Exquisite Corpse Contest


Congratulations to Popsioak does not match any existing user name and DyslexionDyslexion for their winning entry: SCP-5250 - "Act I: The Lake South, The Deer North" !

And of course, a huge thank-you to everyone who participated, from those who submitted containment procedures to all the pinch-hitters who contributed!

Click here to see the list of containment procedure assignments!

The left column is who wrote the conprocs, and the right column is who got them. Names in yellow are pinch-hitters!

The Entries

SCP-5387 by Hover cat
SCP-2023-EX by Ethagon
SCP-5077 by TyGently
SCP-5275 by Brewsterion 1017
SCP-5827 by KaraKatt
SCP-5447 by Doctor Fullham
SCP-5089 by Bard Bard
SCP-5717 by MaliceAforethought
SCP-5068 by caspian2
SCP-5955 by Mew-ltiverse
SCP-5177 by Petrograd
SCP-5203 by Elunerazim
SCP-5465 by christoffel
SCP-5474 by r0se
SCP-5670 by Sinagsikap
SCP-5081 by Attila the Pun
SCP-5054 by notgull
SCP-5628 by (user deleted)
SCP-5063 by Sebarus
SCP-5947 by UraniumEmpire
SCP-4724 by Anorrack
SCP-5050-EX by weizhong
SCP-5875 by Zzuxon
SCP-4764 by MalyceGraves
SCP-5280 by stormbreath
SCP-5082 by ItsDenali
SCP-5067 by AbsentmindedNihilist
SCP-5712 by Greyve
SCP-5154 by TheMightyMcB
SCP-5785 by Sonderance
SCP-5036 by spikebrennan
SCP-4563 by Penguin6
SCP-5898 by Its a Bad Idea
SCP-5096 by DianaBerry
SCP-5716 by Cerastes
SCP-5993 by Deadly Bread
SCP-5270 by GerrymanderBassist
SCP-5250 by (user deleted)
SCP-5545 by Yossipossi

The Contest

According to Wikipedia, an exquisite corpse “is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule… or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed.” In this case, we’re challenging you to write an exquisite SCorPse: you will enter an Object Class, then write Containment Procedures for someone else’s Object Class, and then write a Description for someone else’s Object Class bolted to yet someone else’s Containment Procedures.
And you won’t know what you’re getting until you get it.

The Rules

Phase 0

Phase 1

Phase 2

In summary:

  • To enter the contest, post in the discussion page with an object class. Safe, Euclid, Keter, Thaumiel, Explained, Neutralized only.
  • In about two weeks, you'll get someone's object class. You'll have two weeks to write containment procedures for it, which you will submit to A Random DayA Random Day or ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor directly via Wikidot PM.
  • After all the containment procedures are submitted, you'll get someone's object class and someone else's containment procedures. You'll have three weeks to write a description for that and post it on the site as an article.
  • You may still post an article with your assigned containment procedures after the posting period closes, but they will not be considered contest entries.

Important Dates (all times in EDT):

Again, if at any time you feel unable to finish your submission before the deadline, please let the contest runners know ASAP so they can arrange a substitute for your would-be coauthor!

  • May 1: Contest is announced! Enter at your leisure!
  • May 11, 11:59 PM: Contest entry is closed! Past this point you will be considered a pinch hitter.
  • May 14: Contest entrants will receive their object class and begin writing containment procedures for it!
  • May 28, 11:59 PM: Submission of containment procedures closes! Contest organizers will begin assigning people to an object class & containment procedures!
  • May 31: Contest entrants will receive their object class & containment procedures and can begin writing! Posting of entries will ONLY begin the next day.
  • June 1, 12:01 AM: Posting of entries begins! The voting period also begins at this time!
  • June 21, 11:59 PM: Posting of entries ends! However, pinch-hitters will have until the end of the voting period (June 28, 11:59 PM) to post!
  • June 28, 11:59 PM: Voting period ends! Pinch-hitters may no loner post their articles as contest entries (but may still post)!
  • June 29: Winners are announced and contest ends!

Upon posting your entry, tag it with “co-authored” and “exquisite-corpse2020” (mind the spelling!). The winner will be determined by total upvotes. The first prize winners will each receive an article of their choice to be posted on the front page.

If you have any further questions, please PM either A Random DayA Random Day or ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor!

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