Exploration Log Record 455 3
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Central Record Notation: Following document contains the whole and entirety of Exploration Log Record 455 – 3. Omissions are as follows:

  • Key Names, as detailed in CR Law 18813D – subsection 4
  • Key Dates, as detailed in CR Law 18817E – subsection 5-8
  • O5 Level Discretionary Omissions, as detailed in CR Law 137A

Requests for omitted data may be remanded to Central Records for address during quarterly review hearings. Emergency recall may be granted on direct approval from three O5 Command members.

Exploration team personnel consists of three M.T.F. Zeta-9 members (Mr. A, Mr. R, and Ms. S), two Agents (Mr. G, and Sir K), and one Class D subject (D-11). Team is equipped with basic Foundation equipment package for semi-aquatic/hostile environment exploration, in addition to the Mark-5 Heavy Recon (Nautilus Class) suits issued to Zeta-9 team members. Two Mobile Recon Vehicles (commonly called “Marvs”) are also issued.

Mission time begins at 0800 hours on ██/██/████. Marv 1 malfunctions during initial transfer of team from observation platform to SCP-455 and is recalled. Marv 2 continues normal operation, and remains in the water as the team climbs to the deck of SCP-455

G: “Holy hell…how is this heap even staying afloat?”

A: “It's not floating, it's grounded out… this is just the part that sticks up.”

G: “Is it even safe to walk on? What if it gives way?”

S: “Oh, relax, big boy… you've been on-deck for over thirty seconds, you already beat the last team's time!”

<Radio silence for ten seconds. Team proceeds to the “cabin” area near the center section of SCP-455, with Marv 2 following at sea level.>

D-11: “Oh no, hell no, not a chance. You can shoot my happy ass, but I am NOT going down there.”

K: “It's not a request. Walk, or be strapped to the Marv and floated. Your choice.”

D-11: “…what a bullshit way to make parole…”

A: “Okay kiddos, masks on. Rats, canned air from here out. R, is your seal still good? Let me check…good. G, get those tanks on D-11…”

<Team proceeds down the main stairwell of the cabin area. Area below is mostly flooded. Marv 2 joins team via a large puncture below the waterline.>

A: “Nothing weird yet…We have a small chamber, with halls off to left and right. Marv 2 appears to be working fine…Hi guys!”

S: “I say left…Left keeps us in the ship proper…right seems to be snaking off outside physical dimensions…”

K: “We go right. We are under advisement to explore the extra-dimensional segments for possible details.”

S: “No, we go left. Right will take us down the rabbit hole of screwed much, much too fast.”

K: “This is not a discussion.”

S: “Listen asshole, I-”

D-11: “The fuck is-”

A: “S, let it go, it's not-”

K: “I will-”

D-11: “-touching my foo-”

R: “Guys-”

<Sudden burst of radio static, along with several inarticulate voices and the sound of grinding metal. Continues for eight seconds.>

A: “Jesus…”

S: “Did we just…rock?”

G: “A, is there any record of movement in 455?”

A: “Not one. Guys, can you still see us? Any movement from 455?”

<Base team reports zero movement of any kind from or around SCP-455>

K: “…where is the Class D?”

<Several seconds of radio silence.>

S: “…I had eyes on him the whole time. He was against this wall…what…”

A: “What is… oh… are you kidding… R, get your pick and get that out of the wall.”

R: “…metal can't do that…it's like it rusted the tooth out right along with it.”

S: “It's like it's been there for ages…”

<Three seconds of radio silence.>

K: “D-11 is now missing, presumed dead or unable to be retrieved. Proceeding down right hallway. Let's move.”

<Team proceeds down hallway, followed by Marv 2. Video data shows hallway slightly tilted to the right, with 80% flooding. Team is equipped with wet suits and air tanks. All equipment appears to be working normally.>

A: “… Shit… we have contact.”

K: “Let me… oh. Reporting: water appears to end abruptly at the end of the hall. It appears some sort of force is keeping the water out of the next chamber… the division is very precise, and can be crossed without incident. It's like an invisible force…”

S: “Christ… the room's so damn blue… it's really bright, almost looks fresh…”

R: “Dead end, too… looks like we go left after all, bu-”

G: “The hallway's gone!”

A: “The fuck do… shit.”

<Visual contact with team is suddenly lost for two seconds. Once contact is resumed, Marv 2 shows a flooded cargo section of SCP-455. No trace of team is seen anywhere. Marv 2 is unresponsive to controls for twenty two seconds. Marv 2 suddenly accelerates at a much higher velocity than it is capable of, impacting with a rusted wall. Video continues for four seconds after impact. Plant matter observed during the last two seconds of video matches no known species and appears exceptionally hostile. Base team is unable to send transmissions to exploration team.>

K: “The, ah, entry hall is now gone…it appears the door now opens on to a shaft, with several ladders going down. The top of the shaft is in line with the top of the hatch door…there appears to be water leakage from several seams in the roof, with-”

G: “I can't see bottom…I mean at all…that thing goes down a mile-”

K: “With some flaking rust falling as well. The Marv appears to have vanished as well.”

A: “Okay…we go down, and look for the nearest exit point or way up. If we don't find anything in half an hour, I want R and S to start excavation charges on a wall until something opens up.”

R: “Roger the hell out of that…I'll start now if ya like…”

A: “Everyone down the hole…watch your feet, if anything feels weak, skip to the next rung. I want safety lines on every-”

<Several seconds of metallic screeching, along with two bass “throbs”. Contact is lost for four seconds.>



S: “-is my Shepherd, I shall-”


R: “GET OU-”

<Eighteen seconds of radio silence.>

K: “It's in his bloody eye, it's in-”

A: “Help him up, just get him over there.”

S: “-Mary, full of grace, the-”

<Four heavy bass “throbs”, followed by “screeching.” Sound appears to be comprised of many individuals, with many non-human animal and mechanical sounds being isolated.>

A: “-een weeks. I can't find them anymore, the way is too curved. I can't drag-”

<Radio silence for eight seconds.>

K: “The other day, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today, oh how I wish he'd go away.”

G: (laughter for several seconds) “Oh god…make it stop crying…”

<Radio contact lost for twenty minutes. Mission called as “Failure” at 0813 hours. Sporadic contact made over the next two weeks, recorded as follows:>

A: “My foot is evaporating.”


R: (humming tunelessly)

S: “-lly there, it's just a illusion of a fish, it…oh…OH JESUS PL-”

G: (laughter)

K: (twenty seconds of a single sustained scream)

K: “YES!, I JU-”

A: “Home. I want my home, I don't want to feel the rust in me anymore. I w-”

S: (soft crying, barely audible)

G: “-ot it, I shot it, I s-”

A: “-ry up, maybe? We haven't tried up in a few days…”

S: “I'll eat it, but not beca-”

D-11: “It's cold.”

< No radio contact with team reported beyond this point. Radio monitoring is ongoing. Single report, one month after mission end, of Ms. S observed waving from the deck. Report filed by single watch guard and not verified by any other sources.>

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