Experiment Log 777 A
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Experiment Log 777 A

SCP-777 (who will be referred to as Blade due to higher authorisation from the O5s, because it is shorter) was politely asked if he would assist with assisting the Foundation in experiments. He answered that he would because he has an enduring respect for the Foundation even though we do not possess the means to force him to do anything. Indeed we could not even monitor him were it not for his cooperation.

It should be again noted that Blade's cooperation is very much appreciated.

Test A-1-S: Blade’s attack shield was tested versus various forms of attack. It was found to redirect both regular damage (damage damage) and empathic mind control memetic damage (happy damage, aka damage to happiness): namely by surviving a 3.4 gigaton nuclear blast and being able to explain, in detail, SCP-055’s nature.

Test L-8-P: Blade proved inedible to SCP-524. Obviously as SCP-524 is especially savage a hard fight was expected but Blade just cut it in two with his Katana. All the researchers present were impressed but Blade was very modest.

Test R-7-O: Blade was asked to spectate a fight between two other subjects. Partway into the match Blade expressed his dismay at the progression of the combat and entered the ring, quickly dispatching both parties. Apologies to the researchers involved for the premature decommissions of SCP-682 and SCP-076.

Test O-7-I: Blade was observed while he ate a baked potato. He remarked on its flavour, and [DATA EXPUNGED]

Test L-K-F: Blade explained that he was bored and he ran to SCP-001 in order to discuss the failures of the Abrahamic religions.

Test X-X-X: Blade’s irresistible attractiveness to members of both sexes was tested. Agent V████ attempted to sleep with Blade despite being happily married. All spectators agreed that Blade was “really so hot, I mean really”.

Test B-F-S: Although this wasn't intended as a test, Blade was observed using SCP-572 to dismember several Ninja Class-D's that the Foundation maintains for just such experimental purposes.

Test F-U-!: When introduced to SCP-056, SCP-056 was deeply respectful, even reverent:

SCP-056: "Oh wow, Darkblade! I'm so happy to meet you! You're so impressive!"

Agent V███ and Deputy C███ both agreed that SCP-056 was utterly sincere. Again, Blade politely and modestly rebuffed the praise because it makes him feel uncomfortable, because his ego is not significant.

Test E-Y-G: SCP-887 was introduced to Blade, and the pair were left alone in the same room for a 14-hour period. The next morning, SCP-887 was found to have covered the room's walls and furnishings with gushing, purple prose regarding "He of the luscious hair and ebon armour" and several pretty pictures of smiling suns on happy meadows.

Test O-M-343: SCP-343 breached containment only to reappear next to Blade, and attempted to initiate a high five. Blade left him hanging, and commented "I don't believe in you.". SCP-343 immediately vanished, and is now listed as decommissioned.

Test WTF-LOL-BBQ: Soundly humiliated SCP-076-2 by pulling a katana from another dimension, then having said katana pull another, smaller katana out of a different dimension.

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