Extranormal Event Report 17-6186

Extranormal Event Report 17-6186

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Phenomena Containment Class: Keter Neutralized/Provisional Keter1
Phenomena Typology and Sub-Typology: Transient; Manifested Object; Keter-CH2; Hume differential: 7.6 Hm3; ARAD Intensity: 8.6 kCa4; Hue: Green; Pitch: Double-Sharp; Weave: Loose; Manifested5; Metanarrative Effect: Dirty6
Responding Personnel: Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings"), Foundation Disinformation Department Assets based out of Site-17

Date of Occurrence:


Location of Event:

StellaCo Cosmetics Incorporated Research Facility, Rochester, New York

Phenomena Description:

Phenomena 17-6186 consisted of a cast-iron anvil weighing initially 180 kg, which dropped on a commercial cosmetics laboratory on 12/14/2017 at approximately 11:40 PM. The object struck the facility with enough force to penetrate the roof and two floors. It should be noted that said laboratory had been the subject of several recent protests from animal rights groups regarding their use of rabbits as test subjects. There were no casualties, but there was some mostly cosmetic damage done to the facility. Upon recovery, the object displayed heavy, rapid degradation.

Phenomena Origin:

The origin of Phenomena 17-6186 is currently unknown. The following hypothesis have been put forward by Site 17 Threat Assessment Staff:

  • Hume and ARAD scans indicate that the phenomena was ESSOKINETIC in nature (VERY HIGH CONFIDENCE). The Hume differential and Aspect Radiation intensity indicate that the origin of the anomaly was a CLASS-III Essokinetic at least (HIGH CONFIDENCE)
  • The fact that the manifested item was of a human artifact of use in metallurgy and often used in popular culture indicates that the originator of the anomaly is likely SAPIENT (HIGH CONFIDENCE) and HUMANOID (MEDIUM TO HIGH CONFIDENCE).
  • Given the nature of the facility targeted, and the method with which it was targeted (popular culture, specifically the classic American cartoon 'Loony Toons,' provides a link between rabbits and anvils, which may be a factor), the motivations of the originator of the anomaly is likely POLITICAL (MEDIUM TO HIGH CONFIDENCE) and/or HUMOROUS (MEDIUM CONFIDENCE). No known anomalous individual or organization has yet claimed responsibility for the phenomena.

Phenomena Containment/Suppression:

Manifested object was reported by a security guard on staff at the facility, who called the local police, describing an object falling from the sky and leaving holes in the ceiling and floor of the facility. The phrase 'Something fell from the sky' was flagged by a Foundation LAI (Limited Artificial Intelligence) which had been included in recently produced software marketed to Emergency Services. Site 17, being the closest Foundation facility with information suppression personnel on call, responded. The object was recovered, and a cover story of an unlicensed private aircraft flying in restricted space and accidentally dropping part of its landing gear was disseminated.

Phenomena Testing:

The manifested object was already displaying degradation upon recovery. As the artifacts Hume field normalized with the local brane and its Aspect Radiation dissipated, it rapidly lost density; it is believed that the matter, created via fiat Ex Nihilo, was dispersed locally via virtual particles or extradimensionally. In addition, it displayed exaggerated, aggressive oxidation. Given this rapid degeneration, there was little time for extended testing. Raman spectography indicated that the object was cast iron, and that its chemical composition, and that of the oxidation effecting it, was non-anomalous.

The rate of density loss was determined to be accelerating geometrically, and it was decided that an experiment to determine the effect of a reality destabilization device on an essokinetically manifested object would take place. The object was exposed to the event horizon of a Scranton Reality Anchor. The portion of the artifact which passed through the field of effect vanished with no perceptible release of radiation or chemical reaction. The intersecting Hume fields accelerated the decay of the portion of the object which was not exposed; it collapsed into rust immediately, and within forty seconds had vanished completely.

The damage to the facility was analyzed, and it was determined that the object had been falling at approximately 114 m/s when it struck, which would be close to terminal velocity at its assumed initial mass. It is unknown whether the object manifested with velocity, or fell until it achieved terminal velocity.

Notes, Suggested Actions, or Best Practices:

As noted, scans of the object prior to its disintegration indicate a Class-III Essokinetic, likely a humanoid, which would constitute a major threat. It is suggested that all police reports and footage of the local protests against the effected facility be reviewed, on the assumption that the originator of the anomaly would have been present.

It is also suggested that sources in the local anomalous art community and any detained members of GOI-5869 be interrogated to determine whether any members of either the online anomalous protest/humor group 'Gamers Against Weed' or the Anart collective 'Are We Cool Yet' have any members with abilities and motivations that would indicate involvement.

Assuming the originator of the anomaly is identified, it is suggested that a Class-IV Scranton Reality Anchor (perhaps mounted on a truck) be utilized during its recovery, to prevent further manifestations like Phenomena 17-6186. It is also suggested that, given the originators controlled and hazardous use of its abilities, it be designated a Keter-class SCP object upon recovery.

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