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Site-19 Facility 23 Dossier

Basic Information

Founded: 12 December 1988

Location: [REDACTED], USA

Cover Story: [REDACTED] government warehouse

Function: SCP-914 containment and research, Anomalous Item containment

Size: Area of 0.025 square kilometers


  • Facility Director: Dr. Arthur Hackett
  • Director of Research: Dr. Lucius Veritas
  • Director of Containment: Dr. Marisa Norwood
  • Security Chief: Agent Alan Sedna
  • Administrative Personnel: 18
  • Maintenance Personnel: 21
  • Research Personnel: 47
  • D-Class Personnel: 25
  • Other: 4

Facility Plan


Facility Layout (Click to Enlarge)

Additional Information

Site-19 Facility 23, located in [REDACTED], is a facility built specifically to contain SCP-914 and its anomalous products. It is part of the larger Site-19 administration.

Facility 23 was originally built in 1988 as an isolated containment facility for multiple large anomalous items. Following Anomalous Item A██████’s reclassification as SCP-914 in 2008, it was moved into Facility 23 and the facility was converted into a research establishment for the purpose of SCP-914 research. Dr. Charles Gears, former Director of Euclid-level containment at Site-19, was transferred to Facility 23 to oversee its research. Testing of SCP-914 began on September 9th of that year.

During April 2017, Facility 23 was expanded and partly rebuilt to accomodate the increasing number of researchers, and the large amount of testing products accumulated over the years. Dr. Arthur Hackett and Dr. Lucius Veritas were transferred to Facility 23 to replace Director Charles Gears, as Director of Administration and Research, respectively.

As of 15 Jul 2024 06:26, Facility 23 has conducted over ████ individual tests on SCP-914. A log of all tests that have been conducted can be accessed below.


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