Experiment Log 826
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Experiment logs are requested to be written in the following format:

**Head Researcher:**


**Addendum: (Optional)**

Head Researcher: Dr. ██████
Subject: Agent ██████
Book: Little House on the Prairie
Equipment: One (1) GPS locator, one (1) two-way radio, one (1) canteen filled with water, one (1) watch, one (1) 9mm semi-automatic with extra cartridges.

Results: Upon entry into the affected area, all communications and transmissions immediately ceased. After a period of 5 minutes, Agent ██████ emerged from the door unharmed. Agent ██████ was dropped in the middle of a prairie with a "green smudge" off to the west (presumably the Verdigris River of the book). Agent walked towards the river for approximately an hour, before coming across an individual claiming to be Charles Ingalls, who invited him for dinner. Agent accompanied Ingalls back to his home, a log cabin in the prairie, where he met the rest of his family and discovered SCP-826 sitting on the mantlepiece. When Agent pointed out SCP-826 to the family, they claimed SCP-826 was not there before, but did not appear concerned about its presence. Agent then ate dinner with the family, and afterwards asked if he could take the SCP-contained book with him. The family allowed him to take the book. Agent proceeded to remove the book from SCP-826, and exit through the cabin door into the research team's room. Display time on watch is consistent with Agent ██████'s report that he had spent several hours in the setting.

Addendum: Examination of the affected copy of the book reveals an additional paragraph in the book's mid-section describing Agent ██████'s visit, in language consistent with Laura Ingalls Wilder's style. No mention is made, however, of SCP-826; Agent is simply described as having dinner and leaving. The textual deviation is unique to the affected copy of the book.

Subject: Agent █████████
Movie: The Shining (DVD)
Equipment: One (1) GPS locator, one (1) two-way radio, one (1) canteen filled with water, one (1) watch, one (1) 9mm semi-automatic with extra cartridges, one (1) video camera attached to Agent's hat
Results: After Agent █████████ entered SCP-containing room, GPS and radio proceeded to malfunction as in previous experiment. After roughly 30 seconds, Agent █████████ exited the room, and gave video camera to research team. Tape was playable and contained the following footage.

Agent █████████ enters into a hotel room from what appeared to be a closet and, after exploring the room and confirming she could not exit through the closet, leaves the room. Agent continues down hallway and eventually arrives in hotel lobby. Agent explores behind front desk and enters hotel manager's office, where SCP-826 sits on shelf beside hotel ledgers. Agent removes DVD from SCP-826 and exits through office door into research room.

Addendum: Examination of DVD copy revealed no major plot deviations, most likely due to the fact Agent did not interact with any of the characters. Experiment demonstrates that SCP-826 can work on DVDs as well as books.

Subject: Agent █████████
Book: The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy, a collection of short stories
Equipment: One (1) canteen filled with water, one (1) watch, one (1) 9mm semi-automatic with extra cartridges, one (1) video camera attached to Agent's headset (note: use of GPS locator and two-way radio discontinued, due to their uselessness in previous tests)
Results: Agent █████████ returned after seven minutes, having experienced and recorded just over nine hours. Examination of the recorded footage reveals that the Agent experienced a portion of the short story "The Eye of Tandyla," and was forced to defend himself from temple guards, killing two. This caused the alarm to be raised, and though Agent █████████ was able to retrieve the book from a temple library and escape, the protagonists were apparently caught and executed. The altered copy of the book now reflects this change, although the cause of the alarm is not mentioned, with other stories remaining unaltered. It should also be noted that the book now contains seven fewer pages than a standard, unaltered copy.

Dr. ██████ requests that further experiments be performed with books of short stories, to determine whether the entire book will be experienced, or just a single story, if the book is not recovered from SCP-826 before the story's end.

Head Researcher: Dr. Edison
Subject: Agent █████████
Book: "The Sword That Shoots Laser Beams When You Swing It", a 3-page short story written by Dr. Edison. The story consists of a poetic description of a sword that shoots laser beams when swung. The story states it stands on a pedestal as thousands of years pass uneventfully.
Equipment: One (1) canteen filled with water, one (1) watch, one (1) video camera attached to Agent's headset.

