Extended SCP-420-J Experiment Log
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Yeah, so, remember a while back when me and M████, we got hold of that excellent ████, and we were like, whoa, holy ████, that is excellent, and then we shared some of the ████ we had? Well, M████'s like, dude, we should do that again, and I'm like, yeah, man, we totally should, and so we did.

Test One

Hey man, you already used that one in the last thing! —Dr. M████

Oh yeah. Hold on, lemme count…. —Dr. C████

Test One Test A Billion

What the… man, you can't count that high! Fix that ████! —Dr. M████

Test One Test A Billion

Hey man, I gave some of this ████ to that dude with the arm. —Dr. M████

Did he like it, man? —Dr. C████

I think so, man, he gave me a thumb's up. —Dr. M████

Transcript SCP-1193-2-WDY-4:

<Begin Recording, 04/01/2016, 10:26 AM>

Dr. Ernest: Hello, who is calling please?
SCP-1193-01: Duuuuude!
Dr. Ernest: I'm sorry?
SCP-1193-01: Oh my god, man, it's just… duuuuuude!
Dr. Ernest: I'm sorry, I don't understand. What are you talking about?
SCP-1193-01: Dude, this ████ is excellent, man!
Dr. Ernest: What's, um, this ████ you're talking about?
SCP-1193-01: Oh, ████, sorry man, gotta go, Dave's here.

<End Recording>

Test B

I gave some of this ████ to those hot catgirl chicks, man! —Dr. C████

I told you, man, quit tryin' to get laid with that ████! Besides, man, they can totally kick your ass all the way back to LA! —Dr. M████

I know, man, they totally did. Totally worth it, though, man. These chicks really know how to get spaced out! —Dr. C████

Test C

What if we give some of this ████ to that dude who doesn't like anybody? Maybe it'll mellow him out some. —Dr. M████


Dude, that ████ worked! —Dr. C████

Test D

Hey man, what happened when you gave that ████ to that basketball game? —Dr. M████

Oh wow, man, it turned into a Dead show! —Dr. C████

Aw, ████ yeah, man, was Jerry there? —Dr. M████

Yeah, man, he looked pretty good too, for, you know, bein' dead and all. —Dr. C████

Test E

Hey man, let's give some of this ████ to that weird clown guy. —Dr. C████

I dunno, man, clowns are some scary ████. —Dr. M████

Don't worry, man, it'll be cool. —Dr. C████

Incident CN-0993-Q: On 04/08/16, a new episode of "Bobble the Clown" was intercepted.
Episode Name: "Bobble Gets Baked"
Episode Description: The episode begins with Bobble the Clown sitting on a couch smoking a comically-oversized marijuana cigarette. Instead of the typical clown outfit, Bobble is wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt, a gray hoodie, and pajama bottoms decorated with marijuana leaves. The rest of Bobble's costume— hat, wig, makeup, nose, gloves, and shoes— are as typical. The episode is divided into three segments: "How To Roll the Perfect Doobie", "How To Make a Bong Out of Found Materials", and "How To Take Over the Regional Black Market Drug Trade With Ruthless Efficiency". The last segment is by far the longest, and ends with a six-plus-minute montage of Bobble the Clown gunning down drug rivals using a wide variety of powerful firearms.

I told you clowns are scary as ████! —Dr. M████

Yeah, man, totally. But that clown knows his ████. —Dr. C████

Test F

Man, I tried to give some of this ████ to that old dude who keeps gettin' cut up, but he just said No. —Dr. M████

Test G

Hey man, we should give some of this ████ to that guy… oh what's his name…? Oh yeah, Spanky! —Dr. M████

Incident DK-2337-48L: On 04/17/16, at 23:35, an excessive auditory event occurred in Interview Room 19 at Site-17. Sound pressure measurements estimate loudness in excess of 120 dB within ten meters of Interview Room 19, setting off seismic detectors around the site. Witnesses describe the sound as "like a hacking cough, except cacking".

Dude. Cack, man. Just… cack. —Dr. M████

Whoa. That's some deep ████, man. —Dr. C████

Test H

Yeah man, so I was looking for a place to light up, without any people around, so I went out on this staircase, and it looked all right, quiet, no one around… but then all this freaky ████ started happenin', and I got out of there, man, but I must have dropped my joint back there somewhere. I just lost my ████, man. —Dr. C████

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