Experiment Log 876
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Experiment Log 876-A-1

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: D-class personnel instructed to swallow one pill from SCP-876-1 (hydrogen), followed by one from SCP-876-2 (helium).
Results: Instant explosive decompression, spreading mass amounts of dust. No organic material discovered in the debris, but small amounts of graphite and [REDACTED] found.

Experiment Log 876-A-2

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: D-class personnel instructed to swallow one pill from SCP-876-2 (helium), followed by one from SCP-876-1 (hydrogen).
Results: No effect.

Experiment Log 876-A-3

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: D-class personnel instructed to swallow one pill from SCP-876-18 (argon), followed by one from SCP-876-1 (hydrogen).
Results: Subject lapsed into a coughing fit. Hydrogen content of surrounding air found to be increased post-experiment.
Notes: It apparently treats the contents of the victim's lungs as part of the body. -Dr. ████

Experiment Log 876-A-4

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: D-class personnel instructed to swallow a small, steel ball bearing. Following that, D-class was instructed to swallow one pill from SCP-876-26 (iron), followed by one from SCP-876-79 (gold).
Results: Subject immediately collapsed and expired, as expected. Dissection of the stomach revealed the steel ball to have converted into a gold-colored ball.
Notes: This also works for the stomach contents. -Dr. ████

Experiment Log 876-A-5

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure 1: D-class personnel anesthetized and the stomach cut open. One SCP-876-1 pill (hydrogen) added to the stomach and observed.
Result 1: The pill did not dissolve in stomach acids.
Procedure 2: Robotic arm used to lift SCP-876-2 (helium) pill and insert it into D-class's stomach. High-speed camera used for observation.
Result 2: Both pills disappeared approximately 0.01 seconds before conversion and the resulting explosive decompression.

Experiment Log 876-A-6

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: Pill extracted from SCP-876-1 (hydrogen), then bisected with a laser.
Results: Small puff of yellow flames, signaling a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

Experiment Log 876-A-7

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: Pill extracted from SCP-876-92 (uranium), then bisected with a laser.
Results: Geiger counter detected no amount of uranium in the pill.
Notes: Why does it only do this for radioactive elements? Look into it. -Dr. ████

Experiment Log 876-A-8
Procedure: One half of pill used in experiment 876-A-6 welded to one half of pill used in 876-A-7. Resulting capsule is similar in appearance to pills from SCP-876-█ and SCP-876-██. D-class personnel instructed to swallow the gold ball from 876-A-4, followed by a capsule from SCP-876-79 (gold) and then the new pill.
Results: D-class doubled over in pain and promptly fell unconscious. Geiger counters detected a concentrated source of radioactivity inside D-class, suggesting [DATA EXPUNGED]
Notes: That's certainly interesting. The mechanisms must be slightly different. -Dr. ████

Experiment Log 876-A-9
Procedure: One pill from SCP-876-40 (zirconium) and one from SCP-876-80 (mercury) placed side-by-side, colors aligned. Capsules are visually identical, colors █████ and ██████. Both pills placed under a microscope.
Results: Despite extensive analysis, no difference between the pills could be visually determined. Identities of pills were not recorded, so it is not known which corresponds to which element See Experiment Log 876-A-10.
Notes: Pay attention to which one is which next time. -Dr. ████

Experiment Log 876-A-10
Procedure 1: Unidentified pills from Experiment 876-A-9 were weighed.
Result 1: Significant discrepancy in mass. This is attributed to a difference in density of the contents.
Procedure 2: Mercury-zirconium amalgam administered to D-class. Heavier pill administered, followed by lighter pill. D-class then sedated and stomach dissected to retrieve amalgam.
Result 2: Amalgam changed into a lump of zirconium.

Experiment Log 876-A-11
Procedure: One pill each from SCP-876-71 (lutetium), SCP-876-75 (rhenium), SCP-876-37 (rubidium), SCP-876-57 (lanthanum), SCP-876-62 (samarium), SCP-876-78 (platinum), SCP-876-64 (gadolinium), SCP-876-49 (indium), SCP-876-72 (hafnium), SCP-876-76 (osmium), SCP-876-60 (neodymium), SCP-876-48 (cadmium), and SCP-876-23 (vanadium) are extracted and bisected with a laser.
Result: The samples of lutetium, rhenium, rubidium and lanthanum are pure Lu-175, Re-185, Rb-85, and La-139. The platinum sample showed no Pt-190, and the samarium sample showed no Sm-147 but contains the less radioactive Sm-148, as well as other naturally occurring isotopes. All other samples are consistent with terrestrial composition.
Notes: Apparently there is an upper limit to which the pills define an isotope to be radioactive (currently estimated to be 1013 years). -Dr. ████

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