Experiment Log 5702
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All researchers working with SCP-5702 should make sure to follow proper procedures for testing films with no film industry entities. Use D-Class only. Please follow proper procedure when creating a log.

Test Log Format:
Experiments should be written in this form.

Experiment #:
Inputted data: ___________ is a ____ ______ ____________ film directed by ______________ and written by _________. It stars ______________, ________________, ________________, ______________, ________________, ________________, ______________, ________________, and ________________."
Names Generated:
Result: Please start all results with a short description of the film's content, which includes any anomalous effects. Note how the viewing personnel received the film, but note that personnel tend to at least enjoy films generated by SCP-5702. Describe how the Wikipedia style article quotes reviewers for contrast. Lastly, note how Red Deal Pictures' name is attached to the film.

Experiment #: 001
Inputted data: To The White Sea is an 1999 American-Japanese war drama film directed by Joel and Ethan Coen and written by the Coens. It stars Brad Pitt, John Goodman, and Kōji Yakusho.
Notes: Personnel also inputted that it was based on the James Dickey novel of the same name as well as crew listings for the Coen's usual crew members: composer Carter Burwell, editor Roderick Jaynes1, and cinematographer Roger Deakins.
Names Generated: None.
Result: The generated movie is an adaptation of the Dickey novel, starring Pitt as a WWII paratrooper and former survivalist fighting his way through war-torn Japan. The film's tone presages the sparseness and violence of No Country For Old Men and emphasizes themes of destiny and spirituality in Dickey's novel. The film's production is described as incredibly punishing. Quoted reviews are strongly positive, with Roger Ebert saying the film is one of the Coen's best and "evidence of their growing maturity." Red Deal Pictures is credited as a financing entity.

Experiment #: 002
Inputted data: Identical to Experiment 013.
Notes: Personnel changed crew inputs to match those of the 1993 film Schindler's List, with John Williams composing, Janusz Kamiński photographing, and Michael Kahn editing. Steven Spielberg is added as a producer and Amblin Entertainment as a production company.
Names Generated: None.
Result: The generated movie is again an adaptation of the Dickey novel, but the film itsef has what researchers describe as a "strained quality." The film bears strong similarites to Spielberg's style, and the tone splits the difference between him and the Coen brothers. The film's production was described as "very fun" with the Coens enjoying Spielberg's input. Although researchers tentatively enjoyed the film, quoted reviews are somewhat negative, with most describing the film as a tonal misjudgement and a disappointment for the Coen brothers, although a single academic, Annie Q. Pickerson, is quoted as giving a critical reappraisal. Red Deal Pictures is again credited as a financing entity.

Experiment 003:
Inputted data: Descension is a 2017 American political thriller film directed and written by David Lynch. It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, Naomi Watts, Judy Garland, Groucho Marx, Pam Grier, Macaulay Culkin, and Clark Gable.
Notes: Researchers selected a variety of names drawn from different genres and eras.
Names Generated: None.
Result: The generated movie stars Van Damme as a politician running for the United States Senate election in California, with Watts playing his wife, and Culkin playing their son.2 Gable appears as his opponent, the incumbent senator. Upon arriving at his office late one night, Van Damme discovers a dead, mutilated corpse which looks identical to him. Fleeing from the scene, he encounters Marx's character - a political fixer introduced earlier in the film as an acquaintance of Gable's. Marx insinuates he is aware of what Van Damme is running from, and offers to "take care" of it in exchange for a role on Van Damme's campaign. The remainder of the film follows the two characters' contrasting approaches to the political race, but ends a few days short of the election results.

Garland appears in a singular scene, as a lounge singer in a restaurant where Van Damme and Marx meet. She performs a sombre version of "That'll Be The Day" by Buddy Holly in Spanish, breaking down in tears at the end of the song. Neither the restaurant's patrons nor staff react to this. Grier, in a role credited only as "The Woman", appears at various points throughout the movie asking Van Damme, "Is this really what you want?". Van Damme responds with confusion and ignorance each time this question is asked, with a singular exception. After the last time Grier asks the question, Van Damme flees from her in a fit of unexplained horror. He reaches his office, where he encounters another version of himself, who he then murders in the final scene of the movie. The credits roll over the restaurant from earlier, but void of people and with the lights dimmed. Garland can be heard crying, but cannot be seen.

Critics' reviews are polarised, but unanimously praise Marx's uncharacteristically dark and sinister performance. Red Deal Pictures is listed in the credits as the sole entity under a section entitled "SPECIAL THANKS".

