Experiment Log 316
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Experiment Log of: Dr. ██████ "Blast" ████, testing SCP-316 on sentient SCPs.

Date: ██/██/20██ - Exposure to aggressive humanoid SCPs.

Experiment-01: Exposure to SCP-213

Full effects of SCP-316 confirmed after 25 seconds of exposure. SCP-213 exhibits normal symptoms of exposure. Subject is still able to disintegrate matter when ordered to do so, but to a diminished extent (approx. 9% normal speed). Testing concluded. After recovery, subject shows a willingness to comply with Foundation commands to avoid future exposure to SCP-316.

Note: My heart nearly jumped out when he started melting matter, but scares aside, this test has proven very useful. We can use SCP-316 to ensure cooperation when these SCPs disagree with us, and then hold it over their heads like a whip when they think of doing it again. -Dr. Blast

Experiment-02: Exposure to SCP-076-2 "Able"

Full effects of SCP-316 confirmed after 30 seconds of exposure. SCP-076-2 enters a catatonic stupor, still upright. At 49 seconds, subject proceeds to dispassionately kill all nearby personnel. Kill-switch activated remotely by Dr. Blast. Assistants to Dr. Blast note him hammering kill-switch frantically for up to 16 seconds after SCP-076-2 was pacified. Testing suspended.

After revival, when questioned, SCP-076-2 remarked that SCP-316 had made him feel "…extremely bored. What else was I supposed to do?"

Note: Jesus! I guess monsters don't react the same way to this thing. It's a good thing I opted to stay in Site 17 during the procedure. -Dr. Blast

Note: Dr. Blast will be supervising all further SCP-316 testing remotely, as with the previous procedure.


Experiment-05: Exposure to SCP-056

Full effects of SCP-316 confirmed after 30 seconds of exposure. SCP-056 changes into a gray replica of one of the researchers in the testing room, shifting between several of them as tests are conducted. Personality and effects of subject remain unchanged; only the physical form appears to be affected. As researchers read out results for Dr. Blast (viewing remotely via camera), SCP-056 takes the form of Dr. Blast. Microphone in Dr. Blast's area records him shouting an expletive and falling over with his chair. Testing concluded.

Note: Nobody told me this thing could breach camera transmissions! I've probably been mentally breached as well, I can feel it already, dammit! My head's probably going to explode. █████, this thing can destroy brains, right? Who the hell designed fifty-six's containment procedures, anyway? Dammit, I can't move. I can't fucking move. Wheel me down to the infirmary, █████! Hurry! -Dr. Blast

Note: Medical personnel found no physical or mental problems with Dr. Blast. Research assistant █████ has requested a transfer.


Experiment-08: Exposure to SCP-343

[DATA EXPUNGED] an █████ ███ ██████ riots in Italy, which [DATA EXPUNGED] effects of ██████ ████ in Site 17. Dr. Blast informed of results after regaining consciousness. Further testing attempts suspended.

Note: As we informed you the sixth time, Dr. Blast, under no conditions are we approving your emergency transfer requests. O5-█

Note: What the fuck is he doing with a "Safe" classification? Tell O5 I'm not supervising tests on anything "outside my security clearance" again, dammit. -Dr. Blast

Experiment-09: Exposure to SCP-662-1 "Mr. Deeds"

Full effects of SCP-316 confirmed after 28 seconds of exposure, to which the subject exhibits normal symptoms. Subject is asked to explain his origin and other previously unobtainable information. Subject remains silent and unresponsive. Administering researcher asks subject to obtain a glass of lemonade, to which he responds that he is "tired, and would rather not". Researcher insists; subject leaves in the expected manner and returns with a glass on a tray, which is empty save for three cubes of ice and a wedge of lemon. Upon questioning, subject responds that he was thirsty. When dismissed and summoned again with SCP-662, subject returns free of symptoms and immediately apologizes to researcher for his "unprofessional conduct". When asked about the effects of exposure to SCP-316, subject replied that they were "unpleasant". Testing concluded.

Note: Cheeky bastard. -Dr. Blast


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