Exploration Log 3426-UA-13C

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The following log depicts the received camera feed of the exploration of the void regions of post-3426-13, involving the usage of an unmanned drone. This file is limited to personnel level 4 clearance or higher. While neither infohazards nor cognitohazards have yet been detected to be present in this transcription, all personnel viewing this file must undergo a Level 2 Hazardous Meme Scan before proceeding.

In order to further investigate the widespread regions of void present across post-3426-13, the SCPS Sternenlicht, an unmanned exploration vessel, drops out of FTL in the upper atmosphere of post-3426-13. The Sternenlicht simultaneously launches a close-range automated drone (SKF-070) with camera feed connected to the main ship.


<T+00:01:27> The drone enters the lower atmosphere and deploys parachute. Drone registers minor surface damage; later analysis shows that a thin layer of the material surrounding the drone had been transformed into balsa wood. Cause of this event is unknown.

<T+00:04:50> The drone lands on the surface of post-3426-13. Video feed shows that the sky appears to be "phasing" in and out, making formations such as clouds and the sun periodically look transparent. The sky is a pinkish-red color with a dark hue, caused by the low brightness of the red dwarf star, TRAPPIST-1. A number of avian lifeforms appear to be frozen in the sky.

<T+00:05:01> Drone begins movement towards point of target. From its altitude, the camera can see the regional landscape. The area appears to be a coastal grassland plain. Ocean water drifts towards the shoreline in misshapen, angular waves. As the waves break onto the beach, they are suddenly turned into what are apparently perfectly cut diamonds. The diamonds fade away a few seconds after they are deposited on the beach. Camera pans 180 degrees. A number of vaguely humanoid lifeforms are frozen in place along the shore, thin white wisps "evaporating" off of their forms. Debris is strewn about the area, and small fires burn in the distance.

<T+00:05:11> Abruptly, there is a flash on the camera feed that blinds the view momentarily. After a few seconds, the view returns, revealing that the entire sky appears to have lost all color contrast. There is a crackling noise, and the color of the sky returns to normal. Drone begins heading towards target location.

<T+00:14:08> Drone passes over planet's surface for approximately 4 km. Video feed notes the appearance of several more anomalous features. Several structures and buildings appear to be completely "flattened" into the ground, creating two-dimensional images of the structures and their contents on the surface. The drone passes by a number of posters, billboards, and other signage - however, all words and iconography on the signs appear as unreadable black bars. Many of the objects, flora, and fauna on post-3426-13 are warped or disjointed in some way, and some are translucent or nearly transparent.

<T+00:17:35> Drone approaches target. Camera shows a completely dark sphere, completely static, emitting no sound or light. The sphere is roughly estimated to be about a quarter mile in radius. Drone activates several sensors to scan anomaly, including light, sound, sentience, matter scattering and conceptual identity. All sensors return negative.

<T+00:17:59> Drone breaches the barrier of the void.

<T+00:18:36> Camera feed begins to play faint sounds of static. A pristine, non-anomalous planetary landscape is seen; about fifty yards ahead, there is an industrial building with large glass windows and unreadable insignia branded on the front. Drone enters an open door on the first floor of the complex.

<T+00:18:55> Static slightly increases in volume. Drone emerges in a clean, bluish-white office space with a large plastic counter on the far side, decorated with potted plants. A sign is hung on the back of the wall behind the counter. Normally, this sign would be illegible or obscured by sensory bars; however, there are words on the sign, reading "NOTHING IS HERE, LOCK YOURSELF INSIDE".

<T+00:21:40> Drone proceeds down open corridor. To one side, there are large glass windows open to the sky. As the drone continues down the corridor, the windows appear to grow and shrink in dimension. There is a small object at the end of the corridor, which terminates in a dead end. The corridor is not lit well enough for the object to be identified.

<T+00:22:23> Set onto the floor of the corridor is what is evidently a television set. The television has the same shape and dimensions to match a typical CRT television from the late 1970s. As the drone approaches, it turns on.

<T+00:22:31> The drone stops despite the control systems from the Sternenlicht being completely severed. The sound of static on the video feed suddenly increases in volume, nearly drowning out any other noise. The television shows a series of sounds and images, including clips of asteroids floating through space, large networks of massive supercomputers, crowds of people going about their daily activities, the drone itself hovering in front of the television screen, and an endless brightly-lit corridor. These images cycle through each other interspersed with flashes of white light. The cycling becomes faster, and the flashes of light last longer and longer. Faintly visible in the light now are outlines of shapes; amorphous forms that move about the screen. The amorphous forms combine and reform until they create the vague outline of a human head. The human head is looking directly into the drone's camera.

