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FAM Radio is a bi-yearly1 Podcast.
Episodes available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify and most podcast portals.

A thank you to all our listeners, all of you damn fine Foundation employees listening in from around the world. We know life within this clandestine organization can be strict, intrusive, and downright dangerous, but remember, your work in the shadows saves those who live in the light.

This is the only after midnight radio broadcast for the Foundation by the Foundation. Stay tuned for site announcements, personnel notes, containment breach updates, and much, much more!

I’m your host, DJ Scip, and you’re listening to 93.[REDACTED] FAM radio!

Most Recent Broadcast

Season 1

Episode 00 "Intro To The Foundation"

Whether this is your first day with the Foundation, or you’re just looking for a refresher, we here at FAM Radio want to help you keep up to snuff on what the Foundation is. (The retroactive first episode where we cover the basics with audio from other SCP readers.)

Episode 01 "Pilot"

After deciding, "Fuck it! We're done containing this mess!" The O5 Council launches the Foundation Space Program, which will launch various Keter class SCPs into the sun.

Episode 02 "Space is Falling"

With the failure to launch a number of dangerous SCPs into the sun, the Foundation hurries to turn things around and fix what they can despite Protocol Svalinn and the global quarantine.

Episode 03 "The End Is Night"

After the utter failure of the Foundation Space Program, will the Foundation's brightest be able to pull reality back from the brink and put everything back as it was?

Episode 04 "Universe Pending"

Surviving a reality-altering reset is no simple feat and not one the Foundation attempts to do lightly. Here’s to the continued survival of our society, our race, our planet, and our reality!

Episode 05 "Sports Related Tension"

We’re here to tell you about the Inter-Agency Charity Ice Hockey game, a retirement party, and a couple of new voices to the show.

Episode 06 "Happy Holiday Skipper"

For the holidays DJ Scip takes calls from around the Foundation and wishes everyone a happy holiday season!

Season 2

Season 2 behind-the-scenes can be found here.

Characters and Universe

Host of Foundation After Midnight Radio, he is the ever optimist and always looking on the bright side of things. Whether he's reporting on a dimensional rift in the cafeteria, the end of the world, his own kidnapping, or a tickle goo monster running around the site! He is the usual voice you hear, bringing site announcements, PSAs, and containment breach updates to you after the midnight hour.

Andrew Alexeev aka DJ Twisted Toaster
Also known as the Assistant/Possible Replacement, Assistant DJ, or DJ Twisted Toaster, Andrew helps Scip with the broadcasts and behind-the-scenes running of the show. He handles a lot of the grunt work, like transcribing the show that DJ Scip often neglects. Andrew was an agent before coming to the FAM Radio booth, and he's happy with the quieter job, even if he's not sure about some of the broadcasts.

Writing by Other Authors

Page Title Author About
Radio Silenced Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell As a memetic infection rips through the SCP Foundation, a debriefing is held with patient zero. Written as part of the 8th Annual Holiday Art Exchange.
FAM Radio: Have Yourself A Meta Little Christmas HarryBlankHarryBlank A meta-tastic fan episode of FAM Radio! Felt like the 4th wall was ready to save in from so many breaches. Written as part of the 2021 SCP Art Exchange.

Fan Works

A thank you to anyone who creates something based on FAM Radio! If you make something, be sure to share it with toadking07toadking07!

Contact and Info

FAM Radio loves to hear, quite literally, from fans and listeners! Drop us a message via the social media pages for the podcast, or by email, or by calling/texting the Radio Hotline number! Whether you want to send fan mail, suggest SCPs and tales, or want to leave a voicemail to be used in a future episode, possibly, we're always open to hearing from you!

You can reach Foundation After Midnight Radio at:
Radio Hotline (512) 93-RADIO
Radio E.mail SCP93.FAMRadio(at)

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