever optimist and always looking on the bright side of things. Whether he's reporting on a dimensional rift in the cafeteria, the end of the world, his own kidnapping, or a tickle goo monster running around the site! He is the usual voice you hear bringing site announcements, PSAs, and containment breach updates to you after the midnight hour.

Andrew Alexeev aka DJ Twisted Toaster
Also known as the Assistant/Possible Replacement, Assistant DJ, or DJ Twisted Toaster, Andrew helps Scip with the broadcasts and behind-the-scenes running of the show. He handles a lot of the grunt work like transcribing the show that DJ Scip often neglects. Andrew was an agent before coming to the FAM Radio booth, and he's happy with the quieter job, even if he's not sure about some of the broadcasts.

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