<T+00:24:57> The drone is suddenly propelled forward towards a collision course with the blank wall. The wall appears to fall away and the drone is pushed forward into an empty white space and begins to fall.

<T+00:34:57> After exactly ten minutes of continuous falling, the drone suddenly emerges in the office lobby at the entrance of the building. The lobby is nominally the same in organization, appearance, and features. The sign behind the counter has changed words: it now reads, "GO BACK TO SLEEP GO BACK TO SLEEP GO BACK". Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, the entire sky has acquired a dull red glow.

<T+00:37:09> The camera notes the presence of a new hallway to the other side of the previous hallway that was not present before. As the drone approaches, faint sounds of mechanical operation, such as electrical beeps and running motors, become faintly audible. Just as the drone is about to enter the hallway, the video feed suddenly emits the sound of screaming, and the drone appears again in the center of the office foyer. For approximately two hours, the drone continuously attempts to enter the newly made hallway, with the same events occurring each time.

<T+02:32:32> Over the next two hours, the sun sets and night falls. There is knocking on the windows, but no movement is registered from the outside. The knocking on the windows becomes more and more frantic. From the outside, the stars appear to be blood-red. The drone approaches the hallway, and is this time not impeded. The static in the background swells and crackles, and a faint voice can be made out just underneath the interference. The voice says, "The universe is an infinite staircase, but it is shattered. You will shatter it." The drone proceeds down the hallway.

<T+02:38:15> The hallway is an endless, brightly-lit corridor with no exits or side doors. Fluorescent lights are positioned on the ceiling at regular intervals. After a few minutes of travel, it is impossible to tell how far the drone has moved; the featurelessness of the hallway prevents any kind of relative positioning.

<T+03:50:49> After about one hour of travel, the static slowly begins to quiet, and is replaced with the growing sound of high-pitched wailing coming from thousands of sources.

<T+04:01:50> Dark wisps are emitted from the lamps, swarming together and flowing through the air. The audio is interspersed with intense high-frequency sound; when the sound is emitted, the video feed suddenly pixelates and shows random patterns of vivid colors. This pattern continues for a little less than two days.

<T+51:37:04> A subtle change is now added to this pattern of data. Every time a pixelation event occurs, one of the pixels in the camera remains "dead," sticking to the camera screen. Over time, the dead pixels fill the entire camera view.

<T+78:23:30> The video feed has now been completely obscured by a variety of dead pixels. The sound of screaming has reached approximately 150 Db, intense enough to cause rupturing of the eardrums. Shapes appear to form in the dead pixels, as if the pixels were moving through a field or an outline of static. The hallway's shape is vaguely visible in the static as the drone continues to move through it, but now visible are hundreds of distorted human figures that stand still in the hallway, extending indefinitely through the corridor. Their faces are featureless except for eyes and a mouth.

<T+78:25:41> The high-frequency pitches cease. The audio feed is now completely silent.

<T+78:25:48> The swarm of humanoid faces all simultaneously turn towards the drone's camera. The figures disintegrate into black minute particles. The pixelation effect on the camera clears. The lights in the hallway all go out, leaving the drone in complete darkness.

<T+78:25:53> The drone activates its searchlight and shines it into the hallway. The hallway begins to spin and reflect in on itself. Different sections of the hallway seem to cross over each other, rotate, and reverse until it creates a kaleidoscope-like pattern in place of the original corridor. The hallway splits in half repeatedly into sections separated by cracks of blinding white light. The hallway then appears to unravel and coil itself around the probe until it has no room left to move. The cracks in the hallway expand and the light spilling out of it grows brighter.

<T+78:26:36> The camera view switches abruptly to a continuous white field.

<T+84:11:47> Nearly six hours later, change is detected in camera view. The white field begins to gradually fade into total blackness. As this occurs, systems on the drone progressively shut down in sequence, and the probe begins to lose capabilities.

<T+84:14:21> The drone shakes violently as its processing systems completely fail. A dark red flash is briefly seen permeating the camera's view before the feed cuts out.


Addendum: The transcription of this camera feed is based on general consensus from a variety of viewers of the drone's camera recordings. The accuracy or reality of this transcription is currently not known. Re-recordings or attempts at computer analysis of this exploration log indicate that all reception ends past timestamp T+00:17:59; past this point, the recording apparently consists entirely of static.

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