Experiment Log 407
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SCP-407 Test Notes:

<Test 1; SCP-407 played for 28m 32s. One (1) D-Class Personnel. Testing area unsterilized >

00:25 - Subject reports taking a great liking to music, and can be observed attempting to hum along.

00:45 - Subject reports her knee, which had been injured for years, is no longer hurting and is working well.

01:25 - Subject begins doing push-ups. Subject is seemingly euphoric at her physical state. Subject looks younger, and shows considerable growth in musculature.

03:00 - Subject stops exercise, reports dizzyness and stomach cramps. Subject begins scratching left arm.

03:40 - Subject is suffering from uncontrollable diarrhea, and appears to be in great pain. Dermal clavi are seen appearing on left arm. Small weeds are seen growing in various parts of the testing chamber.

04:00 - Corns on subject's skin are seen spreading quickly throughout body, taking on a whitish hue. Subject communicates that she no longer feels pain.

04:30 - Subject's skin is completely covered in thick, uneven, callused skin. Subject no longer communicating. Chamber floor and walls seeing advanced plant growth.

05:10 - Subject no longer moving, and is barely recognizable as skin disfigurement continues. D-Class uniform on subject disintegrating for unknown reasons.

06:45 - Subject is completely unrecognizable as human, appears as a large mound of callused flesh. The subject's new form can be seen expanding and contracting slowly. Fern-like plants are seen growing on and around the subject.

07:10 - Chamber completely covered in various weeds, plants, and ferns. Majority of species are not recognizable.

07:55 - Foliage in chamber is extremely thick, many of the observed plants reaching the roof. Mound originating from original subject has grown larger, and seen expanding and contracting rhythmically.

08:30 - Plants begin taking on a yellow tinge, as if wilting.

10:30 - All plant life within test chamber has died, and quickly decomposed into mulch. Mound is still seen expanding and contracting, and has grown about two meters wide, and about the same in height.

11:00 - A variety of molds and mushrooms are seen growing throughout the chamber, on the mulch of the deceased plants. Large, mouth-like openings complete with observed sets of teeth have appeared on the outside of the expanding and contracting mound in the middle of the test chamber.

13:30 - Diversity of fungal life in chamber greatly increased. Fungal forms are seen growing upon one another, and upon the mound originating from the primary subject, which is still seen expanding and contracting.

15:00 - 'Hand-like' structures seen growing in pairs on outside of mound. Fungal life in chamber still abundant.

16:10 - Hand-like structures seem to have to developed eyes. Soon after eyes open, the structures detach from central mound and become mobile. Hands are seen dragging themselves towards particular fungal species, breaking off pieces, and then dragging themselves and the pieces into the mouth-like holes.

18:00 - Majority of fungal material disappearing as more and more 'hands' feed fungal material into the central mound.

19:30 - Various plant shoots are seen growing. All species are completely unrecognizable. Only remaining fungal growths are those on the chamber ceiling. Yellowish vapors are seen coming from the central mass

21:00 - One of the organisms formerly identified as a plant is seen to become ambulatory. Organisms appear to grow from small, stationary, pod-like plants into adult mobile forms, which use several barbed tendrils to drag themselves throughout the chamber. They are observed to scale both the walls and ceilings of the test chamber. Though about half the size of the hand-like organisms, the plant-like organisms seem to posess sharp mandibles, which they use to destroy and consume the majority of the hand-like beings.

23:00 - Plant-like organisms begin devouring hand-like growths that continue growing from the central mound as soon as they develop a working eye.

23:40 - Plant-like organisms are seen feeding fungal material from ceiling into the mouths on the central mound.

26:00 - Plant-like organisms seemingly breed sexually using directly-delivered pollen. Life in chamber seems to be limited to three surviving species: the mobile, plant-like organisms; the fungal organism that continues to grow on the ceiling; and the central mound on the floor.

28:32 - Tape ends. [DATA EXPUNGED].

<End Test 1>


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