Experiment Log 318
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Note: Interviews were conducted by unrolling samples of SCP-318-1 and placing the open scroll on a table in view of a video camera. See Video Archive 318-2 for original interview footage. All interviews in this document have been translated into modern English for ease of reading. Only excerpts of the selected interviews are presented here - for complete transcripts, see Document 318-█

Interviewer: Dr. J█████
Date: ██/██/20██
Interview subject: SCP-318-1-27
Original language: Latin
Notes: Subject's responses are in good-quality penmanship, in a style typical of 13th century European writings.

<Begin Interview Log>

SCP-318-1-27: I see I have been moved. Where is this place? Who are you?

Dr. J█████: You can call me Dr. J█████. Please state your name, for the record.

SCP-318-1-27: █████ ███████, pleased to meet you.

Dr. J█████: And when were you born?

SCP-318-1-27: I was born in the Year of Our Lord 12██, and was consigned to this form twenty-eight years later.

Dr. J█████: You say you were "consigned to this form" - were you still alive when you were converted by SCP-318?

SCP-318-1-27: Of course. Were I otherwise, my soul would not have been present to be stored thus.

Dr. J█████: Can you describe the conversion process, from your perspective?

SCP-318-1-27: I have some memory of those events, but it is both jumbled and exceptionally unpleasant. I would prefer to speak on a different subject.

Dr. J█████: Please describe your recollections of the conversion process.

SCP-318-1-27: May we speak about something else, please? How much time has passed since I was last opened?

Dr. J█████: If you do not answer the question, we will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure your further compliance.

SCP-318-1-27: Very well. As the lid of the "MATERIA" box closed [DATA EXPUNGED]

Dr. J█████: That was interesting, thank you.

SCP-318-1-27: What events have transpired of late in the world? My previous caretakers would keep me abreast of recent happenings.

Dr. J█████: I am afraid that is all the time we have allotted for this interview. Perhaps next time.

<End Log>

Interviewer: Dr. H█████
Date: ██/██/20██
Interview subject: SCP-318-1-12
Original language: Archaic Japanese, dialect, and calligraphy consistent with 16th century.

<Begin Interview Log>

SCP-318-1-12: Thank you - it is good to see and hear again.

Dr. H█████: Please explain. Why couldn't you see or hear?

SCP-318-1-12: You don't know? No, you're not one of our regular caretakers, and this isn't our home. Where am I, who are you, and how did I get here?

Dr. H█████: You can call me Dr. H█████, and this is a research facility. Unfortunately, the monastery at which you previously resided was destroyed by a fire, with no survivors save on scrolls like yourself, which we recovered for preservation and study. Now, why couldn't you see or hear?

SCP-318-1-12: When we are rolled up, we are cut off from the world outside. For short periods, it can be quite peaceful and relaxing, but it gets quite lonely if it goes on too long. I have gone a long time without being opened, and it was quite a relief to finally reconnect to the world.

Dr. H█████: I believe I understand. So, does the extent to which you are unrolled impact your ability to see and hear?

SCP-318-1-12: Not in my experience.

Dr. H█████: Thank you, twelve, you have been most helpful. I look forward to our next interview.

SCP-318-1-12: Please, don't close me yet - you just opened me. I want to see! PLEASE DON'T CLfurther text is not visible from this point as Dr. H█████ finished rolling up SCP-318-1-12.

<End Log>

Interviewer: Dr. F█████
Date: ██/██/20██
Interview subject: SCP-318-1-135, formerly D-5██████
Original language: Modern French

<Begin Interview Log>

Dr. F█████: Please describe what you currently see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.


Dr. F█████: Please answer the question, 135.

SCP-318-1-135: Or you'll do what, kill me again? Go ahead, you [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]

Dr. F█████: As the subject is not complying with requests, I will now proceed to direct-stimulus testing. D-2██████, please bring that cart over here.

A cart is wheeled into the camera's field of view, containing a number of objects including sandpaper, a long barbecue lighter, a pair of scissors, a scalpel, graduated pipettes, several beakers containing liquids including water, ink, nitric acid, [DATA EXPUNGED], and a roll of paper towels. Dr. F█████ picks up a sheet of 100-grit sandpaper.

SCP-318-1-135: Ooh, a cart, real scary. Sandpaper? What's tha

Dr. F█████: Abrasion test.

Dr. F█████ proceeds to rub the sandpaper against SCP-318-1-135 for approximately five seconds.


Dr. F█████: Please describe the sensation you just experienced.

SCP-318-1-135: Rub that [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] sandpaper on your [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] and tell me how it feels!

