Experiment Log 624
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Note 1: This is a test log of SCP-624 by Site ██ personnel and visiting staff to scope SCP-624's abilities. Please remember that SCP-624 is not a toy and that you must do these tests at your own risk. -Dr. Z████████

Warning: Personnel who do not listen to music, do not like music, or have zero musical influences are not allowed to test SCP-624.

Note 2: I said it before and I'll say it again, SCP-624 is NOT a toy. You may use it for testing, but if you want to hear yourself become a famous musician, go take some music lessons. Our job is to seek out the range of SCP-624's abilities. As of 8/31/16, this test log is for anomalous test results only. To see the control tests, refer to Test Log SCP-624-1. -Dr. D███, Level 4 Security

Instructions for testing SCP-624:

Charge SCP-624 from a computer or 30-pin personal mp3 player charger. An iPod-only 30-pin charger will not work. Hook up a pair of headphones to SCP-624 and power it on. Ear buds, noise cancellation headphones, and speakers will not work. Record your findings in the following format:

Artist Profile:
Music Results:
Subject Comments:

Press the black button twice after playing a song to see the Artist Profile. Report the generated music's style and genre, if it has a genre. Once finished, include a short blurb of your/the subject's experience in the comment section.

Subject: Dr. D███, Level 4 Security. Subject did not profess his favorite music.
Artist Profile: M███ D███ did not invent the fart joke, but he certainly improved on it. Associated with such names as Adam Sandler and Bill Hicks, M███ D███ has been featured on such shows as Saturday Night Live and MadTV for his talents in stand-up and comic song. M███ D███ wrote and directed the 20██ summer flop "[REDACTED] Movie", unanimously rated as the "Worst Movie of All Time".
Music Results: Mostly low-brow stand-up and lewd acoustic guitar songs. Most tracks concern typical family problems, bodily functions, sex, and politics. Subject was visibly angry at the results.
Subject Comments: Not funny…

Note: It seems SCP-624 isn't limited to specific genres of music, but the scope of the listener's imagination. Again, I am to remind all Site ██ personnel that all access to SCP-624 is strictly for experimental purposes only, and that SCP-624 is not to be played in the Site ██ break room… for now… -Dr. Z████████

Note: Dr. Z████████, I think you mean, "is not to be played in the Site ██ break room ever, and under the penalty of demotion if you do." -Dr. D███, Level 4 Security

Subject: Agent E█████. It should be of note that Agent E█████ partook in the original test of SCP-624 and has since gotten into rap music.
Artist Profile: East coast and west coast collide, forming E-Dizzle! E-Dizzle is the first rapper to not only tour with Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, but united the now-duo for their first tour in 2002. E-Dizzle helped discover and produce for rapper Eminem. Much mystery surrounded E-Dizzle's death in 20██, but his legacy still lives on.
Music Results: Music consisted of a strange new form of rap, listed under the genre "Hybrid Coast," mixing west coast funk synths and east coast orchestras. Two hundred and eight (208) of the four hundred and six (406) tracks contain guest rappers, most of whom are rivals or dead in this timeline. Subject initially pleased with results, only to learn the date of his death is the same from the previous test.
Subject Comments: "Seriously, if you guys could just let me take this outside and blast this over my car speakers-… Hold on. What year did that artist profile thing say?" Subject then proceeded to repeatedly scream about the year. Testing ceased shortly after.

Subject: Dr. L████████. Subject claims to like orchestral music, but says she prefers audiobooks.
Artist Profile: Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner Hailey L████████ is one of the most prolific novelists of the 21st century, having written forty novels in twenty years: roughly two novels a year. Mrs. L████████ is well-renowned for her fiction writing seminars, drawing students from all over the world. Much controversy surrounds Mrs. L████████'s strange autobiography, released only in audio format.
Music Results: The results were not music, but a chronological list of audiobooks, all read by the subject. The genres of each audiobook don't seem to follow any sort of pattern: the first book, "Seasons of Longing," is a historical romance that slowly gains fantasy/time travel elements as it goes on. The next novel, "Hills of Glory," is a war story that switches to supernatural horror halfway through. The stories of these audiobooks are captivating according to the listening researchers, and continue increasing in quality as they go on, culminating in the second-to-last track, "All This Time," a family epic with supernatural elements. The final track, "UNKNOWNTRACK00000," starts out as a straight-forward autobiography of the writer. The narrator begins by talking about her home life, how she picked up writing, and how she wrote her first novel, but then the narrator begins berating the subject for not making the same choice, growing increasingly angrier and louder. All attempts to turn down the volume do nothing to quiet the narrator's screaming and insults. SCP-624 was disconnected from the speakers, shut off, and testing ceased.
Subject Comments: Subject had no official comment. Subject requested temporary leave from the Foundation. The request was denied. Subject requested Class-A Amnestics. This request was also denied.

Subject: Technician Ahn Mi Siong. Musical preferences include traditional Chinese and Tibetan music, folk rock, world beat, and reggae.
Artist Profile: Amy Song (born Ahn Mi Siong) is the latest A-Pop sensation to explode onto the international scene. Her upbeat lyrics, infectious beats, sparkling melodies, and perky stage presence are sweeping the pop world. An up and coming idol not to be missed!
Music Results: 4 albums' worth of cookie-cutter A-Pop music, bouncy and upbeat, with catchy pop hooks, and high-pitched girly vocals. Mostly musings on love and relationships, descriptions of activities with friends, and one album of music for an animated harem-comedy series.
Subject Comments: "Oh [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] no! If I ever end up doing any [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] thing anywhere [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] close to that, just [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] feed me to 682! [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]!"

Note: This just makes me wonder how SCP-624 determines the music the user potentially creates: especially if it clashes with their personality. -Dr. Z████████

Subject: D-861. Subject is deaf and cannot hear.
Artist Profile: [NAME REDACTED]. Listen.
Music Results: A series of tracks with names like "0hz-10khz," "10khz-10ghz," and most peculiarly, "[REDACTED]." Selecting any of the tracks resulted in a loud feedback noise that made everyone but Subject D-861 cover their ears. Testing personal proceeded to listen through the headphones: audio was a sharp, tinny version of the noises within the room. When Subject D-861 put on the headphones, he was visibly stunned and began shouting how he could hear for the first time. Subject D-861 proceeded to converse with the other staff, finally able to hear his own voice and the voices of those around him. Subject was then asked to listen to the other tracks. The track "10khz-10ghz" sent the subject into a state of brief shock, but would not describe what he was hearing: he quickly switched back to "0hz-10khz." Other tracks carried other anomalies: tracks that could hear everything in other languages, that cancelled out reverb, that censored foul language, and more. Finally, Subject D-861 listened to "[REDACTED]." Subject shows no reaction at first, but gradually begins screaming at what he hears, throwing the headphones off.
Subject Comments: According to his interpreter, Subject D-861's last words were, "So many voices, and they finally heard us."

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