Experiment Log 5846

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The following is a full list of known SCP-5846-2 instances. To add a new instance, use the following format:

Log Format

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**Instance Number:** SCP-5846-2-
**Name on SCP-5846-1:**
**Notable Anomalous Properties:**
**Notes:** (If applicable)

Name: Dr. Kelp
Date: 28/8/21

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-13
Name on SCP-5846-1: Toad Town
Notable Anomalous Properties: Instance was a petting zoo for frogs. All frogs inside SCP-5846-2-13 were sapient and had built houses and shops including The Fly Emporium, Christmas Tree Frog Farm, and Poison Darts-R-Us. The city used its own currency made from small chewed leaves called Kaloula.

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-15
Name on SCP-5846-1: Corks, Stoppers, and Shameless Plugs
Notable Anomalous Properties: Instance was an empty 5x5x5m room except for a pile of corks with a piece of paper on top. The paper read as follows:

Notes: Investigation into how SCP-5846-2-15 obtained this information is ongoing.

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-19
Name on SCP-5846-1: Desert Island Fishing
Notable Anomalous Properties: Door into the instance was just the door frame on the other side. The landscape consisted of a small sand island with a single tree in the center and a wooden fishing pole with a can of worms next to it. For every hour Agent Soloman fished on the island, 50 USD was transferred from his bank account to an unknown location.
Notes: Can I be reimbursed for the 4 hours I spent in there testing? - Agent Soloman

The Foundation is not responsible for the amount of time you chose to stay in the anomaly. - Dr. Kelp

Can I at least keep the fish I caught? - Agent Soloman

No. - Dr. Kelp

Name: Dr. Edison
Date: 28/8/21

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-14
Name on SCP-5846-1: Burger King
Notable Anomalous Properties: Instance was a small castle occupied by sentient hamburgers, who spoke in old English and paid fealty to a particularly large hamburger wearing a golden crown.
Notes: Test was performed in order to see if SCP-5846 could replicate non-anomalous businesses.

Name: Dr. Marcel
Date: 30/8/21

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-16
Name on SCP-5846-1: Banana Bonanza
Notable Anomalous Properties: Instance’s interior was decorated to resemble a tropical rainforest, containing numerous barriers scattered throughout that were native to the area SCP-5846-2-16 was imitating. Individuals entering the store were given bananas by employees dressed in gorilla costumes. These bananas were able to anomalously shoot bullets, with those hit by them erupting into various fruits. A sign reading "Laser tag has never been more bananas than this!" could be seen at the store’s entrance.

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-18
Name on SCP-5846-1: The Omniscient Library
Notable Anomalous Properties: Instance was a library containing hardcover books bearing only a title on the front. These books presented the reader with various information regarding topics portrayed from the perspective of the reader. Such works included:

"Food for Thought": Book contained descriptions as well as notable dishes of numerous eating establishments, with the reader’s opinion on them attached as reviews.
"Back to School": Book contained the reader’s thoughts on schools they had attended, detailing several events, students, staff, etc. After finishing the publication, the reader would be compelled to revisit the areas mentioned.
"Onstage Clown": Book contained moments during the reader’s life they would consider "embarrassing." As the subject reads the publication, they were able to hear distant laughing, intensifying as they continued. These sounds ceased when closing the book.
"What Lies Ahead": The book was empty. Opening it resulted in the reader losing their sense of sight and hearing until closing it again.

Notes: Test was conducted to observe whether SCP-5846 could replicate the Wanderer’s Library.

Name: Dr. Folmar
Date: 30/8/21

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-17
Name on SCP-5846-1: World of Laser Tag
Notable Anomalous Properties: Instance starts out as a lobby for laser tag games, operating similarly to that of other laser tag businesses up until a game is about to start. As the game starts, subjects who have signed up and were equipped for the game are instantaneously teleported to a battlefield of unknown size. Each team is composed of two field armies, both with similar equipment1 and structure to that of the United States Armed Forces. Subjects are to follow the orders of their superiors and fire at the opposing team with their equipment. If a subject is hit by any lasers, they are instantaneously teleported back to the lobby. The goal is to fight until either team is completely eliminated or surrenders, in which case the remaining team wins and the remaining individuals are teleported back to the lobby2. Depending on how well an individual follows orders and performs in a match, they are awarded with tokens upon their teleportation to the lobby. Later testing has revealed that the amount of tokens correlates to the rank and equipment an individual gets upon joining any future games.
Notes: Requests for SCP-5846-17 to be used as recreational or training activities for foundation personnel is currently pending.

Name: Dr. King
Date: 9/13/21

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-20
Name on SCP-5846-1: Dollar Tree
Notable Anomalous Properties: Upon first inspection, all packages were identical to products found inside baseline Dollar Trees. When opened, all packages contained only apple seeds. The number of apple seeds inside all packages was equal in weight to the normal product.
Notes: I don't know why I test anything anymore. - Dr. King

Name: Dr. Filia
Date: 9/17/21

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-21
Name on SCP-5846-1: Indian Supreme
Notable Anomalous Properties: Instance was a generic Indian Cuisine restaurant. Upon being seated, the subject is handed a menu with a single item on it, the "Indian Supreme". After ordering it, the restaurant lights dimmed, and a pile of hot coals drops from the ceiling. A djinn is summoned, and begins juggling 5 scimitars. The djinn begins using his hands to cut the scimitars into bite sized pieces, landing directly onto the hot coals. He begins tossing the cut swords and hot coals with an unknown combination of over 25 spices. He then serves the entirety of this mixture to the subject. Subject is able to consume the dish without bodily harm.
Notes: Attempts at replicating the dish has been unsuccessful, much to the dismay of the subject.

Name: Dr. Wong
Date: 14/9/21

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-24
Name on SCP-5846-1: Viktor & Knox Travel Managers
Notable Anomalous Properties: Instance was a travel agency staffed by 2 entities resembling octopi, identifying as Viktor and Knox respectively. SCP-5846-2-24 offered travel packages to numerous popular tourist destinations, including those only accessible via Ways and/or interdimensional transit. Upon purchasing a travel package, anthropomorphic luggage and passports would enter the lobby through the restroom and forcibly relocate paying individuals into it, typically by throwing them through the doorway. The restroom remained locked outside such events, preventing investigation and retrieval of lost individuals. D-58819 has been presumed lost in this manner. D-58819 was found in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana, wearing an Aloha shirt, sun hat, and lei.
Notes: They told me it was a package to Hawaii. - D-58819

Name: Dr. Caraway
Date: 9/17/21

Instance Number: SCP-5846-2-26
Name on SCP-5846-1: Lost in the Sauce
Notable Anomalous Properties: Store produced was visually similar to a nonanomalous Italian restaurant filled with marinara sauce approximately four feet deep. Employees inside immediately escorted Foundation personnel deeper into the store. After five minutes of wading through sauce, they were given a seat. Food served was standard Italian restaurant fare. GPS devices attached to Foundation personnel ceased operation once food was served, and it took each agent upwards of three hours to navigate back to the store's entrance.
Notes: In the future, we are to avoid using language that could be detrimental to the recovery of personnel sent into SCP-5846-2. -Dr. Caraway

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