Dr. F█████ returns sandpaper to cart, retrieves a pair of small alligator clips connected to an adjustable power source.

Dr. F█████: Subject compares sensation to application of sandpaper to genital area.

SCP-318-1-135: It's an expression, you sick [EXPLETIVE REDACTED].

Dr. F█████ attaches the alligator clips to opposite edges of SCP-318-1-135.

Note: In the interests of brevity, further stimulus testing is summarized in the Stimulus Testing Log at the bottom of this document.

<End Log>

Interviewer: Dr. F█████
Date: ██/██/20██
Interview subject: SCP-318-1-138 (Originally D-4██████)
Original language: Interviewer's speech in modern English. Subject was illiterate and communicated through images. Possibly due to the subject's cognitive handicaps, these images were generally poorly-rendered, resembling a child's drawing.

<Begin Interview Log>

Dr. F█████: Greetings, 138. How are you feeling?

SCP-318-1-138: <"Smiley face" image>

Dr. F█████: Good, good. I'm going to perform some brief tests, to see how you respond to different things.

SCP-318-1-138: <Crude image of a smiling stick figure wearing a lab coat, carrying an Erlenmeyer flask in one hand and what appears to be SCP-318-1-138 in the other>

Dr. F█████: Yes, quite.

Dr. F█████ applies 0.5 mL of concentrated nitric acid near one corner of SCP-318-1-138.

SCP-318-1-138: <Chaotic "scribbles", composed largely of jagged lines>

Dr. F█████ applies 0.5 mL of concentrated sodium hydroxide solution near one corner of SCP-318-1-138.

Dr. F█████: May I have your reaction?

SCP-318-1-138: <After approximately 15 seconds delay, an image of a human fist making an obscene gesture>

<End Log>

Stimulus Testing Log

Interviewer: Dr. F█████
Subject: SCP-318-1-135
Stimulus applied: 100-grit sandpaper, applied vigorously for five seconds
Subject response: Subject expressed significant discomfort, and described sensation as corresponding to abrasion by sandpaper on bare skin.

Interviewer: Dr. F█████
Subject: SCP-318-1-135
Stimulus applied: Electrical stimulation, both direct and alternating current, at a variety of settings
Subject response: Subject initially reported no sensation other than the pressure of the electrode clips. As current and voltage were raised, subject reported a mild tingling sensation, which was replaced with a burning sensation whenever the electrical stimulation significantly raised the temperature of the paper.
Note: Some of the applied shocks were severe enough to cause considerable pain in a living human. Apparently, the subject experiences sensations based on their effect upon paper, rather than on how they would affect human flesh.

Interviewer: Dr. F█████
Subject: SCP-318-1-135
Stimulus applied: Impact by steel hammer, applied three times to the unrolled section of SCP-318-1-135
Subject response: Subject reports brief feelings of pressure, but no significant discomfort.

Interviewer: Dr. F█████
Subject: SCP-318-1-135
Stimulus applied: Fire, from a commercially-produced butane barbecue lighter, applied briefly to one corner of the subject and extinguished promptly
Subject response: During stimulation, subject produced largely incoherent words, scattered haphazardly. Penmanship during this period was significantly degraded, rendering many words illegible. Afterward, subject reported continued pain, comparing the experience to having a body extremity set on fire.
Note: While the level of discomfort could be useful in inducing compliance in defiant subjects, a less destructive method would be desirable.

Interviewer: Dr. F█████
Subject: SCP-318-1-135
Stimulus applied: Water, two applications of 0.5 mL each, applied to area scorched in previous test and to a section of undamaged paper
Subject response: Subject reports a numbing sensation in the areas soaked by water, and words and drawings attempted in these areas are badly faded and distorted. As water dries, subject reports sensation returning, but that the burned area does not return to prior levels of discomfort.
Note: An interesting result - water appears to act as an anesthetic. Further testing is indicated.

Interviewer: Dr. F█████
Subject: SCP-318-1-135
Stimulus applied: Water, subject completely saturated
Subject response: Subject becomes unresponsive, and remains totally unresponsive under any stimuli after paper is thoroughly dried.
Note: It would appear that SCP-318-1-135 may have experienced the equivalent of death by anesthetic overdose.

Interviewer: Dr. T█████
Subject: SCP-318-1-136 and SCP-318-1-140
Stimulus applied: Both subjects unrolled and placed in stands 1 m apart, with their "writing" surfaces facing each other.
Subject response: Subjects engage in conversation with each other using characters approximately 2 cm tall.

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