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Manufactured Intel
Summary: A collection of recovered intelligence
summaries on "the Factory", each from separate sources
which contradict the others, at least partially.
Possibly an intentional disinformation campaign?
It would have to be by "the Factory", because if it was by
anyone else, it likely would've been applied to others.
Threat: Med. Potentially applies to other things.
Interest: Effect could be repurposed by myself to gain
time if people get too much information on me.
I'd need to infiltrate an outpost to get more information,
which would be far more dangerous than a lot of
what i've done already. If possible, consider placing an order?
It could lower aggression, but I'd lose the element of surprise.
Problems: Information gathered on other topics might not be accurate,
and I don't know what the source of this anomaly is.


The Factory

The Factory is a poorly-understood entity or group of entities of indeterminate origin stationed primarily in the midwestern U.S. and several countries with poor labor laws. It's reported to have been founded in 1835 by UTE-0561-Venice Green, whose current location is unknown. Its management is comprised of ostensibly sapient entities which have yet to be satisfactorily described or photographed.

Structure: No definitive information is available regarding their internal organization at this time. It is believed that the Factory operates loosely corresponding with similar non-anomalous corporations.

Resources: The Factory appears to be self-funded through the sales of various mass-produced anomalies.

Standing Orders: Engage as soon as possible. Operatives of the Factory are to be considered KTEs, Response Level 3 by default, 4 if actively aggressive.

Of the Robber Barons

Into a new world the Barons creep,
And as her workers slowly weep,
Fuel is drained from limbs and blood,
Her vision of this world is stained by mud,
Walls built in err of their time,
And bricks wrought of sin and grime.

The Robber Barons are believed to be a trans-universal concept which maintains great difficulty in movement between realities1. The first recorded appearance of the Robber Barons was in Γ-7382, year 5720 EV, in which the Barons manifested as a small restaurant which did not sell food2. From Γ-7382, the Barons slowly infected further universes with no known pattern, with the sole exception that expansion takes between 500-2000 years.

In all known incarnations, the Robber Barons appear as a twisted and corrupted amalgamation of recent successful businesses and organizations3. The Barons are tended to and managed by Foremen, who are equally a corrupted amalgamation of business magnates and managers. In every incarnation of its form, the Barons hire their workers from the local populace with promises of their needs being taken care of by the company.

Her workers are abandoned after they submit to the Barons, and are left to be torn apart by the rusted contraptions without intervention from their superiors. In its present form, the Barons rely on outside sources for raw materials which are assembled by man and machine alike on conveyor belts.

"Recovered subjects displayed no physical anomalies, though both physical and mental health showed signs of significant bodily damage of non-anomalous origin, primarily occurring through smoke inhalation and physical trauma sustained via the Factory's various machines. Subjects are kept in the Site-32 hospital." —Medical journal of Heather Michael, SCP Foundation

1: As inferred from texts concerning universes Γ-7382 through Σ-0214.
2: More information concerning the Factory's recorded origins can be found in Aunt Sherira's Diner, A History.
3: Collected from Business Ventures in Tenth-Dimensional Space; A Documentary of the Industrial Revolution.

Business Associate 29A83/C56ZT/943ML
Associate Type: Supplier (Goods)
Known Locations Language(s) Comments
Liverpool, England British English Primary associate with MC&D due to location, requires care with all interactions to preserve potential business ventures.
Tokyo, Japan Japanese Current management has installed a dedicated wing for drafting and designing anomalous items for mass-production. Attempts to infiltrate this area have insofar been unsuccessful.
Massachusetts, USA American English Largely defunct following the events of November 13, 1915. Recently resumed operation, along with at least five other locations.
Ohio, USA American English Locations in Ohio disproportionately focus on the packaging and shipping of items.
Longyan, PRC Simplified Chinese Current Primary supplier of 24C5R/ED648/763NV "Glittering Salmon".
Production Items are manufactured via an alchemic molecular printer, which is fueled primarily through the dismembered limbs of workers.
Employees Workers have been known to autonomously add prosthetic replacements to replace lost body parts.
Planned Ventures Modified 24C5R/ED648/763NV "Glittering Salmon" items will be sold to the workers of the Factory for the purposes of reducing pain caused by injuries sustained during employment.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
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