Experiment 030:
Inputted data: The Dorvado Mixtape is a 2008 British concert film directed by Jack Wesrey. It stars Ricky Wilson.
Notes: Researchers tested to see if a non-narrative property would produce results. All names fictitious, even though the suspicion was that real musicians would appear and negate anomalous properties.
Names Generated: Actor
Result: The generated movie is an apparently abridged version of a three hour performance at a musical festival called Bleeding Edge Festival 2007, apparently held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London. The primary performer featured is Wilson, who is not the deceased guitarist from American new wave band The B-52s, but instead the frontman for a British hard rock band called Dirty Owls. Wilson performs with Dirty Owls for a one hour set, ostensibly from the album that gives the film its title. He also plays eight songs with a side project called Creepy Cartoon Rumor, which includes a British rapper and producer called SAARDIS. This individual showed extreme body modifications consistent with those of a Sarkic cultist, that enabled him to rap and DJ more effectively. The D-Class felt compelled to headbang to the point of whiplash, and reportedly did not enjoy the experience. Researchers enjoyed the music, but felt the cinematography was rather basic and bland. Quoted reviews agree, with several music publications emphasizing how the "humor of Wilson's lyricism," is not matched by the filmmaking, with one from a fictitious magazine, Odd City, criticizing him for showcasing "one of those dangerous fleshcrafters on such a large platform." Red Deal Pictures is credited as the distributor.

Experiment 031:
Inputted data: Videhamukti is a 1997 epic documentary film directed by Ron Fricke. It stars no one.
Notes: Testing limit cases in generation.
Names Generated: Director
Result: Movie is an experimental documentary over eight hours long. Scenes are between 10 and 30 minute long, consisting of fixed camera shots of nature scenes across the globe such as waterfalls, beaches and animal habitations. No humans are visible at any time. The soundtrack consists of instrumental versions of native music to the area filmed, e.g. a watering hole in Kenya being scored by traditional Maasai music adapted to woodwind instruments.
The latter half of the film shows several scenes that could not possibly be acquired by common equipment, such as a deep sea vent, or an icy scene that appears to belong to a moon in orbit of Saturn. This is followed by a shot of a SCP-3081 herd, with the accompanying score having confirmed anomalous properties [see annex].
The annexed reviews describe the movie as "wonderfully relaxing", and note that work towards a sequel was cancelled due to Fricke's death in 2003.3 Red Deal Pictures is listed as a producer.

Experiment 057:
Inputted data: Lacking Direction is a 1943 comedy short film directed by Del Lord and written by Andrew Bennison. It stars Curly Howard, Larry Fine, and Moe Howard.
Notes: Testing consistency with other projects done by the same group in terms of tone and style.
Names Generated: Title
Result: Film shows The Three Stooges being hired to create a feature film entitled On Love's Folly, featuring fictitious actors Laura Manfeld and Robert Judges in the starring roles (actors unidentified). Despite troubled production caused by the Stooges themselves, the film becomes a hit. However, a large group of elderly women chase after the Stooges due to the film being considered too "outrageous" by older communities.

Content is similar to other shorts done by The Three Stooges with Del Lord. Reviews for the film are mostly positive, and Red Deal Pictures is listed as a distributer.

Experiment 058:
Inputted data: On Love's Folly is a 1943 romance film directed by Moe Howard and written by Larry Fine and Curly Howard. It stars Laura Manfeld and Robert Judges.
Notes: Testing whether SCP-5702 can generate media described in its own fiction.
Names Generated: None
Result: Film takes place in the city of New York, and follows Georgia Winters as she falls in love with a book store employee named Francis Summers. Story is a standard romantic drama typical of the 1940s, but sets will occasionally have errors found to be consistent with effects of incidents shown in Lacking Direction. Researchers report that the film can be unintentionally humorous at points, but is ultimately a respectable attempt at the genre. All reviews are from fictional publications and appear to be mixed, with most negative reviews commenting on the supposed "erotic" nature of the film as well as the fact that lead actor Robert Judges is supposedly a transgender man.4 More modern reviews are generally more positive, with "Hollywood Delights" in particular citing the non-addressing of the gender identity of its male lead as "progressive now, and especially for its time." Of particular note is that this is the first SCP-5702 created film where Red Deal Pictures is not mentioned in the credits.

This is an interesting development. Does this mean that in-universe fiction is unassociated with Red Deal Pictures? Or does it just apply to fictitious media present in Red Deal Media created films? Does this imply the non-existence of it within their narratives? I personally suggest we try and recreate more fictitious films present in other media. If nothing else, seeing the films will be interesting. - Dr. Alfred N. Madden

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