Results: Subject is instructed to retrieve the aforementioned sword, test its "magical" properties, and then bring it out. Subject enters door, and returns five minutes later with the original story, and sword. Testing proved that sword, when swung in an arc greater than 45 degrees, emits a beam of radiation consistent with the output of a CO2 laser. Sword has since been assigned to Dr. Edison for further study to determine energy source, laser medium, and optical resonators.

Video logs show that the sword in question matched textual descriptions (including the ability to shoot "Laser Beams"), and that Agent █████████ did indeed bring the sword with him. The story itself remains unchanged, except for a paragraph about a man matching Agent █████████'s description stealing the sword and taking it to "Parts Unknown". Sword has been dubbed SCP-826-1.

Addendum: Scientific testing has proven inconclusive. Molecular analysis shows that SCP-826-1 has a molecular structure consistent with laser printer paper (the medium original story was printed on), yet behaves like high-grade steel in all other respects. The "Laser Beam", on the other hand, acts like a CO2 laser in all respects but speed, which is clocked at a mere 60 km/h, far slower than conventional lasers. Attempts to collect this energy have proven futile, as energy dissipates within █.██ seconds regardless of hitting a target.

Of further note, Agent █████████ has come under the delusion that he is a man named "Galthor" from the kingdom of "Zolgorn". Agent █████████ has insisted on the return of SCP-826-1 to his homeland, and to be released from whatever "foul sorcery" he has been placed under. All attempts at treatment have proven futile. Dr. Edison requests that all further testing with SCP-826 is to be done by D-Class subjects.

Addendum 2: At precisely ██:██:██ on ██/██/██ (exactly 72 hours from Agent █████████'s last trip into SCP-826), Agent █████████ and SCP-826-1 simultaneously disappeared. No trace has been found of the two, and Agent █████████'s existence has been stripped from all Foundation records, including backup copies. The story used in the test in all aspects identical, barring a mention that the man's name was "Galthor". Once again, Dr. Edison suggests that further testing of SCP-826 is to be done by D-Class subjects.

Subject: D-826-01
Book: "The Sword That Shoots Laser Beams When You Swing It", a 3-page short story written by Dr. Edison. Same copy that resulted from previous test, alterations and all.
Equipment: One (1) canteen filled with water, one (1) watch, one (1) video camera attached to Subject's headset, one (1) Police issue X26 Taser (loaded).

Results: Subject is asked to retrieve Agent █████████. Subject does not return after five minutes. Agent C██████ enters SCP-826 and retrieves the story without incident. Story now has additional details on a "man in strange garb" trying to stop Agent █████████ with a "magic weapon hereby unknown to man", which matches a description of X26 Police Tazer. Story then describes Agent █████████ injuring D-826-01 with SCP-826-01 before "locking him in the foulest of dungeons in Castle Hyleth". Recovered footage confirms incident.

Subject: D-826-02, D-826-03, D-826-04, D-826-05, D-826-06, and D-826-07, all of whom have military training.
Book: "The Sword That Shoots Laser Beams When You Swing It", a 3-page short story written by Dr. Edison. Same copy that resulted from previous test.
Equipment: Six (6) canteens filled with water, six (6) watches, six (6) video cameras attached to Subjects' headsets, six (6) Police issue X26 Tasers (loaded).

Results: Subjects given successfully apprehend Agent █████████ and D-826-01, leaving SCP-826-01 behind. Story acknowledges all changes, describing "six rogues" who "clamored to avenge the blood of their fallen brother" capturing Agent █████████.

Addendum: Agent █████████ still experiencing pathological delusions, and remains convinced that he is a Knight named "Galthor". Likewise, D-826-01 claims to be a "Blood Wizard" named "Rohthmorn", seeking to claim SCP-826-01 to himself. D-826-01's X26 taser has turned into a "Magic Staff" capable of shooting "Lightning", and is hypothesized to have physical properties similar to SCP-826-01. Item has been labeled SCP-826-02, and has been sent to Site ██ for further testing. Also, Subjects D-826-02, D-826-03, D-826-04, D-826-05, D-826-06, and D-826-07 are now claiming to be "Knights of the Throne" sent to aid "Galthor".

