Experiment Log 531
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This set of experiments on SCP-531 was conducted by Dr. [REDACTED], who replaced the original principal investigator [REDACTED]. The initial series of experiments prior to this were inadequately documented and are not included in the official summary.

A Class-D subject with a high measured psychological resistance threshold was exposed to SCP-531-7.

Partial transcript:

Subject D-481-1: "What is… It's beautiful, where is it from? Its… its eyes…"
Dr. [REDACTED]: "What about its eyes?"
Subject D-481-1: "They're… demanding eyes. Demanding. I… I can't look away. Hey, seriously, I can't."
[Subject tries to grasp [REDACTED]'s arm, but a security guard delivers a mild jolt from a stun baton to remind subject against such actions. Subject yelps but doesn't break eye contact with the statue.]
Dr. [REDACTED]: "What is it demanding?"
Subject D-481-1: "I don't… Oh, god. No, please, no."
Dr. [REDACTED]: [repeats question]
Subject D-481-1: "It's demanding me. It wants… it needs me. No! No, I won't!"


[At this point the subject is crouched down directly in front of SCP-531, trembling and sweating profusely.]
Subject D-481-1: "Please, God, no…"
Dr. [REDACTED]: "Come now, we've heard your praying enough already. Nobody's listening to that. What is the statue saying?"
Subject D-481-1: "Lonely, oh God, so lonely… her partner's gone. She has nobody to talk to now. Nobody to complete her."
[note: the particular SCP-531 the subject is interacting with used to be Dr. [REDACTED], who was indeed female. Subject was not prompted with knowledge about the statue's former gender.]
Dr. [REDACTED]: "What's her name?"
Subject D-481-1: "I don't… uh… Oh God. I don't know. Please let me stop looking at her!"
Dr. [REDACTED]: "None of us are forcing you. Talk to your partner about that."


[Subject is still crouched and breathing is labored but subject is no longer trembling. Subject's clothing has begun crumbling into a fine powder, with large sections peeling away to expose unnaturally smooth and bronze-tinted skin. The shape of the subject's body is also more noticeably feline at this point. Subject's eyes now resemble polished amber stones and are unable to blink, though tears continue to leak from their corners.]
Dr. [REDACTED]: "Are you still resisting her?"
Subject D-481-1: "Yes… bastard…"
Dr. [REDACTED]: "Keep it up, we're getting great data."
Subject D-481-1: [sobbing laugh] "Says… can't help… says… you're a… bastard too…"
Dr. [REDACTED]: "Oh? Perhaps, but I'm a bastard who follows safety protocols better than she did."


[Subject is now almost indistinguishable from the other SCP-531. Its skin has a fully metallic sheen and its immobile body is shaped like a large cat. Vital signs telemetry indicates less than one beat per minute heart rate and the movement of its chest while breathing is imperceptible.]
Dr. [REDACTED]: "Are we done here?"
[Dr. [REDACTED] raps his knuckles lightly on subject's head, producing a metallic clink.]
Subject D-481-1: [unintelligible sigh]
Dr. [REDACTED]: "Again?"
[Dr. [REDACTED] holds a microphone closer to the subject's mouth.]
Subject D-481-1: "…beautiful…"
[No further audible response comes from the subject. Heartbeat ceases at 1:13].
[Transcript ends. Subject D-481-1 now designated SCP-531-8.]

SCP-531-7 was allowed to begin establishing a connection with a test subject and then the connection was severed with an opaque barrier once the test subject began to turn metallic. The test subject still completed the transmutation into SCP-531-9 but the process took approximately 36 hours.

One SCP-531 was placed on a mobile platform and was moved away from a second SCP-531 to determine the maximum range of their connection. Various different pairs were tested and in all cases the connection appeared to be severed at approximately 5.5 meters.

SCP-531-7 was turned away from SCP-531-9 and the pair was left under observation. After approximately 12 hours the surface of the wall that SCP-531-7 was facing began to flake off. It was discovered that a deep cone-shaped plug of the wall had begun suffering structural degradation under the solitary SCP-531's gaze and had to be rebuilt. It is speculated that the SCP-531 was trying to convert the wall into another SCP-531 and, finding no suitable subject, the wall was losing cohesion much as a human subject's clothing normally does.

It is recommended that the sliding doors over SCP-531 containment alcoves be routinely checked for similar degradation.

SCP-531-7 was placed in front of a mirror. D-class personnel then assessed whether this would behave as a lone statue or a pair. It behaved as a lone statue, converting a test subject into SCP-531-11. Notable, however, was that the test subject locked gazes and was converted via the mirror's reflection. The Perseus Protocol would appear to be ineffective protection.

SCP-531-9 was exposed to a test subject via closed-circuit television. No connection was achieved.

SCP-531-9 was exposed to a test subject with filters of various wavelengths separating them. Filters were removed one by one until a connection was established and the subject was converted into SCP-531-12. Curiously, the key wavelength appears to be infrared in the three to four micron range (a range that the mirror used in a previous experiment was capable of reflecting). Subsequent examination with more sensitive detectors showed that the eyes of all SCP-531 statues emit a dim narrow-band signal at 3.77 microns. Signal modulation matches closely with weak electrical fields in the statues that had been previously measured and interpreted as residual brain wave activity. The information content of the signal, if any, is thus far indecipherable.

A pair of SCP-531 statues, SCP-531-11 and SCP-531-12, were arranged with one on a rotatable platform. The statue was slowly rotated until its connection with its partner was broken and it established one with a test subject instead (SCP-531-13). The critical angle was found to be 29.2 degrees, plus or minus 0.1 degree. The infrared signal emitted by SCP-531 falls off dramatically outside this cone.

Infrared detectors and emitters tuned to 3.77 microns were used to attempt to maintain a connection between physically separate SCP-531 statues. The attempt failed. It is unclear whether the artificial link was simply of insufficient quality, or if there are additional channels or variables not yet understood.

Three SCP-531 statues (7, 9, and 13) were arranged in a triangle such that two of the statues were both within the critical angle of the third. A test subject was introduced and one of the two SCP-531s formed a connection with her (SCP-531-14). This suggests that an SCP-531 can maintain a connection with only one partner at a time.

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