Addendum 2: As in the previous experiment, Agent █████████, Subjects D-826-02, D-826-03, D-826-04, D-826-05, D-826-06, and D-826-07, and SCP-826-02 disappeared at ██:██:██ on ██/██/██ (again, exactly 72 hours from exiting SCP-826). Story now says that "Galthor" was indeed accompanied by 6 "Knights of the Throne", who were armed with "Arcane Weapons" given to them by the good wizard "Edisongrad". All researchers that had been handling SCP-826-02 or SCP-826 are accounted for. Further monitoring of researchers handling objects from SCP-826 is recommended.

Okay, seriously: How did that thing know my name? I'm sure I didn't tell it to either of the agents, and I'm damn sure that I didn't tell any of the subjects. I know this turns up so much in our line of work that it's kind of cliché, but I think the thing might just be sentient… — Dr. Edison

Head Researcher: Dr. Aaron Torres
Subject: D-87631
Material: A copy of "A Game of Thrones" by George R.R Martin.
Equipment: One (1) Military-grade sabre

Results: The purpose of the test was to determine how significantly SCP-826 will allow alterations to the main storyline. Test subject was instructed to disembowl the first person it saw in the work. Upon entering, subject found itself in a circular room, alone with the character Lord Eddard Stark, who was unarmed. Subject attempted to stab Stark, but tripped and fell before he could do so. Subject recovered and tried multiple times to approach Stark, but tripped on multiple inconveniently placed objects. Subject eventually managed to stab Stark, but apparently only gave a minor wound. Subject retreated from the room and eventually found the book in a library within the castle.

Upon retrieval, the text itself had not been significantly altered. The only recorded changes to the text were multiple new paragraphs regarding an attempt on Stark's life by "a rather unintelligent and bumbling assassin". Presumedly, SCP-826 will adjust settings and events in minor ways to prevent major changes to the work's core continuity.

Head Researcher: Dr. King
Subject: D-48279
Material: The Odd Couple, by Neil Simon
Equipment: One (1) head mounted camera.

Results: Subject arrived in a landscape consistent with Pioneer-Era America. He encounters a man traveling down a road, matching historical descriptions of Jonathan Chapman, who greets the subject, and continues walking. Subject sees SCP-826 in the branches of a nearby tree, then returns to the testing chamber through a passage in the hollow of said tree. The book originally placed in SCP-826 is found to have been replaced with a modified copy of "Johnny Appleseed" by Rosemary Carr Benét.

Head Researcher: Dr. Praetorious
Subject: D-21094
Material: Death by the Book, by Julianna Deering
Equipment: One (1) canteen filled with water, one (1) watch, one (1) video camera attached to Test Subject's headset

Results: Upon entering, the test subject returned after 15 minutes. After interviewing the subject and reviewing the footage it was discovered that the beginning of the novel was the first location found by the subject, being the murder scene that is investigated by the main characters and sets the stage for the remainder of the book. The characters, being from a 1930’s period piece, reacted inquisitively to the D-class’ alien clothing and behavior, but did not impede the subject’s examination of the surroundings. In fact at one point the investigator, Chief Inspector Birdsong, interpreted the orange jumpsuit worn by the subject as meaning they were from the coroner’s office, and encouraged them to wait nearby until he was finished examining the crime scene.

It was at this time that video showed the murder weapon used in the crime and sitting next to the body, originally written as a marble bookend shaped like a bust of William Shakespeare, was in fact one half of SCP-826. The novel that had been entered was lying on the floor, roughly half-way between the “murder weapon” and the other half of SCP-826. The test subject immediately retrieved the novel, despite the protests of the characters, and exited the novel before they could react.

Upon examination, the novel now contained an additional character to the first chapter described as an “opportunistic thief” who took advantage of the crime to “pilfer the belongs of the deceased”. Of special note is that the murder weapon was now a “handsome bookend of particular high quality”.

This is the first reported incident of SCP-826 integrating itself into the plot of a novel. It might be an indicator of sentience or merely the narrative taking advantage of the fact that the SCP is identical to an item already in the novel. More testing is suggested.

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